Get 21 Most Popular Windows 8 Mobile Phone Games

Many will agree on the fact that the Microsoft Windows Phone store has better and more entertaining games than the PC one. Indeed, Microsoft has launched and developed a wide range of diverse games for different devices in recent years.

However, we cannot deny that the Microsoft store consists of great games & apps that are not worth missing out on. If you are someone who would like to try new games on your Windows mobile phone, that will fulfill your gaming urge, then keep reading.

Microsoft Store does have a lot of top-rated and incredible games for its users. We have reviewed and shortlisted some of the best Windows 8 phone games available on the Microsoft store.

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Here is a List of Top-rated Windows 8 Phone Games:

Cribbage logo

1. Cribbage Online:

The objective of cribbage is to be the first player or team to reach a certain number of points, typically 121. Players earn points by forming specific card combinations, such as pairs, runs, and sequences, during the play and show phases of the game.

The game also includes a unique scoring component called the “crib,” where players discard two cards into a separate pile, and the dealer can later score points based on the combination of those cards with a starter card.

In the online version of cribbage, players can enjoy the game with several additional features that enhance the experience. The online platform provides a comprehensive guide to cribbage rules and scoring, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced players.

By: Unwind Media
Category: Card Game/ Strategy

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best free windows phone games

2. Puzzle Craft:

Puzzle craft is an interesting game that is available for free on Microsoft Store. The game is considered to be similar to ‘Another Case Solved’, and it must not come as a surprise that they have the same developers.

Puzzle craft will take you on a memorable adventure, as you will find yourself leading a group of villagers. These villagers are planning for a new settlement and you have to collect the relevant resources and materials to start.

You have to build your own shelter, and base camps, and then establish a farm to produce crops. You have to do your own harvesting and collect food materials to survive.

You can hire villagers to help you throughout the work and harvest the crops before the season changes. The game is pretty challenging as you have to take care of your own settlements. The game is available on both, a PC and a mobile phone.

  • By: SYZYGY Deutschland GmbH
  • Category: Puzzle
  • License: Free

Microsoft Windows Store

windows 8 phone games

3. Skulls of the Shogun:

Skulls of the Shogun is available on the Windows store at an affordable price on all kinds of devices. The game is set in Japan and revolves around surviving in the stylized Japanese afterlife that is filled with Samurais, monks, and other generals.

The game is based on a focused turn-based strategy and is determined to keep you entertained. The theme is retro anime art which makes it a must-try.

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The user interface is simple and smooth; you will have full control over the gameplay. It has a multiplayer mode that will let you invite your friends with a single tap.

  • By: Microsoft Studios‬
  • Category: Strategy
  • License: Paid

Microsoft Windows Store

cricket windows phone

4. World Cricket Championship 2:

World Cricket Championship 2 also popularly known as WCC2 is much awaited and the most realistic cricket game available for the mobile platform.

Experience a wide array of stadiums. Optimize for a lag-free experience and play tournaments, test cricket, quick play, NPL auction, and endless hours of cricket gaming.

Now you can play your favorite cricket game without the internet offline or play with the world using online rivals. Change the player’s appearance and cheer your own team in the heat of action.

Microsoft Windows Store

Windows Phone Action Games

5. Guardians of the Skies:

Have you ever wanted to be a combat pilot, have you ever wanted to fly for India? Strap up pilot, here is your chance, play the game and live life on the edge. Touch the sky with glory.

This is the IAF (Indian Air Force) 3D official mobile game. Now you live the life of a Pilot in the IAF game and fly for India. Download Guardians of the Skies and join the mission.

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Whenever India has needed a guardian the air warrior has always stood tall. In this wonderful game, you can learn to use aircraft controls and carry out a successful takeoff and navigation. Learn to use various weapons to shoot down air and ground practice targets.

  • By: ‪Threye: Military Games
  • Category: Action
  • Website:
  • License: Free

Microsoft Windows Store

Solitaire Windows Phone Games

6. Solitaire Collection:

If you have ever been addicted to Solitaire but got bored with it, try this Microsoft Solitaire Collection and be addicted again. Microsoft Solitaire Collection includes Classic, Free Cell, Klondike, Spider solitaire, and more.

