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Among the most appreciated strategy games, chess occupies a favorite place combining fantasy features and great animation. Just like in traditional chess, two forces are fighting to achieve glory and fame, but the pieces here are represented by humans and imaginary beings like dwarfs and elves.

The great advantage of a chess game on a Mac is that it opens the door to great graphics. Instead of the black and white pieces we are used to in the classic form of the game, players are now using colorful troops that move, make faces, and cry in battle.

Even the chess boards have changed; though the pattern may be the same, the virtual space has a wider range of choices to offer. Some chess pages offer the possibility to switch sides of the chessboard and to look over it from different angles in advanced perspective modes.

In classic chess the battlefield is no longer the traditional background but some location of your choice; you may go for a desert in the middle of nowhere, or an exotic location. You will have to build the same strategy as you would have done in regular chess, building the strategy and preparing to give the final strike.

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The ultimate object of the game, however, is more complicated than you might expect. Instead of simply removing all the other player’s pieces from the board, as in checkers or draughts, you must checkmate the king, which means making it impossible for the king to escape capture.

If you have a few pieces left, this could be difficult, or even not possible. All you need to know to get started are the basic rules of the chess game on Mac. Once you learn how to set up the board, how to move the pieces, and what the object of the game is, you can start to play.

Chess Game for Mac

Here are some chess rules to get you started:

1. The Chess Board:

The board has 8 rows of 8 squares which alternate between black and white (or light and dark) colored squares. To begin according to chess rules, the pieces are in two rows right in front of each player on opposite sides of the board.

2. The Pieces:

Pieces are called “white” or “black” because of traditional chess rules, but they can be any color. Each player has 8 pawns, 2 rooks (castles), 2 knights (horses), 2 bishops, 1 queen, and 1 king. The pawns are in the front row and the rooks, knights, bishops, and the king and queen are in the back row.

Chess Rules?

How chess pieces move can be difficult to remember, but don’t worry too much – there are only six different pieces, after all. Here goes.

  • King: The king can move in any direction, but only one space at a time.
  • Queen: The queen can move any number of spaces in any direction.
  • Rook: The rook moves the same way, but can’t move diagonally.
  • Bishop: While the bishop moves the same way but only diagonally.
  • Knight: Knight can move two spaces in any non-diagonal direction, and then one space in another (but not back where it came).
  • Pawns: Finally, Pawns can only move one or two spaces forward, or diagonally to capture a piece.
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Download and Play Chess Game for Mac

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