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Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior is the second series of street fighter. The Street Fighter 2 was released in 1991 by Capcom. Over 20 years ago street fighter II game was still the hottest thing in the fight game. This gameplay offers different, competitive fighters from worldwide.

They all have variable and unique styles, against one another. In this series of street fighter II, you can choose from eight playable characters. Download and play the most popular street fighter ii the world warrior video game of all time on any Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 PC.

Every street fighter has a goal, some driving force that compels him to travel all over the world to go head-to-head against other fighters. Why does a street fighter do it? Why risk broken bones and contusions day in and day out? For some, the answer is vengeance.

They seek revenge for a past wrong, and fighting is the only way they can release their anger over this wrong. Streetfighters have many faces and hail from many countries. If you love street fighting games, well now you can play it anytime on your computer for free.

Who are the heroes of this world, a world wracked by underworld crime and powerful tyrants? They are the street fighters, the tough-as-nails combatants found all over the globe in the most unlikely places, continually forging themselves anew in the crucible of battle.

That back-alley thug could be a street fighter, as could that pretty girl who soaks up rays on the beach in the morning but punches a heavy bag all afternoon.

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Learn the moves and be the best. So start your street fights today. Just download the full street fighter 2 the world warrior game below, install on any Windows PC, and beat everyone that comes your way.

Some street fighters aren’t even fully human, such as the mutants who come from the farthest reaches of the unexplored world. Streetfighters aren’t always heroes. Many, in fact, are villains – thugs and assassins in the employ of underworld crime.

These few bring shame to the honorable fighting arts, but nonetheless control many of the most famous fighting tournaments – in this world, power equals influence. Influence, however, isn’t everything; self-perfection is a higher goal, and the ultimate key to victory, as Ryu, Grand Master of the Street Fighters, has proved.

Many street fighters are unlikely heroes whose goals just happen to coincide with the path of honor. Vengeance is a common street fighter goal. This vengeance is often fueled by M. Bison, an evil tyrant, and crime lord. Bison has a list of people waiting to take him down.

This is easier said than done, for Bison is one of the most formidable fighters of all. Until some brave young fighter rises up and defeats Bison, the empire of Shadoloo will continue to inflict pain and misery the world over.

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Certain fighters are exceptional even among the other members of their profession. Those who excel above the rest have become legends among their peers and fans. These are the 12 world warriors, the street fighter 2 game champions.

All of them have fought hard to achieve their status. Lesser street fighters dream of induction into the ranks of the World Warriors. With conviction, courage, and a little bit of luck, they one day might. Download and play this amazing the world warriors street fighter 2 game now on Windows XP, or Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 PC.

Download Street Fighter 2 Game for PC

Street Fighter ii: The World Warrior Game Characters:

Ryu: The Grand Master Street Fighter, Ryu was, along with Ken, a student of Gouken, who taught Ryu and Ken the deadly Dragon Punch.

Ryu has dedicated his life to one thing only: the perfection of his martial art.

He beat Sagat in the Grand Master tournament and has since retreated to the solitary study of his art. He is now wanted to be street fighter 2 game: The World Warrior champion.

Ken: Trained in Shotokan Karate by the legendary Gouken, Ken is one of the most famous fighters in the world.

He’s almost a household name in the U.S., the man every boy wants to be and every girl dreams of meeting. All the adulation in no way impedes Ken’s training; he’s always ready for the next big fight.

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Honda: At first, sumo wrestler Edmond Honda seemed like an unlikely Street Fighter, but he soon had his opponents reeling under the force of his Hundred Hand Slap. Nobody laughed anymore.

E. Honda has proved to be one of the most enduring World Warriors, and he keeps coming back to prove his sumo style to the world street fighter 2 game to earn the title of grandmaster.

Chun Li: Chun Li’s delicate appearance belies the power-packed into her small frame. She is driven to destroy Shadoloo, the evil organization run by M. Bison, for she believes Bison killed her father.

Now she wants revenge. Toward this end, she has mastered the art of Wu Shu. She is also a detective working with Interpol to cripple Shadoloo’s operations.

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Blanka: From the steamy jungles of the Amazon he came, this bestial mutant with strange powers of electricity and incredible combat expertise.

No one knows where Blanka learned his Capoeira, but many say that he is self-trained and that his electrical powers were taught to him by electric eels.

Sound outrageous? Perhaps, but who truly knows the secrets of the deep jungles? Perhaps Blanka knows how to fight and earn the title of street fighter 2 game champion.

Guile: A trained fighter pilot for the U.S. Special Forces, Guile gained the ability to harness sonic powers after a supersonic jet fighter test went wrong.

This, in addition to his expertise in Special Forces combat, vaulted Guile to the ranks of the World Warriors. Guile’s true goal, however, is to destroy M. Bison, killer of Guile’s best friend and army buddy.

Zangief: Although his homeland, Russia, is undergoing political upheaval, Zangief stands firm in his goal: to prove to the world the superiority of the Russian physique.

Toward this end, he wrestled grizzly bears in the wastes of Siberia until no beast could stop him. He is revered by the industrious people of Mother Russia – and his devastating piledriver is feared by all contenders.

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Dhalsim: Few know the mysteries of mind, body, and spirit so well as Dhalsim, yoga master from India.

Dhalsim has nearly perfected his existence and is almost ready to enter a higher state of consciousness, as did his predecessors.

But he first needs to perfect himself through competition, testing his physical powers and resolve to their fullest. There is no better place than in the street fighter arena.

Final Boss Characters of Street Fighter 2 Game:

Balrog: Once a popular heavyweight boxer, Balrog lost a fight in a controversial knockout. To restore his name, he entered street fighter 2 turbo competitions, quickly battling his way to the top ranks.

Balrog wants fame and wealth more than anything; he grew up poor and has sworn to overcome this by becoming the epitome of the American Dream: a rags-to-riches hero.

Balrog has hired himself out as muscle for M. Bison and will do anything to regain his fame – no matter how wrong it is.

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Vega: The savate fighter and ninja master gained his peculiar style by fighting bulls in the pastures of his Spanish homeland.

He combined what he learned with his sly ninja training to create a whole new style of Spanish Ninjitsu.

Besides his leaping and kicking, Vega strikes with a razor-sharp claw. He is extremely vain, even to the point of wearing a mask during combat lest his face is marred.

Still, Vega is a showman, rewarding onlookers with a vision of his beauty by unmasking when he wins. He is also an assassin and has occasionally hired himself out to M. Bison.

Sagat: Once the grandmaster of street fighters, Sagat lost his title to Ryu and has burned with the need for revenge ever since.

He wants his title back, and to this end he has allied with M. Bison, hoping the dictator can lure Ryu back into the tournaments.

He has been improving his Muay Thai kickboxing and has invented the deadly Tiger Uppercut in response to Ryu’s Dragon Punch.

Bison: The evil overlord of Shadoloo, M. Bison was the dictator of Thailand before taking command of this criminal organization and raising it to the ranks of world power.

No one knows where he came from or where he learned his daunting psychic powers, but all fear this evil genius.

He now rules his own country, granting him diplomatic immunity to the laws of many governments, and he uses his dark powers to read the minds of world leaders, giving his crime organization an occult edge.

However, Bison cannot read the minds of many Street Fighters because of their daunting self-discipline and inner mastery. This makes Bison very angry.

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Download Street Fighter 2 Game for PC

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