iPhone Spy Apps: 12 Best Spying Apps for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

iPhone spy apps are technically used to track people and their activity on the targeted iPhone without letting them know anything about it. With the help of spying apps, you can easily monitor individuals and know what they are up to in the meantime.

Spy apps for iPhone are generally useful in the case of kids, spouse, or your employee. You can set the targeted device and start tracking their activities in a few clicks. Once activated, you can then track all the calls, texts, browsing history, and many more on the targeted device.

Why use spying apps for the iPhone?

There are a lot of reasons behind using the spying apps for the iPhone. You can use these apps to track your kid’s cell phone activity, track all the incoming and outgoing calls and messages. It can also be useful in tracking lost or stolen cell phones. There are a lot of such applications which assure you to provide the best result. We are here to help you with choosing the best spying apps for the iPhone.

List of Best iPhone Spy Apps:


1. Phonsee:

Phonsee stands out as a top cell phone tracker for both iPhone and Android devices, ideal for parents and employers who wish to keep tabs on their children and staff respectively. Its user-friendliness is unmatched in the realm of tracking applications, offering dependable results every time. A standout feature of Phonsee is its comprehensive tracking capabilities, which include real-time GPS location, message tracking, call recording, and multimedia monitoring, ensuring you have a complete understanding of your target’s activities.

Additionally, Phonsee’s ability to simultaneously track three different devices sets it apart from the competition. What makes Phonsee especially valuable is its affordability, boasting a price plan that offers great value for its extensive features.

For anyone needing a reliable mobile tracking solution, Phonsee offers an all-encompassing tool for monitoring activities on iPhones and Android phones, making it a highly recommended choice for safeguarding what’s important to you.


  • Real-time GPS Location Tracking: Keep track of the device’s location in real-time, ensuring you always know where the monitored individuals are.
  • Message Tracking: Monitor incoming and outgoing SMS and instant messages, providing insights into the communications of your children or employees.
  • Call Recording: Record phone calls, allowing you to listen to conversations and ensure no inappropriate discussions take place.
  • Multimedia Monitoring: Access photos, videos, and other multimedia files stored on the device, ensuring nothing concerning goes unnoticed.
  • Multiple Device Tracking: Ability to simultaneously track up to three different devices, offering flexibility for families or companies with multiple tracking needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, ensuring that anyone can effectively utilize its features without technical expertise.
  • Cost-Effective Plans: Presents a range of affordable pricing plans that offer great value for the extensive monitoring capabilities provided.

• By: Phonsee
• License: Paid

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2. MobileSpy:

MobileSpy is an application having a lot of features. It stands out the best among the applications which provide real-time features such as GPS location, calls recordings, calls notifications, social media activities, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more.

As the platform is unique and easy to use by individuals, beginners can use the application with no trouble and get the desired result. This application provides many features, and you can also test them on Live-Demo so that you are well-known about whether or not it fits your needs completely.

MobileSpy can be perfect for parents and businesses as it can completely monitor all of the activities performed by the target on their targeted device. Along with the features, it also costs a bit more than other applications.

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  • Provides a futuristic real-time dashboard.
  • Tracks the exact location.
  • Gives you access to the GPS, calls as well as many more.
  • Tracks the online activity and provides you with the best result.

• By: uMobix
• License: Paid

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3. mSpy:

mSpy is one of the best iPhone spying apps that came live in recent years. It stands out differently than other apps in this list, as it is primarily used for monitoring kids, basically known as parental control software. mSpy works best in a background mode with easy to install & remote monitoring.

It offers limited offers compared to other applications, but the offers provided are the best among all. You can still get the basic features like cell phone monitoring, location tracking, photos/video file monitoring with mSpy.

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But, it lacks some advanced features like call recording. Yet, you can still control the apps remotely and program them on the target device with the help of mSpy. mSpy can be useful to those who can be satisfied with the basic features of spying such as monitoring the calls, messages, multimedia files, and tracking the location.


  • Monitors call as well as messages.
  • Useful in tracking the location.
  • Monitors the shared multimedia files.
  • Tracks the online activity of the target.

