Download Adventure Games for Java Mobile

Spend a day getting back to a few old favorites and learning some new ones by browsing our list of games. Here is the list of best action and adventure games for any Java mobile phone devices.

This collection of free action adventure games can played in any Nokia (S40, Symbian, Asha), Samsung Keypad or Touch Screen (128×160 & 240×320), Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, LG, Motorola, Itel, Karbon, Techno, Xiaomi and more.

List of Best Action & Adventure Games for Java Mobile:

1. Prince of Persia:

Download Prince of Persia Game for Java Mobile

A road full of dangers and pitfalls, beautiful princesses and red-hot sands of Persian deserts, full of blood and enemies. And even though the times were bad, the prince was more likely to face undying fame than critical remarks.

Prince of Persia 3D is indeed one of the best action as well as adventure game. Download & play this game on any java based mobile phone.

Download Prince of Persia Game for Java Mobile

2. Iron Man-3:

Iron Man 3 Java Game

Iron Man 3 game is developed by Gameloft inspired by the movie you can play it now before you can even see the movie.

Iron Man 3 game for Android was initially released on 25th April 2013. You can download and play this game for free on your java as well as Android & iOS mobile phone.

Download Iron Man 3 Game for Java Mobile

3 Mortal Kombat:

Download Mortal Kombat Game for Java Mobile

If you like martial arts games, Mortal Kombat is perfect for you. You can compete against each other in this Shaolin tournament. Show your skills & power punch, kick, jump and beat your opponents. The gameplay is very smoothly despite the 3D graphics being quite detailed.

Among the characters of Mortal Kombat we will find a good series of stories that are somewhat particular, but that teach us in a faithful way how under certain circumstances each of the characters that are part of the cast of this tournament of deadly combats were joining the event.

Download Mortal Kombat Game for Java Mobile

4. Pac-Man:

Download Pac Man Game for Java Mobile

Pac-Man game aim is to clear all the maze by eating all the pellets. You starts a game with lives. Whenever a scary ghost catches you loses a life. The game over if you lose all your lives.

Download Pac Man Game for Java Mobile

5. Spider-Man:

Downlaod Spider-Man Game for Java Mobile

When the game starts, Spider-Man will begin in the city to unravel the mysterious plot. To end Spider-Man’s quest any time, press the back button.

When the main title screen appears, you will see two options New game and Continue. Use the control pad to move up and down to your selection, and then press Start.

Download Spider-Man Game for Java Mobile

6. Street Fighter:

Street Fighter Java Game

Calling all World Warrior wannabes! Whether you aspire to be a Guile guru, Chun Li champion, or E.Honda expert, you must learn the basic moves and concepts of Street Fighter II to win at all.

Beginners and masters alike, study this point by point guide to street fighting to add some serious punch to your arsenal. Earn a passing grade and you may yet graduate from coin-op boot camp.

Download Street Fighter Game for Java Mobile

7. Clash of Clans:

Download Clash of Clans Game for Java Mobile

Download & play the most adventurous game Clash of Clans or also popularly known as COC now on any java based mobile device device.

So, what are you waiting for? Step into the battlefield and help your clan win over the others. Download & enjoy Clash of Clans for PC as well.

Download Clash of Clans Game for Java Mobile

8. Subway Surfers:

Download Subway Surfers Game for Java Mobile

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular fun running game. You can Jump on train, slide & hover.

Download and play Subway Surfers on any Nokia S40, Symbian, Asha, LG, Motorola, Sony, BlackBerry, Samsung keypad or screen touch mobile phone.

Download Subway Surfers Game for Java Mobile

9. Angry Birds:

Angry Birds Game for Java Mobile

Angry Birds is also one of the most popular game of all time. This action and adventure video game was first released for iPhone iOS and became huge success.

Angry Birds game is now available in Android OS, Arcade, MacOS, Microsoft Windows PC, Windows Phone, Nokia Series 40.

Download Angry Birds Game for Java Mobile

10. Temple Run:

Temple Run Game for Java Mobile

Do you have a Java phone device and would you like to download & play Temple Run game? Well you cannot play the Official Temple Run game as it if only available for iOS & Android device.

But there is a similar version of Temple run game which you can download and play it on your Java mobile device for free. Try this out once!

Download Temple Run Game for Java Mobile

11. Super Mario:

Mario Game for Java Mobile

Who do not know this all time favorite game called Mario, Super Mario or Mario Bros. Everyone in their childhood played this action adventure game at least once. Still this game is loved my millions of gamers world wide.

The game has eight different levels, players can easily be control 1 of the 2 brothers & face the levels of each Mario world to the dragon of each fortress to free the Princess.

Download Mario Game for Java Mobile

Supported Java Mobile Phone:

  • Nokia (S40, Symbian, Asha)
  • Samsung (Keypad or Touch Screen)
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Blackberry
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Itel
  • Karbon
  • Techno
  • Xiaomi

Supported Screen Resolution:

  • 128×160
  • 240×320
  • 176×220
  • 240×320
  • 360×640
  • 320×240
  • 480×800
  • 240×320

Search our large selection of addicting games and start play this adventure and action games. Java free online games are all about. Play games privately or pair up with an online pal.

Games build up those vital thumb muscles. Addicting games get the eyes accustomed to harsh monitor light, prime youngsters for hours in office chairs in their future corporate careers and offer valuable instructive play.

Such as how to deal with zombie infestations, the proper bat placement for whacking a penguin over many yards of ice or present stress-relieving, boss-whacking scenarios that could prove useful in the aforementioned office job.

And, unlike the cumbersome, clumsy gaming systems you have to wait in line to buy in an electronics store at outrageous prices, the hundreds of free online games won’t whack the family budget.

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