How to Remove Spyware from Your Phone?

Why are Hackers and Cybercriminals targeting smartphones a lot? Because today smartphones are more than a device. Instead of just communicating with other people, it stores many personal and sensitive information of users.

For this reason, hackers and scammers have made smartphones their primary target. So, you must be aware of these hackers and protect yourself. If you don’t know anything about spyware, malware, or adware then you must read this piece of article about how to remove spyware from your phone to be aware of all this.

❖   What is Spyware?

Spyware is defined as a malicious app or software or malware installed on a user’s devices without his knowledge. The primary purpose of this malicious software is to steal information, spy on the user, and take control of the device.

Any software installed on the device without the authorization of a user is known as spyware.

❖   Common Example of Spyware:

CoolWebSearch: This type of spyware takes advantage of weak security in Internet Explorer to take control and change settings.

DarkHotel: This Spyware is phishing spyware that targets hotel visitors through the hotel’s Wi-fi network.

Zlob: This Spyware downloads itself onto the system. It records keystrokes and the user’s browsing history.

Emotet: This type of spyware is used to steal a user’s banking credentials.

❖   Why is Spyware Dangerous?

Spyware is very common to Internet users. Hackers use different phishing techniques to trick users. Once it is installed on your device, it can monitor every activity you perform, your login credentials, passwords, etc.

Spywares are used to track the user’s location, and to view their messages and call histories. It also allows you to record the voice, and capture screenshots of the user. Like this, hackers can take control of your smartphone and steal your information.

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❖   Where Do They Come From?

There are many ways from which spyware comes to your smartphone. Some of them are:

Unwanted app downloads and file downloads:

Google has a vetting process to filter the apps that can cause spyware on your phone. So, when you download an app on your phone from outside Google Play Store, there is a high chance of getting spyware installed. The spyware comes hidden with the app or game you install.

Also, sometimes you can get the spyware from unwanted file downloads and it is very difficult to get rid of them. But, don’t worry read the full details given here on how to remove spyware from your phone.


Phishing is a technique to trick people into revealing their information. Hackers use different phishing and email or SMS scams to trick the users into downloading this spyware into their phones. Once installed, they can take over your phone and steal your personal information.


Hackers insert this malware into ads and these ads are spread all over the Internet. When these ads are clicked, the malware automatically gets installed into your phone. So, avoid clicking unnecessary ads that show up on your screen.

Direct Installation:

Another way is when someone gets access to your phone physically and downloads these malicious apps or games into your phone without your authorization. This malware can track your location, view your activities, etc. Therefore it is very important that you uninstall and remove the spyware from your phone.

how to get rid of spyware on phone

❖   Types of Spyware:


Adware was first detected in 1999 when it came hidden with the popular game ‘Elf Bowling.’ From that time, Adware is flagged by antimalware programs. They often come combined with free software and downloads from the infected website.

Using cookies to track users’ Internet browsing is a common type of Adware. It is mainly used for marketing purposes. Hackers use cookies to track what web pages the user is visiting target advertising in a similar field.

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Keyboard Loggers:

Keyloggers are spyware that cybercriminals use to steal PII, login credentials, and enterprise data. Also, it is used by parents to track their children’s Internet activities and to track their text messages and calls. Also, employers use them to track the activities of employees.

There are two types of Keyloggers: Software Keylogger & Hardware Keylogger.

1. Software Keyloggers are software that is installed on a hard drive. It is spy software that works in stealth mode. It is used mainly to track someone’s activities on the device. Some of the parental control apps which use software keylogger also allow you to block sites.

2. Hardware Keyloggers are made up of tiny chips. It is input into the system through a physical device plugged between the keyboard and computer. Then, all the keystroke information is stored in this chip. In this way, you can track what the user’s activities are. It is impossible to detect hardware keyloggers using anti-spy software.


Trojans are those programs that look like legit software. Users unwillingly download Trojan into their system. Once installed, Trojan can delete data, and encrypt data from the system. Hackers use this malware to steal data from users and ask for a ransom to get them back. Follow our step-by-step guidelines on how to remove spyware from your phone.