The object is to remove all cards from the stacks by clicking on uncovered cards that are one higher or one lower than the card on the pile. The game was completed 30 years recently and still, remains the most popular and one of the best games for Windows 8 phones.

Microsoft Windows Store

Racing Game for Windows Mobile

7. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience:

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience is the most realistic racing simulation of four different weather & time conditions. Choose from more than 60 cars, 30 different manufacturers, and race 1000+.

Call your friends for new team clash tournaments. Download the full game on your Microsoft device for free and become an authentic GT racer. Improve your racing skills and try to win a brand race car for free.

Microsoft Windows Store

call of duty windows mobile

8. Call of Dead: Modern Duty Shooter & Zombie Combat:

Call of Dead: Modern Duty Shooter & Zombie Combat mobile video game comes with an action-packed modern battlefield. It is indeed the number one zombie shooting game available online at the Microsoft store.

Fight your way through the ruined city. Legendary battles with epic bosses. One gun was not enough. The game is similar to call of duty as a Hero you have to defend and fight with aliens.

Microsoft Windows Store

Best Game for Windows 8 Mobile

9. Halo: Spartan Assault:

It should not come as a surprise that the Halo series is considered to be a universal game that swept gamers off their feet. Halo: Spartan Assault is available on the Microsoft Store at a cheaper price and can be downloaded on both, mobile well as PC.

It is an Xbox game that will give a bonus advantage of being able to earn Xbox achievements. The game has 30 missions, numerous enemies, to fight, and collects a wide range of weapons and master vehicles.

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Halo: Spartan also includes weekly challenges that will earn you bonus experience points. From smooth yet powerful gameplay to incredible graphics, this is a game you would never want to miss out on.

Microsoft Windows Store

Best Game for Windows 8 Mobile

10. LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed:

This is for all the Lego fans out there. You can now download the ‘Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed for free on your Windows 8 phone and start playing right away.

The game revolves around you controlling an assortment of Lego battle machines to defend the Lego factor from invaders. You can upgrade the weapons, speed, and armor of your Lego Battle Machines.

It comes with two gaming modes; namely, the mission mode and the battle mode. The mission mode is said to have 45 gaming levels while the battle mode allows you to fight the invading army as well as earn points in return.

Microsoft Windows Store

Temple Run for Window 8 Mobile

11. Oz Run:

Oz Run from iGames Studio is a renewed infinite running game that is inspired by the Temple Run game. In this game, you will play as Oz and you will have to take care of leaving the screaming flying baboons behind as you spin, jump and slide across the surface.

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If you still do not have this fun infinite race game on your Microsoft Windows 8 phone device then download Oz Run and start your fun adventure now and try to run as fast as you can while collecting the coins.

  • By: iGames Studio
  • Category: Adventure
  • License: Free

Microsoft Windows Store

windows 8 phone games download

12. Royal Revolt:

Royal Revolt is an interesting game available for Windows 8 Phones users for free. Royal Revolt an amazing 3D graphics with easy touch control!

Tour father send you to learn some battle magic to Bogsmarts, while you were away, your father died. When you came back you see that your uncles and aunts had usurped the kingdom.

And so the battle for the kingdom began. You as a prince conquer 50+ castles and use spells to heal and kill and win your kingdom back.

Microsoft Windows Store

candy crush game for windows phone

13. Candy Crush Soda Saga Game:

You have inevitably already heard of the Candy Crush Soda Saga game this game is available to play online as well as offline. The craze is so huge that almost all of your friends must already be playing it.

As for Candy Crush Saga or the similar bejeweled game, you make lines of identical candies with at least three candies; these lines can be horizontal or vertical.

Play the amazing puzzle game liked by millions of users worldwide. Beat your friend’s high scores, get power boosters, and free lives, so you will never stop passing levels in Candy Crush Saga.

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Download and enjoy the exciting Candy Crush Soda saga where you can match special sweet candies, wrapped candy, and ice candies. Match these 4 or 5 candies to create spectacular effects such as Swedish Fish and Coloring Candy.

