List of 7 Best Chess Games for Java Mobile Phone (Nokia, Samsung, etc)

Chess is one of the most interesting game of all time. The game of chess is said to be one of the oldest games of skills known to man. Some historians date it as early as the 2nd century, and its country of origin to be India.

Chess is a great strategy game that can lend hours of fun for you once you learn to play chess. The chess game has some basic moves and instructions to help you learn to play chess in few minutes. If you don’t know how to play you can find tips and hints in the game menu.

With an outstanding playing strategies, these games is ideal for level of chess players. With its combination of playing features, playing modes and setup options, these games will offer you all the variety and stimulation you need for the ultimate chess match.

If you are a chess enthusiast, then download, install and play these chess games on any java mobile phone (Nokia, Sony Ericson, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, Itel, Samsung keypad or touch screen) as a single player against your mobile phone or with friends and family.

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List of 7 Best Chess Games for Java Mobile Phone:

Chessmater Java

Download Chessmaster

Chess for Java Mobile

Download Mobi Chess

Best Java Chess Game

Download Chess Chronicles

Best Chess Game for Java Phone

Download Chess Buddy

Gameloft Chess Game

Download Gameloft Chess Game

Top Java Chess Game

Download Chess A Moment

Java Chess

Download Chicken Chess

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