Top 8 Car Racing Games for Windows 10 PC

Car racing games have been developed tremendously over the years. Several companies have introduced some amazing car racing games this year that will keep you hooked and disguise as a promising mode of entertainment.

Here is a list of top 8 car racing games that are not worth missing:

Car Racing Games for Windows 10 PC

1. Project Cars – Free Car 3:

Launched by Slightly Mad Studios as a sequel to Project Cars 2, this game has paved its way towards becoming the most loved car racing game among teens.

Project Cars –Free Car 3 is a sequel to the well-known gaming franchise ‘Project Cars’. Moreover, Slightly Mad Studios also brought us our favorite car racing title ‘Need for Speed’ in 2009.

The game is said to be better than its previous release; Project Cars 2 and is not worth missing. So what are you waiting for? Download the game for free and take a back seat to enjoy this game’s fun-filling experience.

By: Slightly Mad Studios

Download Project Cars 3 Game for Windows 10 PC

Car Racing Games for Windows 10

2. Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally 2.0:

Developed by Codemasters, these games will take you a realistic car racing adventure giving you an amazing experience.

Both of these games will give you a realistic approach in the field of car racing but Dirt4 is the best choice to go for if you are new to the franchise.

By: Codemasters

Download Dirt 4 Game for Windows 10 PC

car racing game download for pc windows 10

3. Drift 19:

Drift is another car racing game developed by ECC games S.A. it takes on a new level of learning car racing by focusing on drifting and perfecting your gaming skills.

The game is centered towards drifting, therefore, allowing its users to practice all aspects of car racing.

If you love racing as much as we do, then Drift 19 game is for you. Train your driving skills and participate in the world championship.

The game is said to be very entertaining and allows the users to fix up or even build up their cars. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

By: ECC Games

Download Drift 19 Game for Windows 10 PC

car racing game download for pc windows 10

4. Forza Street:

Developed by Turn 10 studios, Forza Street is a nerve-racking car a racing game that can be played on lazy Sundays.

The game gives out soothing vibes as you can drive by the countryside and relax by exploring different sides of nature.

If you ever played City Racing 3D game on your Windows PC then this game will surely interest you.

By: Turn 10 Studios

Download Forza Street Game for Windows 10 PC

Car Racing Games for Windows 10 PC

5. Wreckfest:

Wreckfest is developed by bugbear entertainment and offers a unique car racing experience.

It gives you a real-life figure 8 race experience as you slam your car against the opponents yet enjoying yourself at the huge crash.

It utilizes soft body crash physics and therefore you leave a piece of your car on the track as you crash into other cars.

The game gives you a unique gaming experience even with the crashing style unlike the other games which focus on merely racing and nothing else.

By: Bugbear Entertainment

Download Wreckfest Game for Windows 10 PC

car games for windows 10

6. F1-2019:

Again a master game developed by Codemasters, which involves high tech gaming.

Formula 1 not only gives you a fantastic gaming experience but also involves building a relationship with other drivers and gaining their respect for other teams.

It also involves the phenomenon of pre and post interviews giving you memorable realistic gaming experience.

By: Codemasters

Download Formula 1-2019 Game for Windows 10 PC

Best Car Racing Games for Windows 10 Laptop

7. Circuit Superstars:

Circuit Superstars multiplayer competitive game is developed by Original Fire games.

Original fires promise to give a thrilling experience as it has the feature of top to down view and choosing your desired car from wide-ranged options.

Launching 2020, this game must definitely be the one the game lovers must look out for.

By: Original Fire Games

Download Circuit Superstars Game for Windows 10 PC

Best Car Racing Games for Windows 10

8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

Last but not least, the one and only game of its kind. I don’t think Mario needs any introduction.

It has been the top choice of several people and even children irrespective of their age.

This beautiful game that is developed by the Nintendo switch has probably taken an oath to never get old.

By: Nintendo

Download Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Game for Windows 10 PC

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