  • By:
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Website:
  • License: Free

Microsoft Windows Store

Subway Surfers for Windows 8 phone

14. Super Subway Surf:

If you love playing Subway Surfers game then this game is for you. Similar to the Subway Surfers game Super Subway Surf is another subway-themed running game. Run faster to escape from the police inspector.

Run, slide, or jump to avoid obstacles, collect coins, and power on your way. Download & play Super Subway Surf on your Windows 8 phone and unlock new features.

  • By: Epicenter
  • Category: Adventure
  • License: Free

Microsoft Windows Store

Bubble Shooter Windows 8 Phone Game

15. Bubble Shooter:

The aim of Bubble Shooter is to collect as many points as possible by popping as many balloons as possible. To do this, you have to line up at least three bubbles of the same color.

The Bubble Shooter game has probably become so popular because it is a very intuitive game. The mixture of Tetris and “Four in a Row” makes many players feel right at home.

The good thing is that the Bubble Shooter is now also available for Windows 8 phones. Download and play your favorite game for free. The game is, by the way, an endless game – so you can’t “win”, you can only collect as many points as possible, so pop as many balls as possible.

Microsoft Windows Store

Bike Racing Games for Windows Mobile

16. Motorbike Climb Racing 3D:

If you love riding bikes then this game is for you to download and experience the game in 3D. Start crazy climb racing to get some cash rewards.

This dangerous racing game is specially designed for sports fanatics who love adventures, stunts, and climbing. Play Motorbike Climb Racing 3D – collect rewards coins, unlock upgrades, and more.

  • Category: Bike Racing
  • License: Free

Microsoft Windows Store

Windows Mobile Temple Run Game

17. Sky Dancer Temple Run:

Sky Dancer Temple Run is another game you must try. Similar to the Temple Run game but with better graphics and available for free, you can download Sky Dancer Temple Run on your Windows phone with a single click.

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It is an endless runner game, where you will have to face a lot of challenges and dodge obstacles that come your way. The graphics and gameplay are considered to be commendable as well as smooth.

If you are looking for a different yet amazing endless runner game then download the Sky Dancer Temple Run for your Windows 8 mobile phone.

  • By: Amazing Arcade Games‬
  • Category: Adventure
  • License: Free

Microsoft Windows Store

Windows 8 Phone Games

18. Overkill 3:

Infiltrate deep into enemy territory, upgrade and customize your guns. Gaming console-quality graphics. Enjoy the gripping campaign atmosphere and new helicopter updated mode.

Download on your Win 8 phone & play with your family & friends or unknown persons using online multiplayer mode and you can even enjoy playing Overkill 3 in offline mode.

Microsoft Windows Store

Asphalt for Windows 8 Mobile

19. Need for Racing: New Speed on Real Asphalt Track 2:

If you are a fan of racing games like Asphalt or NFS Most Wanted then here is your chance to download and play the Need for Racing: New Speed on Real Asphalt Track game & we assure you won’t regret it.

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This game contain full of the dangerous track to race on, 5 categories of cars, an exciting career mode, play through 5 seasons, advanced driving models, uniquely realistic racing model, and dynamic competitive gameplay.

Microsoft Windows Store

Windows Mobile Racing Games

20. City Racing Speed:

‪Take a long drive and prove yourself a qualified racer. Tilt to steer or touch left or right to steer. Realistic 3d gameplay, crashes, and car damage.

Intense and challenging police chase. Enjoy the ultimate speed. Earn rewards by showing & making drift skills. Drive your racing car on amazing asphalt tracks with a high-speed engine.

  • By: Drag Tiles
  • Category: Car Racing
  • License: Free

Microsoft Windows Store

Microsoft Phone Games

21. Game Dev Tycoon:

Game Dev Tycoon is available on the Microsoft store at an affordable price and can be played on any device. The game will allow you to develop your own game development studio and then grow it into a multi-million dollar company with hard work.

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The gameplay is not only interesting and simple but will also educate you on the topic of game development. With Game Dev Tycoon, you can learn while playing the game.

  • By: Greenheart Games Pty. Ltd.‬
  • Category: Strategy
  • License: Paid

Microsoft Windows Store

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