5 Best PDF Splitter Software (2022) – Split and Merge PDF Files

PDFs have been in our lives for a long time now. We share a lot of information, notes, and important documents in the form of PDFs often. From students to older people, everyone uses PDFs for some use or other.

PDFs have also saved us many times and replaced presentations in a few situations in our life. But you can share PDFs within a specific size limit. There are several apps, including Gmail that allows documents to be shared only at a certain size limit. In such situations, the PDF splitter software comes handy.

The PDF splitter software helps in splitting large PDFs into desired sizes and then sharing them at the same time with ease. Moreover, you can rejoin these PDFs later using the same software or merge other PDFs too.

In some cases where PDFs are way too large, and cannot be uploaded to services then we might also share a few excerpts from the PDF here and there in emergency situations. However, doing so is a long and tedious process.

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There are many PDF splitter software available in the market that will help in splitting PDFs without consuming a lot of your time. Each software comes with a different set of features, and all of them are pretty commendable. Here are the top 5 PDF splitter software you must try at least once.

List of 5 Best PDF Splitter Software You Should Try:

Adobe PDF Splitter

1. Adobe Acrobat:

There is no denying that Adobe Acrobat has been one of the best software to view, edit, and split PDFs to date. The PDF editing tools in this software allow you to perform many functions such as creating, converting, and compressing, you can even sign, merge, extract, and split PDFs with a single click.

The PDF splitting process might be a little lengthy but it is worth it. There are different splitting options to choose from, and then use different tools to split these PDFs as per your choice.

The app has almost all required features, from basic tools to other advanced features; it is a one-stop solution to all your PDF formatting and editing needs. Moreover, it is supported on all devices and has a simple user-friendly interface.

Try Adobe Acrobat

PDFelement Split and Merge

2. PDFelement:

PDFelement is another popular PDF editing and splitting software you must try at least once. This software is considered to have the best splitting tool and options available in the market. The software comes with a wide range of unique features that will enhance your overall experience.

With PDFelement creating beautiful documents are simple. PDFelements annotation tools also simplify the review process and make it easy to highlight text, and add comments to any document. You can edit a wide range of files making it easier to be flexible with your document no matter the format you want to open.

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PDFelement allows you to split PDF files based on the number of pages or top-level bookmarks. The program is one of the most feature-rich programs ever that is supported on all devices. If you want to try something different then PDFelement is the right choice to go for.

Download PDFelement

PDFsam Free PDF Splitter

3. PDF Splitter & Merger (PDFsam):

As the name suggests, the PDF splitter and merger will help you split PDFs as well as merge them later. You can combine several PDFs into one with ease. The tools available in this software will allow you to split PDFs by extracting and saving desired pages as separate PDF files or dividing them into individual one-pagers.

The best part about using this program is that it is free, open-source, feature-rich, and easy to use. It is supported on Windows PC, macOS, and Linux. PDFsam helps you create one single PDF file out of multiple files for free. It’s easy to use, quick to split & merge, and gets your job done in one click seamlessly.

Download PDFsam

TalkHelper PDF Spliter and Merger

4. TalkHelper:

TalkHelper is an incredibly feature-rich PDF editing software available online. It will help you split PDF files but also the reverse, PDF merge is possible out of the box and all in the same tool. There are many splitting tools and features you might want to try.

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This powerful PDF converter can convert PDF files to any format you want. Convert PDF to Excel, PPT, EPUB, Word, image, HTML, and Text, are also available. The software comes with an intuitive, user-friendly interface for first-time users as well. Try TalkHelper and you can manage your PDFs without wasting a lot of time.

Download TalkHelper Free Trial

Free PDF Splitter and Merger

5. Icecream PDF Split & Merge:

Icecream PDF Split & Merge software is another software you must not miss out on. You can split any large type of large PDF as this program supports more than 50 languages. It is supported on all devices and offers a great range of splitting tools to choose from.

With numerous editing and splitting tools, you can split PDFs into as many sections as you want. Moreover, you can split these PDFs into single-page files, groups of pages, or page ranges, or get rid of certain pages with the help of the available splitting modes.

Download Icecream PDF Split & Merge

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