How to Setup Mobile HotSpot on iOS & Android?

Smartphone device hotspot allow us securely share your devices internet connection with Wi-Fi enabled devices.

So the good thing about using the Wi-Fi hotspot is you can connect numerous devices to it.

It’s better than USB tethering because you don’t have to physically plug in a USB cable so you can move your phone to a better location in the house.

How to Setup Mobile HotSpot

Let’s see how you can setup mobile Wi-Fi hotspot on your iPhone & Android device.

How to Setup Mobile HotSpot in iPhone:

• Go to Settings.
• Tap on personal hotspot.
• Turn on hotspot.
• You will see the list of available Wi-Fi network.
• Select the network and enter the Wi-Fi password.
• If you want you you can customize your password.
• Changing the password will disconnected currently connected users.
• Other users will join your shared Wi-Fi network using the same password.

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Mobile hotspot is called a personal hotspot on Apple devices. Personal hotspot option on your iPhone device can provide internet access to other various devices signed into your iCloud account without need you to enter the password.

Allow other users or devices not signed into iCloud to look for your shared network when you are in Personal Hotspot settings or when you turn it on in Control Center.

1. To Connect Using Wi-Fi:

• Choose the device name from the Wi-Fi settings on your computer or other device.
• Enter the password when prompted.

2. To Connect Using Bluetooth:

• Pair iPhone with your computer.
• On iPhone, tap pair or enter the code displayed on your computer.
• Connect to iPhone from computer.

3. To Connect Using USB:

• Plug iPhone into your computer using USB cable.
• Choose iPhone from the list of network services in your settings.

How to Setup Mobile HotSpot in Android:

• First Go to Settings.
• Tap on Connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Data Usage)
• Select “Mobile HotSpot and Tethering”.
• There will be two option – Mobile HotSpot & USB tethering.
• Here tap mobile hotspot.
• Toggle the switch to turn on your hotspot.
• At the bottom of the screen you will see the name of your hotspot and password to connect your device.
• If you want to change the default settings you can select each one and enter your preferred name and password.
• Enter this information on the other device to connect your hotspot.

Mobile hotspot turn your android device into a internet access Wi-Fi point. You can easily connect 7 to 8 devices which mobiles, Smart TV, Laptops, etc.

With auto hotspot feature you can share your android device internet connection automatically with other devices signed in to the same account.

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1. Connecting with Password:

• To see available networks, turn on Wi-Fi.
• Turn on Wi-Fi on your device like Mobile, Tab, Laptop in which you want to use Wi-Fi internet.
• Search the Wi-Fi network list.
• Select the network and enter the password.
• Enjoy the internet using your personal mobile hotspot.

2. Connect with QR Code:

• Open the QR code by tapping the button at the top of the screen.
• Scan the QR code on the other device.
• Select the network and enter the password.
• This feature is only available in latest Android OS.

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