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EA cricket 11 is a really cool game for cricket fans around the world. The best part of the EA cricket game is the simulation to reality. EA 11 is far better than the earlier versions of this game from EA Sports.

As you can see, the game has limited functions, but unlike earlier versions, the functions work very well and the simulation on screen is simultaneous.

  • Test match
  • EA Cricket World Cup
  • Challenges
  • Practice Nets

Undoubtedly, the EA cricket 11 is an excellent game for java mobile phones like Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, LG, Itel, Tecno, Xiaomi (keypad or touch screen). For starters, the cricket game does not let you go down the pitch to play a lofted shot against the spinners or the pace bowlers.

It offers great role play and gameplay improvements over earlier versions of cricket games. In particular, the options in every game are so numerous that you need hours of game play to simply explore all the options that EA provides.

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EA Cricket 11 Game Java Mobile

Some of the options in EA cricket 11 for java mobile include:

Batting Options:

Batting in EA cricket 11 is particularly realistic and you need hours of practice to master the art of batting. Batting is all about getting in line with the ball to make good contact and score runs. The order the batsmen come on to the field is determined by the order of players in your squad line-up.

You will then be taken in to the game and given a step by step guide through the batting mechanics. At the end of the step by step guide why not head to the batting practice where you can face 6 balls (one over) in the practice nets.

• Positioning: The arrows indicate you can move you batsman left and right along the crease.

• Aggression Meter: Push up to add more aggression, push down to be more defensive.

• Bowler Run-Up: Make position and aggression changes before the bowler reaches the end of his run-up, indicated by the white line.

• Bowl Bounce Maker: This shows you the area in which the ball will bounce. A flashing segment indicates the ball will move in that direction.

• Playing a Shot: Stop the micro-game in the green area to perform a good shot. Outside of this will result in a miss-hit or edge to the slips.

• Running: Play a shot in to the outfield and attempt to score run.

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Bowling Options:

Bowling in EA sports cricket 11, however, seems comparatively easy. Before you start bowling you need to select a bowler from the available list. Move up and down the list of bowlers and press ok to select one of them.

• Position: Move the white marker left and right to bowl over or around the wicket.

• The Delivery: Position the red ball marker in the area you want to deliver the ball before the meter fills. The bar denotes how fast the ball will be delivered. Pass the white line and a no ball will be called.

• Delivery Type: Stop the micro-game in the green area for a good delivery. The arrows indicate which way the ball will turn or spin.

Fielding Options:

You can choose from numerous field placements, both attacking and defensive. Fielders will chase down the ball automatically and you will take control with the catching and throwing the ball back.

• Catching the Ball: Stop this micro-game in the green area to catch the ball. Outside the green area and the ball will be dropped.

• Throwing Back: If a fielder collects the ball after it has already bounced or dropped a catch, stop the micro-game in one of the green areas to throw the ball back quicker.

• Batsman Running: This shows the batsman running between the wickets and let you know if it’s worth throwing the ball back.

The EA sports cricket 11 game for java mobile is definitely not for part time cricket players, as it takes quite a bit of time to master batting. Also, offers plenty of options to explore and will definitely leave you less time for family and friends.

File Name: EA Cricket 11 for Java Mobile

Download Size: 619 KB

File Type: .Jar

OS: Nokia Symbian, Samsung (keypad or touch screen), BlackBerry, LG, Itel, Tecno, Xiaomi, etc

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: EA Sports

Rating: Excellent

Version: Java Version

Category: Java Mobile Games

Download EA Cricket 11 Game for Java Mobile

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