Social Media Video Makers: 9 Best Tools to Create Social Videos

The metrics of video marketing on social media are staggering, to say the least. With over 81% of marketers using a tool for video creation, you are already trailing behind if you do things in a way that is best suited for the 20th century.

Did you know that there are video creation tools available that you can use to drive up engagement on your social media channels? This post is all about these awesome tools that you can leverage to help you drive more engagement to your social media channels.

Whether it’s a video for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Reddit, these video creation platforms can help you in creating high-quality videos that help you in driving a high degree of social media engagement. Let’s get started with these social media video makers.

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There are a host of social media video creators available over the web, but a few stands above the rest. Here are some of the best social media video makers and creating tools that deserve a try.

9 Social Media Video Makers for Driving Engagement:

InVideo Social Content Creator

1. InVideo:

If you are looking for the best online video maker, InVideo cloud-based editor definitely deserves a shot. It is an advanced video creation tool that can help you in crafting attractive videos that instantly grasp the attention of your viewers and drive up your social media metrics.

The tool comes with almost all the features that any professional video editor may require and has a host of options for creators to choose from. Whether it’s a video for Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network, InVideo has you covered.

Once you sign-up, you can choose from thousands of pre-existing templates that can be leveraged to create a video for any imaginable requirement. If enhancing social media engagement is your ultimate goal, InVideo is the finest tool for it.

Try InVideo Online Video Maker

ClipChamp Social Media Video Creator

2. Clipchamp Create:

Clipchamp Create is a social media video creator that enables you to create videos for TikTok, YouTube, and other popular social media sites. It’s a feature-rich video editor that includes trimming, editing, titles, filters, and video speed control, among other things.

It has a drag-and-drop editor that makes adding movies, pictures, and audio very simple. Additionally, you may select from a picture and video library. You can try the free plan to create videos you like. Edit your own video, audio, and photos. The free plan comes with basic tools.

Visit Clipchamp Official Website

Vidlab App for Social Media Videos

3. VidLab – Social Media Video Makers:

VidLab is another of our recommended smartphone social media video creators. It includes a multi-clip, multi-track video editor that enables users to quickly and simply apply overlays, shapes, masks, sound effects, and music to create the perfect video.

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Additionally, VidLab offers a slew of cool filters and video effects. VidLab has been selected by Facebook as a recommended tool for generating Facebook advertisements for your company, and your videos may be uploaded directly to Instagram without resizing.

Download VidLab App for iPhone or iPad

Ripl Video Editor for Social Media

4. Ripl:

Ripl, help you show off your brand across all social media platform channels. Marketers and publishers can produce visually appealing and consistent content for use across many social media channels.

Ripl users may quickly and simply produce high-quality movies by selecting from hundreds of themes. You may also make movies that are uniquely yours, and add your text fonts, image, color, and audio.

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Additionally, it provides statistics so you can track the performance of your material. The scheduling function is one of the most useful features you can use. Try Ripl social video creator free for 7 days and create branded posts in minutes.

Visit Ripl App for iPhone or iPad

Animaker Social Videos maker

5. Animaker:

Animaker is a great tool for artists who wish to create animated videos for social media and looking for a video maker online. You may make animated videos of professional quality by including background music, unique characters, and other visual components.

Animaker is a tool for creating infographics, animated whiteboard movies, and GIFs makers. With the character creator and professionally created templates, you can quickly produce an entertaining animated film.

Visit Animake Official Website


6. Inshot:

InShots is a simple yet powerful video editing app aside from the basic editing features like trimming, and merging it also helps adjust the video speed in fast or slow motion.

You may modify your material to precisely match the dimensions specified by a particular social networking site, you can easily add voice-overs, audio, filters, etc. InShot is accessible on Android as well as iOS devices.

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While the free edition is adequate for testing purposes, if you are looking for a program to create video material, then you must go for the paid version of the app. Inshot is ideal for producing simple films that nevertheless capture the viewer’s attention.

Download InShot App for Android & iOS

Adobe Premiere Rush Video Editor

7. Adobe Premiere Rush:

Adobe Rush is a great tool for influencers, YouTube producers, and small companies to create social media videos. It’s a feature-rich video editing software that simplifies audio mixing, motion graphics, and video editing.

Adobe Rush includes professionally created motion graphics templates that you can customize with your brand’s colors, typeface, and size. Adobe Rush video editing application enables you to produce amazing and attractive social media-optimized visual content for sure.

Download Adobe Premiere Rush App for Android & iOS


8. FlexClip

FlexClip is an ideal tool for marketing videos, lifestyle videos, and social media video makers. It allows you to create animated pieces with your own material using transitions, different types of text, images of objects, and other effects.

Being very intuitive and easy to use, it is ideal for newbies. For those who do not want to complicate their lives in the least and want videos to publish on YouTube or networks, just upload your video, choose a template and music, and the program automatically makes the montage for you.

Visit FlexClip Official Website

Lumen5 Social Video Maker

9. Lumen5:

Lumen5 utilizes artificial intelligence and a machine learning platform to assist users in storyboarding ideas, arranging information in any layout & locating music and images that will help your message stand out.

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Make exemplary & thumb-stopping video content in a minute. Lumen5 is an excellent social video creator with simple-to-use tools and an extensive media library to convert content into video easily.

You can use Lumne5 with simple drag-and-drop features and within a couple of minutes, you can make an appealing video that is ready to be shared on your social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Linkedin.

Visit Lumen5 Official Website

FilmoraGo Video Editor

10. Filmora Social Media Video Makers:

Filmora is the finest social media video creator for Windows. With Filmora, you can produce films that capture and retain your target audience’s attention.

The program offers an intuitive UI and simple-to-use capabilities that make it ideal for total novices as well as experienced video editors. Filmora features green-screen effects, the ability to import numerous videos, an unlimited number of effects, and tools for sound perfection.

Visit Filmora Official Website


Although there is no replacement for quality content for driving engagement on the social media platforms, if backed by the right video editing solution, you certainly cement your shot! All the above-mentioned creators are brilliant in their functionality, and you should try each of them before settling on a platform of your choice.

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