How to Increase Battery Life of Android Mobile Phone?

How to Save Battery Life of Android Mobile

Tips to Increase Android Battery Life

1. Causes:

First of all, check what the cause of this problem is by simply uninstalling some app. Check one by one if you find the app which is actually causing this issue then uninstall the application.

2. Modify Your Mail App Settings:

I’m not talking about Gmail but the Mail app, which may fetch your email all day lengthy. I know many of you really like push email, but you truly don’t should know what happened each and every second.

What’s much more, by setting the update frequency to let’s say an hour as opposed to each and every couple of minutes, you’ll have the ability to concentrate on the task at hand this you can hold the capacity of your phone’s battery.

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3. Widgets:

Remove unnecessary widgets on your home screens such as live wallpaper, animation image, weather notification, direct dial, news updates, operators widget, music player, or a clock.

4. Software:

Turn off unnecessary hardware such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS navigator, MP3 player, background running apps, antivirus application, screen savers, or games. All of these consume and drain out the life of the battery.

5. Updates:

Above all update all your apps regularly. Updating the apps can sometimes become very necessary for us so, it is recommended that you will update all of your apps as soon as the new version is released it will help you improve the life of your android phone battery.

6. Install the “Power Control” App:

This little app, which ought to be installed within the phone’s memory (rather than a memory card), works as a home screen widget, allowing you to speedily enable and disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, syncing, and adjust brightness.

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With a single tap, you’ll be able to manage which of the radios are employed, and no matter whether you genuinely need to have your screen shining at its fullest at all times. Let’s face it, most of us do not require Wi-Fi connectivity whilst driving or GPS when within the office.

Just take into consideration which attributes you will need and when, and act accordingly by disabling and enabling the ones you (do not) use at that moment. Consequently, you might see a significant improvement in your battery life.

Aside from the totally free Power Control widget that comes preloaded with numerous Android devices, you’ll find also paid choices like Power Control Plus.

7. Fine-tune Screen Brightness:

If the two methods above do not function for you, attempt fine-tuning the screen brightness. Hit “Settings,” then “Display” and “Brightness” and make your screen much less bright, though readable enough.

The screen is one power-hungry portion of the phone/tablet, so you much better feel twice regardless of whether you actually require it shining at all times.

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8. Attempt Intelligent Power Settings:

Aside from the apps that allow you to manually select which radios and functions you will need at the moment, you’ll find also ones that can do this “work” for you, enabling and disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS based on your location and time of day.

Power Manager is one such app, and you’ll be able to also attempt Airplane mode. The very best solution is most likely the Locale app, which functionality may be moreover expanded with plug-ins.

9. Download and Update Apps Whilst Charging:

It’s common sense to make all your downloads whilst your phone is charging. This way utilizing Wi-Fi, which is recognized as one of the greatest battery drainers, won’t affect you at all.

So attempt scheduling any telephone and/or app updates also as other large downloads when you’re phone is charging and is at the very same time connected to a fast Wi-Fi hotspot.

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