• By: mSpy
• License: Paid

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4. uMobix:

uMobix is probably the only application that grants you full access to target’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Users can enter the target’s Instagram and Facebook, and then perform any action from it such as adjusting settings, adding people, blocking people, etc.

You can install the application and start monitoring without any kinds of difficulties in the way. You also need not jailbreak the iOS devices before beginning the actual procedure.

You need the iCloud id and password of the targeted device and then start working. Once you’re logged in, you can now monitor all the activities of the target device.


Comparing to other apps, it also provides some unique features such as:

  • Online status indicator.
  • YouTube monitoring.
  • Application activity tracking.

• By: uMobix
• License: Paid

Visit uMobix Official Website

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5. FlexiSPY:

FlexiSPY is one of the most popular iPhone spy apps used in today’s era as of its easiness and the nature of the application as well. This app can perform lots of activities such as call and message monitoring and camera hacking, key-logging as well.

It also offers a wide range of features that aids in making it the best spy application among all of the applications that helps in monitoring the device remotely. The app assures that it can perform all the given features perfectly without much effort from the user’s side. You can start monitoring in a few clicks.

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FlexiSPY consists of a list of features and stands out at the top of spy apps. It works perfectly on iOS devices and provides accurate results to the user in no time. Having all of these features hence makes it quite expensive than other applications as well.


  • Monitoring the calls and recording them.
  • Monitoring the social media activity and recording them.
  • Recording the environment.
  • Geo-fencing.

• By: FlexiSPY
• License: Paid

Visit FlexiSPY Official Website

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XNSPY is probably the most popular phone spy application on this list. It can also be termed as an industry leader when it comes to phone spy applications. It can be used to keep track of the activities performed by your kids or your employees and know whether or not they are safe online.

This application comes with more than 30 advanced features that help you track all the incoming/outgoing calls and keep an eye on the SMS in real-time. Also, you can get the GPS tracking feature in this application that can help you get the exact location of your kid or your employee or the location of your lost cell phone.

This application has introduced several features such as WiFi logs and WhatsApp monitoring in recent years. XNSPY provides a lot of advanced features in one application at a quite affordable price. It also provides the best customer support, which makes it the best application to use so far. It works perfectly on iOS devices, and the constant change for betterment makes it worthy enough to purchase.


  • Monitor all of the incoming and outgoing calls and messages.
  • Access the messenger chats of the target.
  • Keylogging.
  • Track the exact GPS location.
  • Monitor all of the online activities.

• License: Paid

Visit XNSPY Official Website

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7. Minspy:

Minspy is one of the most secure and easiest applications to use, among the list of these applications, which makes the motoring of the targeted devices ten times more convenient than any other application. Minspy also allows you to monitor any device directly from the web browser itself, so you need not have physical access to the targeted device.

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You need not root or jailbreak the targeted device before beginning the procedure of spying. You also need no technical knowledge for monitoring any device you want. Apart from all these, this application can perform a wide range of activities such as tracking the exact GPS location, monitoring the calls, tracking the online activity, and tracking each of the messages received or sent so far.

Minspy is a convenient iPhone spy app that you can use to monitor your loved one’s activity effectively. Along with all the features provided by the application, it is also quite affordable to buy and use afterward.


  • Monitor all the calls and messages.
  • Works on a stealth mode.
  • Tracks the exact GPS location.
  • Monitors the social media activities.

• By: Minspy
• License: Paid

Visit Minspy Official Website

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8. SpyBubble:

SpyBubble is another most trustable iPhone spy apps that people in this era widely use. It is very easy to use and even easier to deploy on the targeted device you want to monitor. This application is a cloud-based application that deploys all of the required features so far. The application completely runs on stealth mode, so you need not worry about being caught or anything like that.

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You can easily track their calls, messages, GPS location, and any other online activities without letting them know anything about it. One of the best features this application provides is that it can activate the camera and take pictures without the person knowing about it. All the information is then sent to your account, and you can access them at any time.

SpyBubble is a pack of all-in-one applications, which provides you with a wide range of features available so far. You can install the application on the targeted device and start spying without letting them know anything about it. It is very easy to use as well.


  • Recording the calls
  • Tracks the exact GPS location
  • Works on a stealth mode
  • Captures the screenshot
  • Has remote camera access to take pictures.

