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Maze lock app allows you to block the access to your device just like a security keypad lock, using a pattern that must be previously set. You have to drawn every time you want to unlock your java mobile phone to enable access.

The pattern must be one or more lines that connect a set of fixed points, this feature adds more security to access your device.

The app is also very helpful in protecting your privacy, like photos, videos, contacts, messages, chats, confidential data and the other content saved on your mobile phone.

You can easily set the pattern on any java device, just download the latest jar version from the below given link and install on any Samsung, LG, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia Lumia, Nokia Asha, 5233, N8 touch screen and keypad phone.

If you have incorrectly drawn your unlock pattern five times, you will see a message “Please try again in 30 seconds”. You can tap next to unlock with security question or wait and try again after 30 seconds.

You will have total five tries to unlock your device otherwise it will be reset to factory default settings. Then to unlock your java phone, you have to sign in with your Google account by following the verification steps.

You can monitor the number of screen-unlock attempts, incorrect passwords enter when unlocking the screen, and lock the java mobile phone or erase all the phone’s data if too many incorrect passwords are typed.

If you lost your java device, still you can lock or erase all data from the phone. You can allow certain apps to be launched over the lock screen for faster access.

Download Pattern Lock for Java Mobile

Download Maze Lock App for Java Mobile Phone:

There are number of apps available online which allows you to control your phone remotely. It will be useful in case your java mobile phone is on silent mode and you can’t find it, or in case you lose it.

Download the best and free maze lock app for Java mobile phone like Nokia 5233, 311, Asha 305, Samsung Wave, s7562, e1200, LG, Motorola, Sony, and Blackberry.

Manage lock screen from phone setting, you can change the screen lock pattern as many times as you want. Make the pattern visible from others or hide it.

Select manually to be lock instantly with power key or lock automatically after your java mobile phone screen turns off. Click activates to allow the lock screen password or gesture to be reset.

The free version of lock screen app allows you to choose applications for which you do not want maze lock, therefore you can use that program without any interruption.

It also offers more customize settings, change background, add picture on the lock screen, and it will also displayed the date, time and percentage of the battery without unlocking the device.

Supported Device: Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Blackberry and Windows Touch Screen and Keypad Phone

File Name: Maze Lock

File Size: 447 KB

File Type: Jar

License: Free Download

Category: Java Mobile Apps

Download Pattern Lock App for Java Mobile

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