Download Subway Surfers Game for Windows PC

The idea of ​​the game is very simple you have to run away from the evil inspector. Run on trains, perform incredible tricks, and of course, do not forget to collect coins. A cool runner, colorful HD graphics, surfing on hover boards what else you need for a wonderful game.

Download the PC version of Subway Surfers game officially for Windows PC. The simplicity of the game won millions of fans around the world. It’s already been crossed 500 million downloads worldwide.

The game first gained popularity on the iPhone iOS and android platform. But the developers decided not to limit themselves to this and released a PC version of the game for Windows and Mac OS.

The main difference from mobile versions is the horizontal orientation of the screen. The game runs on any Windows and Mac does not require special resources.

The game was so fond of the players that the creators constantly released additional versions to please the fans. With each new version, one more character is always added, as well as improves some of the characteristics of the character, with which the game becomes more pleasant and interesting.

You just need to run away from the evil cop and his dog, collecting coins, jumping over obstacles and dodging the approaching trains.

The game has already won recognition around the world it is available for both mobile and PC users. Now play your favorite game on a bigger screen, simply by downloading and installing the game on your Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 PC.

You can enjoy bonuses and improvements: surfboard, jet pack, and also collect trophies, coins, boards and tokens. The entertaining game tests your speed and reflexes and the more you play it the better you become.

You can buy all sorts of things. For example, you can buy double coins, or a starter pack. You can redeem your saved coins for a new surfboard, mystery box, score booster, mega headstart or skip mission. With these extra powers you will only get better and faster and it will be easier to stay out of the hands of the guard.

Download Subway Surfers Game for PC

Subway Surfers Game Versions:

• Subway Surfers Rio: Tired of running around the already recognizable paths of the first part? Meet the new version of Subway Surfers Rio! It will please you with some variety of landscape. Pick up the score booster to multiply the points. Amazing tricks and obstacles which makes the game more interesting and fascinating.

Subway Surfers Paris: Subway Surfers Paris has a new hunting for prizes, and we will hunt if we are on the tiny Eiffel Tower. Subway Surfers Paris can please not only the listed novelties, the brightness and saturation of the terrain will also draw attention to itself.

Subway Surfers Sydney: Subway Surfers Sydney is one of the latest versions of the game edition of Subway Surfers: World Tour. Improved textures, beautiful trains, brighter colors and most importantly even more skills.

Subway Surfers New York: Subway Surfers New York is the first gaming publication on Subway Surfers: World Tour. Here you will have unforgettable adventures, colorful city landscapes and of course your friends. The game has become even more interesting, because now our adventure takes place on the streets of a big city.

Subway Surfers Rome: You will find a fascinating adventure on the railway tracks of Rome. You can still enjoy using such accelerators as Jet pack, Super shoes, Magnet of coins etc. Also there was a new opportunity “Hunting for eggs”, where you need to collect 100 eggs and get your prize, or additional improvements for the amplification. Playing in Subway Surfers Rome will make your leisure fun and interesting.

Subway Surf Halloween: Now everything around will be transformed in the mood of a wonderful Halloween holiday. Do not forget to collect additional coins to buy interesting characters later to try to look at the race from another angle.

Subway Surfers Game Tips and Tricks:

• Perform additional missions to receive improved mysterious boxes.
• Collect trophies from mysterious boxes.
• Go through daily missions to increase the reward.
• To be the first in the ranking – increase your multiplier.
• Improve the powerups in the store so they last longer.
• Unlock Spike picking up the guitars.
• Invite your friends from Facebook to show them your skills.
• Perform tasks to raise the multiplier to x30.
• Find your favorite character in the store.
• Press 2 times on the screen during the race to use the hoverboard.
• Use Headstart at the beginning of the race, you fly a long distance and get a lot of points. It will be necessary for some tasks.

File Name: Subway Surfers Game PC

File Size: 123 MB

File Type: .Exe

Publisher: Kiloo

Language: Multi-language

OS: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

License: Free Download

Category: PC Video Games

Download Subway Surfers Game for PC

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