Mobile Spyware:

Once a smartphone is infected with mobile spyware, a hacker can use the phone’s camera and mic to spy on the user’s activities, only if sideloaded with third-party apps. This virus can be easily transferred from one device to another from short messages service or multimedia transfers. Also, it tracks the user’s GPS location and IP address.

Pegasus Spyware:

Pegasus can easily infect your iOS devices like iPhones & iPad and Android mobile phones & tablets and extract your personal messages, images, documents, emails, call logs, and more. Pegasus can access your smartphone camera take pictures and even record your video through the device’s camera. Pegasus is the latest spyware developed by NSO Group. Kindly read the full post to know how to remove spyware from your phone.

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How to Remove Spyware?

❖   How to Detect Spyware on the Phone:

1. Sudden Shutdown and Restart:

Does your phone shut down or restart when you are using your phone? When the phone reboots without your command, there is a chance of spyware on your smartphone. Someone can have remote access to your phone. If they can reboot the system, they can do anything on your phone.

Check for spyware signals if this happens. Let your phone be on standby and check for lights and sounds. If it lights up or creates a sound, you may be spied on by someone.

2. Sudden Battery Life Changes:

If your phone’s battery life is running down than it used to, you may be a target of spyware. It is known to drain the life of a smartphone’s battery severely.

It may be an aging battery problem, but it’s not always the same. Also, check if your phone is getting warm without using it because it works in the background and cannot be easily detected.

3. Noise While in Calls:

If you hear some noise while you are calling someone, there is a chance someone is tracking and listening to your calls. Some spyware has features to record the calls.

You need to be aware when you hear some unnatural noises coming while in the calls. It is best to use another phone for safety purposes.

4. High Data Usage:

Some spy software uses your data to transfer the collected information from your device. You can only detect these changes if you put complete focus on data usage or your phone bills. Because advanced spyware now uses only a small amount of data. So, it isn’t easy to detect.

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5. Strange Texts and Notifications:

If you are receiving strange texts and notifications, you may be a target of spyware. Some spyware uses messages with links, and when you click the link, the spy software is installed on your device. These messages often contain strange symbols and numbers.

So, you should avoid clicking the links that don’t look legit. It is one of the Phishing techniques to lure users and steal their personal information and data.

6. Too many pop-ups:

Too many pop-ups on your screen are not regular. Sometimes legit software pushes ads onto your screen, but this can be closed with a single click.

Adware can cause too many pop-ups, which can be irritating. It is because the developers will get a small amount of money each time the ad is clicked. So, if too many pop-ups occur on your screen, you need to be aware.

❖   Jailbreak:

Detecting spyware is more complicated than before because, like every other thing, spyware is also getting advanced. All forms of spyware are invisible but are possible to detect.

how to remove spyware from Android

For Android Devices:

In Android, you can find settings called a giveaway, allowing you to download apps outside the Google Play Store. If it is enabled, it is indicated as tampering or jailbreaking. To check if the phone is jailbroken or not, you can download the Root Checker from Google Play Store.

To check to Go to Settings > Security > Allow unknown sources.

Also, to check other information that is not familiar to you

Go to Apps > Menu > Special Access > Install unknown apps

Some spyware software may use generic names so that they are hard to detect.

how to remove spyware from iphone

For iOS Devices:

iOS devices are safer compared to Android devices. Unless it is jailbroken, it isn’t easy to install apps with malware. You can find an app called Cydia, enabling users to install software packages on a jailbroken device. So, without your authorization, it is tough to install spyware on your device.

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❖   How to Remove Spyware From Your Phone:

Removing spyware from your phone is not easy. As it is getting more advanced, it is more difficult to detect. If detected, what to do? Here are some of the ways for removing spyware from your smartphones:

1. Uninstalling Suspicious Apps:

If you see apps that look suspicious or apps you haven’t downloaded, you must remove them as quickly as possible. Also, you need to remember the last app you downloaded if the issue is started. Sometimes, the adware comes hidden from the app. To remove it, you need to delete the app too.

