10 Best and Fun Games You Can Play on Your Android TV

Android TVs are not just random versions of Smart TVs. They have become increasingly popular in recent years and are becoming a little more mainstream on a daily basis. In simple words, you can define Android TV as a scaled-up version of a Google Chromecast.

The feature that makes Android TVs worthwhile is that they instill great power and flexibility of an Android operating system into your TV. Android TVs are nothing but smart TV with an operating system of an Android.

Developed by Google for different television sets, set-top boxes, and digital media players, Android TVs are worthy of all your investment. One word for Android TVs? Great. From downloading various entertainment or streaming applications to viewing PDFs, you can do it all on your Android TV.

They are not only used to stream a wide range of content from across the internet but also to download games of your choice. You will also have access to numerous in-built apps, including the Google Play store with Android as an operating system.

However, if you love playing games, then I’m sure you might want to play them on a bigger and better screen. If your answer is yes, then you must consider downloading your favorite game on Android TV for an enhanced gaming experience. In this article, we will look into some of the best and fun games you can play on your Android TV.

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Here are the 10 Best Games for Android TV:

Asphalt for android tv

1) Asphalt 8: Real Racing Game:

If you are in love with the idea of car racing, then Asphalt 8 is the game you must go for. Developed by Gameloft SE and published by the same, Asphalt 8: Real Racing Game is a racing game that is worth a try.

Download the game from the Google Play Store, and then run it on your Android TV with ease. Moreover, it comes with an online multiplayer game mode that will give you a new and memorable experience.

If you feel the need to have a controller to play the game then connect a Bluetooth controller. You can connect a Bluetooth gamepad to the Android TV, and you can control your game using the gamepad. With a high rating of 4.3/5, there is no reason to miss out on this one.

Android OS

best free games for android tv

2) RISK: Global Domination:

Want to try something different? Download Risk Global Domination! Risk Global Domination is similar to the empire game and allows you to defend your territory whilst fighting off enemies.

Draft troops, and launch different attacks to win. You can play with friends and people from all around the world. It is an overwhelmingly thrilling game one must not miss out on.

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Battle in real-time, more than 60 maps to play, classic & custom rules, single & multiplayer modes, customize game-play, challenge your friends and climb the ranks.

Android OS

Angry Birds games for tv

3) Angry Birds Friends:

Angry Birds games were really a popular thing in 2013. They are still popular and loved by many. Take a fun visit to your memories by downloading the Angry Birds Friends game from the Google Play Store.

Angry Birds Friends is a top-rated game that can easily be played on your Android TV. It is fun to play and is like any other Angry Birds Forever game. It has incredible graphics, and you can have diverse experiences as the game gets new updates often.

Android OS

best android tv games

4) Crossy Road:

Crossy road is a fun game you can consider playing when you are bored. To win, you have to cross the road whilst avoiding getting hit by traffic. You must also refrain from going out of the camera screen and plan your strategy ahead.

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The graphics are a little poor but it only makes the game fun. You have to pave your way through constant traffic and maintain a fast pace. You can use the Android TV remote to play the game instead of connecting a Bluetooth gamepad.

Android OS

best games for tv

5) Dead Trigger 2:

Love playing survival video games? Download Dead Trigger 2 offline game, and pave your way through saving yourself in a zombie apocalypse. It has unique and great visual graphics that make this survival game stand out in the crowd.

With open-world maps, you can walk around and complete your objectives. You can connect a Bluetooth gamepad to play Dead Trigger 2 and customize the controls as well.

You will find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world with enough weapons to fight off the zombies. The game gets frequent updates and will improve your overall gaming experience.

Android OS

top android tv games

6) Orbia:

The best part of Orbia is that you get to unlock different characters as you pass each level enhancing your gaming experience. Orbia is a casual game that works smoothly on an Android TV.

To win, you have to jump to another circle without hitting your enemies. The game has fascinating visuals, and the background soundtrack makes it a little more fun. Moreover, you can play Orbia without using a controller.

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You can play this game on any smartphone, Chromecast, or Android TV with a stable internet connection. Download the best games for Android TV and then start playing your favorite game right away.

Android OS

Tennis Game App

7) Tennis Clash:

If you love sports and would love to play a game that involves real-time sports challenges then Tennis Clash is the game you must go for. It can be played with your family & friends and 1vs1 multiplayer match.

It is one of the top-rated and recommended Android TV games of all time. Choose your character, play around the world, download Tennis Class today, and become a Tennis Legend.

Android OS

Badland Game AndroidTV

8) Badland:

A critically acclaimed game, Badland has managed to become of the most highly-rated games and has more than 1 million ratings. The graphics are considered to be fascinating, and the visuals will make you addicted to the game within no time.

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You can connect a Bluetooth gamepad or use the Android TV remote as a controller. You can get hit by walls, and you have to cross numerous obstacles as well as collect power-ups. Each new level will give you a diverse experience.

  • By: Frogmind
  • Ratings: 4.3
  • License: Free

Android OS

Games for Smart TV

9) Zombie Age 2:

Yes, we are back to the zombie apocalypse survival games! The zombie age 2 is an interesting game with light visuals, and you can learn the tactics to win whilst playing the game. Build your team, slay zombies with powerful weapons and shoot your way out.

You have to defend yourself with a pistol and a baseball bat. But you will unlock different weapons at each level and face obstacles or challenges that will keep you interested long-term. If you love fighting zombies and shooting, then try Zombie Age 2.

In a world overrun by walking dead defend yourself, 20+ characters with unique abilities, 30+ deadly weapons at your disposal, exciting combat zones, thrillingly tough boss battles, and cooperative gameplay with your friends.

  • By: DIVMOB
  • Ratings: 4.3
  • License: Free

Android OS

best games for smart tv

10) Trivia Crack:

QuizUp is a pretty challenging game for trivia and is considerably unique from most of the trivia games. You get to play a lot of brain teasers as well as challenge your friends and family to play with you.

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These trivia challenges can be played online with multiple players from across the world. Moreover, you can choose any topic of your choice to make the puzzles and brain teasers a little more fun than usual. Isn’t that amazing?

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