9 Best Windows Phone Games

I’ve reviewed several titles since we started this blog but, to my surprise, I’ve recently found out that I hadn’t pay attention to Windows Phone games.

That’s a shame because there are truly some gems for Microsoft’s mobile operating system. So, if you own one of these devices and you’re looking for some fun, here are several alternatives you should consider.

Windows Phone Games

‪1. Minecraft:

‪Minecraft is a sandbox game about building blocks. You can team up & play with family & friends to build anything you like.

Minecraft game was officially released in November 2011 by Mojang which still remains one of the most popular video games online.

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Download your favorite game now on your Windows mobile phone & start playing today to begin your Minecraft journey.

By: Microsoft Studios

License: Paid

Download Minecraft Game

2. Minesweeper:

I thought that the best way to begin this list is with an adaptation of a classic. That’s why I introduce to you Minesweeper, a mobile edition of the traditional Windows game.

This game has all the features you might expect from a Minesweeper title: various options to adjust the game’s boards, three difficulty levels, and high scores.

Additionally, you can pinch and zoom to get a closer look at the board. Keep your logic alive with this free Minesweeper for your Windows Phone.

By: ‪Baum Game

License: Free

Download Minesweeper Game

3. Flow Free:

As I always say, the games based on the most simple ideas are usually the best. That’s the case with Flow, a free Windows Phone game in which your objective is to connect dots of the same color scattered through the board.

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The catch: the lines you draw can’t cross one another or you’ll lose. In Flow, you’ll find 1500+ levels, three difficulty levels, and thousands of randomly generated boards for hours of non-stopping fun.

By: ‪Big Duck Games LLC

License: Free

Download Flow Free Game

4. Candy Crush:

Candy Crush is a candy-matching video game developed by King.com. Candy Crush is free to play, but it offers in-app purchasing you have to pay for power-ups, lives, and others.

Enjoy the exciting game where you can create striped candy, wrapped candy, and rainbow candy. Combine the specials to create spectacular effects.

Play more than 2000 puzzling challenges, smash the candies, chocolates, and experience the epic new worlds. Play with your family & friends to see who can achieve the highest level.

By: King.com

License: Free

Download Candy Crush Game

5. Ludo King:

Ludo is a popular board game for 2-4 players, the aim is to take your 4 tokens from start to finish before your opponent does. This game is suitable and played by people of all ages.

In Ludo King, you can play with mobile AI, with friends on local mode, or you can also compete with anyone worldwide in multiplayer mode. Have fun and keep on playing.

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While the Ludo game might seem easy at the start, but it is very challenging and interesting as you played. Your goal is to beat the other player to reach first and get the highest points on the leader boards.

By: Gametion

License: Free

Download Ludo King Game

6. 8-Ball Pool Master 3D:

8-Ball Pool 3D is played with a cue ball and 15 color balls. The goal of 8-ball is to pocket the balls from one to seven or from nine to fifteen and then pocketing your 8 balls before your opponent.

You can also play 8-ball with your family & friends live in high quality & 3D graphics. The winner will be decided in the best of 3 matches. Download one of the best Windows Phone Games of all time.

By: AbsoLogix Technologies Limited

License: Free

Download 8 Ball Pool 3D Game

7. Sudoku Color:

Talking about classics and colorful games, here’s one that combines a little bit of both. If you love solving puzzles then here is your game download and play Sudoko on your Windows phone.

Sudoku Color takes the typical Sudoku gameplay (completing all of the board’s empty squares with a logic combination of numbers that doesn’t have to repeat themselves in different sectors, rows, and columns) and it mixes it with colors.

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How? By replacing the numbers with different colors. Old Sudoku players have a new and exciting challenge in this app. Will you miss it?

By: Bakno LLC

License: Paid

Download Sudoku Color Game

8. Slice and Throw:

If you are familiar with Fruit Ninja, then Slice and throw will surely captivate you. This free Windows phone game has the very same principle as the aforementioned game you have to slice things that fly by your screen with a swipe of your finger with the funny addition of shurikens.

This time, you’ll have to destroy the green and golden scrolls while you avoid the red ones. Simple and addictive, Slice and Throw is definitely an entertainment worth checking out.

By: Cheese Zombie Games

License: Free

Download Slice and Throw Game

9. Movie Quiz Game:

If you’re a film buff who wants to test your knowledge of the movie industry, then the movie quiz game is the way to go.

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This app includes several quizzes that will help you find out how much you know about actors, actresses, taglines, plots, and quotes from various movies.

You have three different difficulty levels and thousands of questions waiting for you so download this free app right now!

By: XLabz Technologies

License: Free

Download Movie Quiz Game

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