Download (FREE) PowerPoint to Video Converter for Windows PC

Download the free PowerPoint to Video Converter software and transform your PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation into a video for free.

In the world of modern communication and information sharing, presentations always played an important role. For that reason, Microsoft PowerPoint, commonly known as PPT, has been a favorite tool for creating and delivering presentations.

However, as technology evolves, so do the ways in which content is shared and consumed. This is where PowerPoint to video converters for PC come into play. These free tools you to easily convert your PowerPoint presentations into various dynamic video formats.

In the past, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations were primarily used with projectors and computer screens. Although effective in face-to-face settings, this format has its own limitations, especially when considering remote audiences and online platforms.

As we know digital communication has become increasingly dominant, and the need for versatile presentation formats has grown. These converters stand as a valuable resource for professionals, educators, and anyone looking to craft compelling visual content.

Their ability to transform PowerPoint slides into engaging videos offers a range of benefits, from wider accessibility and improved engagement to enhanced visual appeal. The converted video file is ready for uploading to YouTube and other popular video-sharing platforms.

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With only a few mouse clicks, you can convert your PowerPoint presentations to almost all popular video formats such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, and 3GP with excellent quality. After the conversion, you will be able to view your presentations just like a movie.

PPT to Video Converter

Benefits of Using PowerPoint to Video Converters:

PPT-to-video converters on the other hand are software applications designed to transform PowerPoint presentations into video files. This transformation holds several benefits, ranging from enhanced accessibility to improved engagement. Here are some key advantages:

1. Wider Reach:

Videos can be easily shared online on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram making them accessible to a global size audience. This is especially useful for webinars, online courses, and social media video sharing.

2. Improved Engagement:

Videos can include animations, transitions, and narrations that make the content more engaging compared to static slides.

3. Compatibility:

Videos are universally compatible across various devices and platforms, avoiding any problems you might encounter when dealing with PowerPoint files due to compatibility issues.

4. Portability:

You can watch videos without needing PowerPoint software, which makes them perfect for situations where the viewer might not have access to the application.

5. Visual Appeal:

When you convert presentations into videos, enhances the visual appeal, enabling the integration of multimedia elements like audio, video clips, and more.

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6. Users Demand:

More and more users are consuming videos. As of 2023, people are spending approximately 17 hours per week, on average, watching online videos. This data shows the need for some of the best video converter software.

PPT to Video Converters Features

PowerPoint to Video Converters Key Features:

PPT to video converters for PC come packed with a variety of features aimed at streamlining the conversion process and improving the final output. Some common features include:

♦ Customization Options:

With converters, you can usually adjust settings like how long each slide appears, the way transitions work and animation timings. This lets you craft videos that look polished and professional.

♦ Audio Integration:

Users have the option to add their own narrations or include background music to enhance the visual content, making the video more engaging.

♦ Output Formats:

Free PowerPoint to Video Converter offers various output formats, including popular options like MP4, AVI, and WMV. This ensures that the resulting videos can be played on a wide range of devices and platforms without any compatibility issues.

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♦ Resolution and Quality Settings:

Users have the flexibility to select the resolution and quality of the output video, finding the right balance between file size and visual clarity based on their specific requirements.

♦ Batch Conversion:

Free PPT to Video Converter allows users to convert multiple presentations into videos simultaneously, saving time and effort.

How to Convert PPT to Video?

How to Convert PowerPoint to Video?

The process of converting a PowerPoint presentation to a video using a Free PPT to Video Converter is very simple and easy:

  • Download and install software on your Windows PC.
  • Open the software and import the PowerPoint presentation you want to convert.
  • Adjust settings such as slide duration, transitions, animations, and audio narrations.
  • Choose the desired output format and quality settings.
  • Initiate the conversion process.
  • The software will process the presentation and create a video file.
  • Once the conversion is complete, preview the video and make any necessary adjustments. Save the file to your desired location.

Download Details:

File Name: PowerVideoPoint Lite

Download Size: 16 MB

File Type: .EXE

OS: Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10 & 11

License: Freeware

Publisher: DigitalOfficePro, Inc.


Version: Latest Version

Category: Multimedia

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