Online Video Merger: Top Online Tools To Merge Videos Easily

Videos can be the most important content on the web recently. Knowing that we’ve prepared a list of the best tools for assembling videos online to help you with video editing.

List of Top Tools to Merge Videos Online:

There are many tools available online for video editing. But here, we have a list of some of the top and free online video editing tools for you to make it easy to edit, trim, merge, join, and combine videos without watermarks.

  1. FlexClip
  2. Adobe Spark
  3. BeeCut
  4. Convert
  5. ClipChamp

FlexClip Online Video Meger

1. FlexClip:

FlexClip video maker allows you to merge videos via web browsers to make a new one. This service has several features to edit videos, in addition to having several pre-defined templates for birthday videos, slideshows, and YouTube, among others.

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In addition to merging and cutting, and making videos, FlexClip makes it possible to add text, and music, rotate videos, and add watermarks, among other functions. The platform also has small guides for editing and creating videos.

Key Features:

  • Simple, fast, and powerful.
  • Supports all video formats.
  • Fast editing & joining.
  • 100% Free

About FlexClip:

Visit Here to Try Flex Clip for Free

Adobe Spark Online Video Combiner

2. Adobe Spark:

Spark is one of several products from Adobe, the same company responsible for the most robust and famous design programs on the market, such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

However, unlike other products, Spark is a tool made for those who do not have much domain in the area, being very intuitive, and practical, and enabling the creation of professional art in a few minutes.

Among its functions, Spark has a free tool to join videos into one, just using your browser. You can add transitions, fonts, and various colors to your edit. In case a video is too long, they have a cut tool where it is possible to separate these videos during editing.

Key Features:

  • Simple, easy, and free online trim tool.
  • Trim any video clips and join them together.
  • Merge your favorite videos for free.
  • Edit or remove audio.

About Adobe Spark:

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BeeCut Online Video Meger Tool

3. BeeCut:

Designed for those who are not experienced in video editing, BeeCut is a video editing tool that offers several editing functions, such as cutting, merging, adding text, audio, and many others.

In BeeCut it is possible to merge free online videos, in addition to having a media library with several text models, filters, transitions, and overlays.

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Key Features:

  • Free video joiner and merger online.
  • Upload multiple videos and combine them easily.
  • Drag and drop option.
  • Arrange the sequel of your video.
  • Compatible with all types of formats.
  • No watermark.

About BeeCut:

Visit Here to Try Beecut for Free

Clipchamp Best Video Meger

4. Clipchamp:

Convert is an online tool where it is possible to carry out various editing functions for video, images, audio, and PDFs, among others.

In addition to merging videos, the tool also allows you to cut, convert and rotate your videos while editing. The platform supports several video formats, such as MP4, MOV, MKV, and AVI, among others.

Clipchamp gets the ability to join video fragments into a new one with just a few clicks. To start using the tool, just register an account or log in if you already have one.

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In addition to their own videos, they have a large stock of media that you can use at any time during your editing. Just click the Stock button on the toolbar.

Key Features:

  • Clipchamp has an easy and free tool to help you merge videos online.
  • Combine videos and pictures with music.
  • Join millions of video creators.
  • Online video merger without watermark.

About Clipchamp:

Visit Here to Try ClipChamp for Free

Best Video Merger Mobile Apps:

In addition to the computer tools for assembling videos online, some apps can be used on a variety of Android and iOS devices.

InShot Video Meger App

1. InShot:

Due to its simple and very intuitive interface, InShot is one of the best applications to edit video. In addition to allowing you to add effects, subtitles, and music, it is also possible to cut and merge videos.

A differential of the application is that it makes it possible to save videos with the ideal formats and sizes for some social networks, such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. The application is free, but it has some paid effects within the platform.

App Details:

  • By: InShot Inc.
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Download: Over 500 Million
  • Website:
  • License: Free


Kinemaster Video Meger App

2. KineMaster:

Another widely used application is KineMaster. Its interface resembles a video editor for PC, in addition to tools such as merging and cutting the video.

KineMaster has more complete editing tools, such as manual adjustments for brightness and contrast, and sound effects, among others.

Just like the other app, KineMaster also has pre-set sizes from platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. The app is available for free but has some subscriptions to unlock more features.

App Details:


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