• By: SpyBubble
• License: Paid (3-day free trial)

Visit SpyBubble Official Website

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9. Spyier:

Spyier is one the best monitoring applications, which the parents widely use to keep track of their kid’s online activities. Not just for parents, it can also be used to monitor the activities of employees and can also be used to track the activities of any individual in a relationship. This application offers all of the basic features you need from a spy application.

You can monitor the calls, messages and track all the online activity done so far by the targeted device. You can also use this application to track the exact GPS location of any lost or stolen cell phone or the exact GPS location of the target.

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The app runs completely in stealth mode, meaning that the end-user will never know that they are being tracked all the time and never notice anything suspicious. All the information required is sent to the user’s account itself. Spyier is one of the easiest applications to use by users, making the spying procedure much more convenient. It also provides the best customer support whenever required.


  • Monitors the calls and messages
  • Tracks the whole browser history
  • Works on the stealth mode
  • Tracks the exact GPS location
  • Monitors the overall online activity performed by the target.

• By: Spyier
• License: Paid

Visit Spyier Official Website

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10. Spyic:

Spyic is known as a parental control application. It allows parents to monitor their kid’s cell phone activity, both online as well as offline. Spyic hence assures to perform the task with greater efficiency. The spying features provided are mostly the basic features, but they are all you need to monitor your kid and know whether or not they are safe online.

You can monitor all of the incoming and outgoing calls and messages on the targeted device. You can also track the exact GPS location of your kid to know where they’re at the moment. Not just the call, messages, and location, you can also track each of their online activity and social media presence to know if they’re doing good on these platforms.

You can download the application on the iOS device and select the target device. Once you select the device and install it, you can now log in and monitor the device remotely. For all the features it provides, it works perfectly. However, Spyic doesn’t offer the advanced feature, while other applications still have one to track your kid’s activities. It can also be expensive if you want to monitor multiple devices at the same time.


  • Tracks the calls and messages
  • Monitors all of the online activities
  • Tracks the browser history
  • Tracks the exact GPS location
  • Geo-fencing.

• By: Spyic
• License: Paid

Visit Spyic Official Website

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11. Mobistealth:

Here is another application that stands out best among the list of parental spying apps; but can also be used for business purposes or personal purposes. It provides the basic spying features but is highly reliable. The result this application provides is worth it.

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This application can help you monitor cell phone activity, track the calls and messages, track and monitor their social media activity and track their exact GPS location. The app also works in stealth mode, so you need not worry about being caught or anything like that.

Mobistealth offers the basic features more than the advanced ones to its users. The basic features are worthy enough to use, and the cost is quite reasonable as well. Try the Spyic iPhone spy app with no jailbreak or any other software installation.


  • Monitors the call and messages
  • Monitors the device 24/7
  • Tracks the exact GPS location
  • Works on a stealth mode
  • Tracks the browser history.

• By: Mobistealth
• License: Paid

Visit Mobistealth Official Website

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12. Spyera:

Spyera is one of the award-winning iPhone spy apps in the category of spying applications. It offers a wide range of spying features which makes it the best among all other applications. Some of the best features of this application are cell phone tracker, location tracking, and many more of your kid or your employee.

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You can monitor as well as control the targeted device with the help of this application. It works in stealth mode, so without letting them know anything about it, you can monitor all of their online activities.

The app is well-built and can hence perform all the required tasks with precision. It also provides a 10-day money-back guarantee to the users if they are not satisfied with the product, after all, making the app worthy enough.


  • Monitoring the cell phone
  • Tracking all of the online activities performed by the target in the real-time
  • Tracking the exact GPS location
  • 10-day money-back guarantee.

• By: Spyera
• License: Paid

Visit Spyera Official Website


These iPhone spy apps can be extremely useful when used properly by parents to protect them from the online world, or by businessmen to make sure the employees are not behaving like a traitor by sharing confidential information with outsiders. Any other use can make the relationship worse and might as well negatively impact you.

So, make sure to choose your reason wisely first, and then choose the best spying application. You can choose XNSPY, MobileSpy as they are some of the best iPhone spy apps available on the app store. You can also choose other applications if you want to. After all, it all depends on your choice. Try them out and know how they work!!

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