What Does Airplane Mode Do in Your Android & iPhone?

There might be several questions lingering in your mind about the ‘Airplane Mode’ also known as ‘Flight Mode‘ that appears on the top of every notification panel on almost every iPhone & Android mobile phone.

The only thing we know about the Airplane Mode is that it is supposed to be switched on when you are on a flight or traveling to a place via an Airplane.

If you are someone who travels often via flight, then you might already know the drill of switching on the Airplane Mode.

But why should we enable it? What is the precise reason that the Airplane Mode feature is instilled on every phone today?

What will happen if we don’t switch on the flight mode? All of these questions have always been on my mind.

However, my curiosity led me to do a few hours of research on the same. Therefore, I took efforts of researching the benefits, uses, and a few other details about the Airplane Mode feature.

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I’m sure you would like to read details about the flight mode feature and what does it do.

Airplane Mode

Why is it important to enable the Airplane Mode on a flight?

This question has always occupied a major part of my thoughts on a plane. But then there is an important reason behind switching on the Airplane Mode.

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the radio frequencies emitted by the mobile phone, or any other gadgets will interfere with the navigation system of an Airplane and its communication system.

This interference can prove to be lethal and prevent any kind of important communication between the security and flight attendants. Therefore, to stay safe, you have to switch on Flight Mode on your Android or iPhone devices.

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How to Switch On & Off Airplane Mode?

• Switching on the Airplane Mode will temporarily block any kind of receiver’s signals and data transmission.

• This also means you will not be able to receive or make any kind of calls and send text messages of any kind.

• However, you can connect your device to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth irrespectively easily.

• You can switch on the Airplane Mode by swiping down the notification panel on an Android device.

• Click on the Airplane Mode option and switch it on.

• You can also enable the feature via the settings> wireless connection option.

• You can switch the flight mode on an IOS device (iPhone & iPad) by swiping the notification panel.

Features & Benefits of Flight Mode:

If you are having a sleepless night, or get distracted by your mobile phone often then switch on the flight mode. You will be free of texts, calls, and other notifications with a single click.

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Moreover, if you want to charge your iPhone or Android phone quickly, then consider charging it after switching on the flight mode. Your mobile phone will charge 2x times faster.

If you want to save your battery, then switching on the flight mode will disrupt the background activities of your device and increase the battery life with ease.

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