Download Need for Speed (NFS) the Run Game for Java Mobile

Electronic Arts (EA) car racing game was very popular online. In the new edition of the Need for Speed, the Run there is an incentive system that charges you game points for any actions. They will be awarded to the player for winning the race and for avoiding the police.

You can easily win the game by following the race circuit, you can see it on the map you will be guided. You can also choose the car you want from Chevrolet Camaro to Ford Mustang. Nitro booster helps you drive faster and momentarily boosts your car speed.

Need for Speed the Run street racing game along with java mobile phone is also available for the most popular platform like android, iOS, Kindle Fire, console, Microsoft Windows PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation.

Download the most popular need for speed ​​(NFS) the run game and experience the new levels of intensity and action. You will have a tremendous opportunity to go round all the expanses of a beautiful city.

If you have never played this game before, then we highly recommend that you immediately download the NFS game and try it on your java mobile phone now. The game supports all java mobile phones including Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericson, and BlackBerry touch screen and keypad mobiles.

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Need for Speed for Java Mobile

NFS Java Game Key Features:

• Driver Duel: These are one-on-one face-offs between you and a top-notch rival. Win the race by reaching the finish line first.

• Highway Escape: Takedown the specified number of police or mob cars to subdue them. Your car will sustain damage if hit too often.

• Checkpoint: Time’s running out. Cross every checkpoint within the time limit. Seconds shaved off the previous checkpoint are carried forward to help with the next one. If the checkpoint seems too tight, try it with a faster car.

• Speed Trap: Clock the highest speed through the traps to win the race. Crossing the finish line first reduces the speed total for all other racers.

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• Sprint: The first driver to cross the finish line wins the race. Slipstream behind opponents and then slingshot past them at the right moment.

• San Francisco: 100 races rev up for an epic race from San Francisco to NYC. But the cops are closing down escape routes and run for it.

• Nitro: Nitro helps you accelerate faster and temporarily boosts pour top speed. The blue nitro bar depletes every time you fire it up and regenerates gradually. Keep some reserved for tight moments in the race.

How to Play Need for Speed on Java Mobile Phone?

  • To Navigate Menus: Use Left, Right, Up, Down, Ok, and Soft Keys.
  • To Steer: Use Left / Right or 4 / 6 Key.
  • To Brake: Use Down or 8 Key.
  • Nitro: For Nitro boost use Up or 2 Key.

Download Details:

File Name: Need for Speed the Run Java Game

Download Size: 1.28 MB

File Type: .Jar

Models: Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericson, Alcatel, HTC, Huawei, Micromax, and BlackBerry touch screen and keypad mobiles.

Screen Size: 240×320, 176×220, 360×640, 240×400 and 128×128

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

Rating: Excellent

Category: Java Car Racing Game

Download Need for Speed Game for Java Mobile

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