Download Opera Mini Browser for Java Mobile

Get a faster, safe and better Internet experience on your java mobile phone. Download opera mini the world’s most popular mobile browser. Opera mini works on any java mobile phone including Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, Alcatel, etc.

To get the best browser for your phone, simply click download link given below using your phones default web browser. It will automatically detect which version is best for your phone.

Opera software has always strives to develop the fastest and technologically most advanced browsers. At the same time, when the powerful compression technology in the full browser is applied to the opera mini browser.

The web is accessible on even the simplest handsets, with small screens and limited memory. This has made the opera mini browser the world’s most popular mobile browser.

Opera mini now receives your requested web pages up to 50% faster. So you can now access sites like YouTube, Facebook, BBC, and any of your other favorite web sites even faster, with desktop-like speeds.

When visiting a web page, opera mini displays the overview of the page and suggests where to begin your reading before you zoom in. Opera mini also detects when you are on a web page designed for a mobile phone and displays it optimally.

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Download Opera Mini for Java Mobile

Full Features of Opera Mini Mobile Browser:

• Fast: Experience the full Internet with the fastest mobile phone browser in the world.

•Savings:Web pages are compressed by up to 90% of their original size, saving your time and money.

•Full Web:Access your favorite Web sites as you do on a desktop browser for a better mobile internet experience.

•Opera Link:Synchronize your bookmarks and speed dial between mobile phones or a computer.

•Free:The OperaMini mobile browser is completely free. Download and install on any Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, Huwaei java devices.

•Speed Dial:Get to your favorite web page with just one click, with a set of visual bookmarks when you open a new tab.

•Sync Notes: The handy Notes functionality from the Opera Desktop Web browser just got more portable through Opera Link. All of your notes are available in Opera directly from the Bookmarks menu.

•Scroll Shortcuts: Scroll easily using your java mobile phone keypad. Find your way around on the Web pages quicker by using your phone’s number keys. Press 2 to go up, 4 to go left, 6 to go right and 8 to go down. Tap 5 zoom you in and out.

• Find Things Faster: The new Opera Mini lets you search for text within a Web page so you can get to the information you need even quicker than before.

•Sync and Speed Dial: Opera Mini allows you to synchronize your bookmarks and speed dial with a computer running opera or other mobile device running the same.

•Built for Speed: Opera mini is built for speed. Web pages are compressed by up to 90% of its original size for speed, saving your time & money.

•Landscape Mode: Browse in the way that is most comfortable to you. Landscape mode allows you to view opera mini 5 on your phone in landscape.

•Touch and Keypad: The user interface has been designed for both touch screen and keypad-style mobile phones. With a touchscreen, you can enjoy even easier navigation with our new zooming and kinetic scrolling.

File Name: Opera Mini Mobile Browser

Download Size: 124 KB

File Type: .jar

OS: Nokia,LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, Alcatel, Samsung Keypad or Touchscreen.

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: Opera Software

Category: Mobile Browsers

Download Opera Mini Browser for Java Mobile

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  • Joshua Ajayi
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    I want the operamini orgamisation to address an issue of if the operamini you are using is not fast and you change it to other one the yahoomail or google will tell you they dont recognise your email addressn they will tell you that the one you are ussing is uk or south africa.

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