14 Free Mobile Number Tracker Apps & Sites in 2022

Mobile number trackers are very useful these days. It has multiple benefits. It allows you to track your loved ones in order to make sure they are safe, you can track your lost or stolen mobile phone, and even identify unknown callers.

Mobile number trackers are useful for companies too, as they can keep a check on their employees whether they are working on time or not.

Coming to the safety of your kids is indeed very crucial for parents. You can keep an eye on your kid’s location using mobile number trackers and can make sure that they are free from any kind of danger.

We often receive calls from unknown numbers and sometimes unknown calls from international numbers. It becomes so irritating when you are busy with your work and you receive back-to-back calls from an unknown number.

Are you also annoyed by getting unknown calls? Don’t worry! You can easily track those unknown callers on your device.

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You just need to follow some simple steps and can track those unknown callers! Let’s start with the top 14 free websites and apps available to track mobile numbers, given as follows:

Mobile Number Lookup

List of Websites to Locate Phone Numbers:

1. Online GPS Phone Tracker:

Online GPS Phone Tracker can track even international phone numbers and delivers you the information containing the owner of the mobile phone or a landline number, the name and address of the caller, and more.

You will only need to type the phone number in the search box then it will show you all these details. It uses a GPS feature to track the numbers. It can also track landline numbers. All these features are available free of cost.

It can track mobile numbers only if it is actively working. It doesn’t track the stolen mobile or switched off the phone. Also, it can operate only on Android devices.

Visit Here for the Official Website

2. Free Phone Tracer:

As the name suggests, it is totally free to operate. It is a US-based cell phone tracker. You can also track landline numbers along with phone numbers.

The website assures that the user data is safe on the website. It delivers easy and affordable access to public record information.

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Its drawbacks are that as it is a US-based mobile tracer, you can only track US numbers. It delivers mobile phone type, service provider, and line type details of the phone number.

The owner’s name and address are not available for free on mobile phones. Only the carrier, line type, and phone issuing location are available free of charge. Owner information for available landline numbers is free.

Visit Here for the Official Website

3. Find and Trace:

Find and Trace website is totally free to use for tracing mobile and landline numbers. It provides the name network service provider, owner’s name, and the location of the number, as well as the address of the number.

personal information like name, address, city name, location, network operator, state, search history, etc. It provides the latest location of any mobile number in India.

You can also register a complaint against any mobile number in the “reputation and monitoring section” available on the website. Tracking the mobile number location does not cost a single rupee. Their services are available in all states of India.

Visit Here for the Official Website

4. Mobile Number Tracker:

Mobile Number Tracker is the best India- based website available for free to track mobile numbers. You can simply put a mobile number in the search box and it will provide you with all the details of the user like Mobile Operator and Telecom Circle with the help of Google Maps.

It can also track vehicle numbers and give you all the details of the vehicle owner. Further, it can provide you with your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), which is a unique number assigned to every mobile phone sold via official channels.

This number is very useful if you lose your phone, or if it is stolen. You can easily track your lost mobile phone via this IMEI number.

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It can also have a “Missed Call Locator” that helps in locating the callers whose calls you have missed. It can even locate landline numbers. The only drawback it has is that it can only track India-based mobile numbers.

Visit Here for the Official Website

5. Truecaller:

Truecaller is the most popular mobile application. The app has over 150 million users. It is the most trusted mobile application for identifying unknown calls.

It has an amazing feature of showing the caller’s identification on the screen before picking up the call.

The application can identify callers, track mobile locations, and block spam messages, and calls. It also has a caller’s photograph along with his/her name.

Visit Here for the Official Website

6. Whoscall:

Whoscall is also one of the best caller ID applications for Android & iOS. It has over 70 million users, available for both Android and iPhone. Whoscall is available in 31 countries.

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You can identify the unknown caller, and block spam calls. You can also choose your callers on this app.

Visit Here for the Official Website

7. Live GPS Search:

You can track down any mobile number in this world over this website. It allows you to track any mobile number 24/7 on their website.

Live GPS Search takes only 20 seconds to deliver results. After 6 months of use, you need to pay for its free items. It uses a GPS feature for tracing.

It uses a 3D representation of the number’s location that helps you to get a clear view of the user’s location.

Visit Here for the Official Website

Free Mobile Number Tracker

List of Apps to Locate Phone Numbers:

8. Number Tracker Location:

Number Tracker Location is only available for iOS users for free but to use more exciting features you need to pay for them.

Get real-time location of your loved ones, get notified when someone searches for you, and also block unwanted numbers & spammers.

Download the Number Locator App for iOS

9. Caller ID & Number Locator:

Caller ID & Number Locator is a free mobile application that can work in offline mode too. It operates in over 200+ countries. You can get the caller’s identity and can locate his/her location. You can locate the number via Google Maps.

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It provides a call-blocking feature. The name of the caller is displayed on the screen when they call you. You can block the calls easily on the app. The only drawback is that it works only for Android editions above 4.4 or later.

Download Live Location Tracking App for Android

10. Live Location Tracking App:

This application is available for Android as well as iOS users. It uses Google Maps to locate the caller and displays the location of the caller with a 3D Google Earth, in order to allow you to have a clear view of the caller’s location.

With the support of various mobile service providers, This has been one of the best and free mobile number trackers for Android Mobile & iOS from Wondershare Software you will not face any kind of difficulty while locating a cellphone number.

Download Live Location Tracking App for Android

11. Mobile Number Tracker Pro – SIM:

Mobile Number Tracker Pro is available for iOS users. It also functions at an international level. This app allows you to track local numbers as well as international numbers.

The app is very simple to use and it effectively shows the results. It is a totally free mobile application. You can enjoy its services free of cost.

Download Mobile Number Tracker Pro App for iOS

12. Mobile Number Location Finder:

Mobile Number Location Finder is only available to use for iOS users. You can find it on the App Store and then start enjoying its services.

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It operates in over 20 or more countries worldwide. It lets you trace the live location of the cellphone number. This amazing application also helps you in reverse phone lookup.

This phone tracker will show you detailed Caller ID info such as phone number service provider, phone number, country, city, etc.

Download Mobile Number Location Finder App for iOS

13. Mobile Number Locator – Find Phone Number Location:

This free application locates the precise location of the target mobile number. It will show you the caller id and other required details. It’s a clean page and user-friendly operations make this application more interactive.

Call flash available in the app reminds you about every incoming call and blocked callers. This locator app can locate any phone number location and display it on the GPS map.

Besides the GPS Mobile Number Locator benefit, this app will also provide you so many useful functions such as a shiny LED Flash Light alert that blinks to remind you of all your incoming calls. You will never miss any important calls.

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It also includes a call-blocking app that allows you to add a spam caller or fraud number to the blacklist. You will never get any unwanted calls.

It shows you detailed information on every incoming call on the screen. You can decide whether to answer the call or not by the information displayed on the screen.

Download Mobile Number Locator App for Android

14. Mobile Number Tracker and Locator:

Mobile Number Tracker and Locator allow you to locate any mobile number easily. It uses GPS Maps and will locate the caller’s details like name, service provider, and distance from the current location.

It retrieves information about the caller service provider, GSM or CDMA, state, etc. You can search for any Indian mobile number and it will deliver you the details of the number along with its service provider.

Download Mobile Number Locator App for Android
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