Download Classic Solitaire Game for Java Mobile

Who has not heard Solitaire? One of the best games we have ever played, classic solitaire java game was first released on Microsoft Windows in 1990. You can download Solitaire for Windows PC from here.

If you love playing a solitaire game, this is your chance. Play solitaire card game for free now on your java mobile phone. Arrange the cards of the same color in descending order, from king to ace.

Set the cards according to color and sequence in this classic game. Get extra points for each foundation. You will win when you completely remove each of the cards from the tableau.

Download and play classic solitaire java game, the world’s most popular card game on any Nokia, Symbian, Nokia Asha, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, Samsung keypad, or screen touch mobile phone.

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Solitaire Java Game

How to Play Solitaire Java Game:

• The object of the game is to assemble the cards of a suit in one of the four main piles.

• Before you start, keep in mind that the aces are the lowest cards and the kings the highest.

• Then you have to pick and drag one of the cards to any other of a different suit and color that has a higher value.

• Like if it is a 3, it will have to crawl towards a 4.

• Tap on a face-down card will flip it over and reveal its value.

• To add an ace to the main heap, just drag or click it.

• Remember that kings can only be dragged into empty spaces.

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Java Mobile Keypad Control:

• 2 or Up Soft Key – Move UP.

• 8 or Down Soft Key – Move Down.

• 4 or Left Soft Key – Move Left.

• 6 or Right Soft Key – Move Right.

• 5 or Center Key – To Card Pick Up and Put Down.

File Name: Solitaire Java Game

Download Size: 203 KB

File Type: JAR

Device: Nokia Symbian, Asha, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, Huawei, Samsung keypad and touch screen mobile phone

Screen Resolution: 320×240

License: Free Download

Language: Multiple Languages

Publisher: InLogic Games

Rating: Excellent

Version: Jar and JAD

Category: Java Games

Download Solitaire Game for Java Mobile

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