How to Build a Gaming PC? Make Your Own Good Gaming Computer

Playing games on the PC is a different level of happiness and on custom-built PCs, they are even more exciting. We can decide the specification and budget of a PC if we build it all by ourselves.

Building a good gaming PC isn’t a big task nowadays. All we need to have is some basic knowledge of the components and how to assemble them.

Before building a PC we need to keep our budget constraints, specifications, and need for the computer in mind. Major things we require to build a good gaming PC are:

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How to Build a Gaming PC

How to Build a Gaming PC?

1. Processor:

The processor is the brain of the CPU. So make sure to buy the processor with higher versions, making the system smooth and lag-free. If we want to play big games with high resolution and lag-free, it’s better to spend more money on buying the latest & higher version of the processor.

2. RAM:

RAM (Random access memory) is a memory unit that has the major files stored in it. Just like the processor, RAM also plays an important role in making a good gaming PC. A minimum of 8 GB of RAM is preferred for gaming purposes and some games are better played with 16 GB RAM.

It’s better to choose good RAM and Processor for gaming purposes as they are the main factors for the lag-free and smooth gaming experience.

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3. Motherboard:

A motherboard is a component where the processor and RAM are placed. We need to make sure that the selected motherboard is compatible with the processor.

4. Graphics Card:

Graphics cards are helpful in displaying HD or 4K content or rendering HD content. If we want to play a heavy game with high graphics, then it’s better to go with higher versions of the graphic cards.

4. Hard Drive (Storage):

There are two types of storage SSD (Solid State Drive) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive). SSD is a little more expensive than HDD but with SSD, the PC will be more smooth. Hence gamers usually prefer SSD. But building a good PC includes budget factors, so we can also use HDD.

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5. Power Supply Unit:

The power supply unit is an important part of a system and selecting the quality power supply unit, keeps the system safe from electrical damages.

6. Cabinet:

A cabinet is an external case to cover and protect the components we install in a CPU. There are a variety of best-looking cabinets available in the market, select the best one which is good-looking and big, and tough enough to wield the components inside it.

7. Cooling System:

The cooling system is the most needed component for any gaming PC. As the computer gets heated upon continuous usage, coolers cool down and protect the PC from excess heating. There are two types of coolers air-cooled and water-cooled, gamers usually prefer the air-cooling system.

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8. Monitor:

Gamers usually prefer a high-quality monitor. As we have built a high-end CPU, it is important to have a monitor that can display the game in high resolution. Gamers require FHD or 4K monitor, some people also use Dual-monitors.

9. Operating System:

The operating system (OS) needs to be installed on the PC and it’s always best to install the latest version of Windows available.

10. Other Accessories (keyboard, mouse, headphones):

Once we built all the things for a gaming PC, we need to purchase other accessories for the best gaming experience. Gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, and noise-cancellation headphones.

Before buying all these components we should not only look for price and brand but also make sure the components are compatible with each other.

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