Download & Play Revolt Car Racing Game on Windows PC (Free)

Revolt car game is all about a fast-paced arcade car racing game for PC, utilizing the most realistic handling and some of the most intelligent opponents ever.

Not only that, but all this action-packed, state-of-the-art racing takes place over some of the most unusual courses ever seen in a racing game.

Motoring around museums, speeding through supermarkets, and tearing around toy shops are all possible in the world of Re-Volt.

So, what are you waiting for dive into the childhood memories and start playing your favorite game on your Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Vista, XP, and Windows 7 PC?

Revolt Car Game Settings:

Number of Cars: This option allows you to select the number of cars in a race, from 1 – 12. The default number is 8.

No. of Laps: This allows you to select several laps, from 1 – 20. The default is 3. (You may experience problems if more than 10 laps are chosen for Multiplayer)

Pick-Ups: This option lets you choose whether weapons are ON or OFF in the game. The default is ON.

Split Time Settings: If you’ve downloaded someone else’s split time from Re-Volt you can choose to race against it in Time Trial mode from this menu option. Two selections are available to you, “Local” or “Download”.

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By default this is on “Local”, meaning you race against your own best Split Time. By changing this to “Download” you can race against the alternate, downloaded Split Time.

Old Revolt Car Game

Revolt Car Game Modes:

Single Race: In a single race you can complete the race on the available course in a car of your choice. Select this game type to have a single race against computer-controlled cars.

Choose your car carefully, they all handle differently, and finding the right car for you could be the difference between winning the race and coming nowhere.

Time Trial: In a time trial race you have to complete the race in the given duration time and unlock other tracks and cars. When the time trial is selected, name entry, and car and track selection are the same as in a single race.

If you get a great time and you want to compete with the world’s best, while online it is also possible to download other players’ split times and race against them on your Windows PC.

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Championship Mode: In this mode, if you win a cup you will unlock new tracks and the latest cars. If you do not win the race then you should try again and for this, you will only get three chances.

Practice: Try this mode to unlock the latest cars by accumulating the stars in the Silver Cup, Bronze, or Gold cup.

Stunt Arena: Show off all your Re-Volt car racing skills, and collect all of the twenty hidden stars.

Multiplayer: Whether you want to start or join a multiplayer game, several settings can be changed to aid a successful multiplayer experience. Race against human opponents via LAN, Internet TCP/IP, or Modem Connection.

Revolt Car Game for PC

Keyboard Controller Settings:

  • Accelerate: Up Arrow Key
  • Reverse: Down Arrow Key
  • Left: Left Arrow Key
  • Right: Right Arrow Key
  • Fire Weapon: Left CTRL
  • Flip Car: End Key
  • Reposition Car: Home Key
  • Pause: ESC Key

In-Game Keypad Controller:

F1 – F1 cycles through the three available camera modes (chase, follow, and in-car).

F2 – F2 displays your rearview camera.

F3 – F3 allows you to watch your opponents racing in a window.

ESC pauses the game and brings up the in-game menu. From this menu you can resume play, quit the game, watch a Replay, Restart the race or change various render options.

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Configure Your Controls:

Configuring your controls couldn’t be simpler – when this menu option is selected each button needed will be printed on screen (i.e. Accelerate), at which point you should press the button on your keyboard/joystick which you want to act displayed on-screen. When all eight buttons are configured you will be returned to the previous menu.

Deadzone: Sets the ‘dead zone’ in the center of your controller, between a value of 0-100. Only applicable if you have an analog controller connected to your PC.

Range: Sets the ‘range’ for you’re steering, between a value of 0-100. Only applicable if you have an analog controller connected to your PC.

Non-Linear Steering: Can be turned on or off. Default is ON.

Download Details:

File Name: Re-Volt Car Racing Game for PC

Download Size: 37.4 MB

File Type: .EXE

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment Inc.

Rating: Excellent

Version: v1.10

Category: Windows PC Games

Download Revolt Car Game for Windows PC

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  • Problems: When choosing stunt arena mode, game crashes and force exit
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