You should check the list of apps installed on your phone from time to time to increase mobile security. Some apps can be hidden or can be without icons. So, if you see any apps that might be suspicious to you, uninstall them quickly.

2. Reset to Factory Settings:

Resetting your smartphone to factory settings, often termed factory reset, is the best way to remove spyware but must be your last option. When you factory reset your phone, everything on the phone will be deleted along with the virus.

The installed apps on the phone and all other data are removed too. Backing up your data is very important before you apply this step to lose any data.

3. Scan for Spyware Detection:

There are several antivirus software available for smartphones that you can use to run a malware scan. You can detect and remove spy viruses of some forms with this process. It’s one of the most accessible options, but it might not be as effective as other techniques.

4. Update Your Operating System:

When a new OS update comes, it comes with better protection and security for your smartphones. So, you should update your operating system as soon as possible to solve the problem. Always back up the data before you update the OS.

5. Manually Removing the Affected Files:

If you download some files and the errors start to come up, you should delete those files. Sometimes when you download a file, spyware comes attached to those files. It comes hidden and won’t be under the name ‘spyware,’ so take your time to inspect and remove the files you find suspicious.

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6. Remove the JailBreak (for iPhones):

Jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad gives you the freedom to install third-party apps and modify the phone’s settings. But, with this, the pre-installed security system is damaged. So, removing the jailbreak might help. This way, you can avoid catching iPhone spyware.

To remove jailbreak on the iPhone, you need to update your OS. You can lose your data, too, so to prevent this from happening, always backup your data first.

7. Using Anti-Spyware Apps to Remove:

Some of the apps that help you to remove spyware from your phone are:

❖   How can You Prevent Future Spyware Problems?

Spyware can cause different problems to your smartphone. If your smartphone’s speed slows down or there are too many pop-ups on the screen, you may have a spyware infection. Some of the preventions you can take are:

1. Protect Your Phone Physically:

It is a significant and easy prevention you should apply. Don’t leave your device with others. Always protect your device with pin codes, and patterns so that no one can log in to your phone without your permission. This way, you can prevent someone from installing the app into your device physically.

2. Enable Two Way Authentication:

If you enable two-way authentication, your logins and account activities need further consent from the device. This way, you can protect your device from different forms of spyware.

3. Changing All Your Passwords:

We have more than one account on different platforms, so when you suspect something fishy, changing the password of all the email ids you own is a crucial step.

4. Use Antivirus:

You can find lots of choices when it comes to choosing an antivirus. Antivirus like AVG, McAfee, Avast, Norton, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender are the top-rated antivirus available online that removes spyware from your phone. The use of this antivirus will prevent your device from catching spyware and other malicious items.

This antivirus can detect and remove those malicious items immediately as they enter the system. So, investing in a good antivirus is vital to increase your system security.

5. Not Clicking on Pop-ups:

Various pop-ups may appear on your screen while you are surfing the Internet. If you click these pop-ups, the adware may install on your system without your knowing. So, avoid clicking on unwanted pop-ups that occur on your screen.

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6. Avoid Clicking Links:

When chatting with someone, they might send you links. When you open these links, the spyware can be installed on your device. It is called Phishing. Hackers trick others into clicking on links or downloading software that looks legit.

When someone clicks on these links, the spyware is installed on their device, through which hackers can control the whole device, and steal personal information. So, avoid clicking unnecessary links and avoid downloading apps outside Google Play Store or Apple Store.

❖   To Sum Up:

Users can avoid spyware if they are cautious. To remove the spyware from your phone avoid unnecessary clicks and unwanted downloads from unknown sources can prevent your device from getting malware and adware. It would be beneficial if you always kept your phone secure by enabling pin codes and patterns. Also, installing antivirus will help you remove the unwanted malware as soon as possible if detected.

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