Download Prince of Persia Game for Windows PC (XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Have you ever played the Prince of Persia (POP) game? Well now you can play it anytime on your Windows PC, for free. Download Prince of Persia game on any Windows operating system including XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 and play this amazing game now and i’m sure you’ll be playing for hours on end, it’s that much fun.

The prince’s journey takes him to a ruined fortress on the Sands of Time. You’ll find yourself fighting inside the castle. In mysterious caves and in the outdoor gardens, some of the game’s most attractive architecture can be found at this level. The Sands of Time takes place within an exotic, mysterious world representing Persian architecture, animals and attire.

Prince of Persia Game: Sands of Time:

There is a legend built in ancient language in the scorched sands of ancient Persia. She tells of time that has brought a lot of blood and was ruled by fraud. Driven by the dark forces of a magic dagger, the young prince is forced to unleash terrible evils over the beautiful kingdom.

Backed by the temptations of a seductive princess and the unlimited forces of the Sands, the Prince becomes part of the painful task of paving his way to the Curse Hall of the Palace and restoring peace to his homeland.

As a young warrior the Prince helps his father King Sharaman to defeat the troops of the Maharaja of India. Among the captured objects are two magical artifacts – a sand clock containing the Sands of Time and the Stone of Time.

The Vizier, however, knows of the mighty powers of these artifacts and convinces the Prince to steal the dagger and free the Sands of Time. This is how his troubles begin – the whole kingdom, the people, and the Prince’s acquaintances are possessed by the Sands.

The Prince faces the difficult task of saving his people from Venizel’s evil intentions and returning his beloved people. Ultimately, the prince manages to defeat Veizza, to close the Sands of Time and to regain his kingdom! During his battles with the “sand zombies”, Maharaja’s daughter, Princess Farra, is also very helpful.

It’s her primary goal, though, to get her dagger back, but still manages to help him. At the end of the game, she dies, but Prince uses the Stone of Time to return and close the sands, thus returning Farra to life. Eventually she gets what she wants. Download Prince of Persia full game now and play on any Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 PC.

Download Prince of Persia Game for PC

Prince of Persia Game Characters:

• The Prince: The youngest son of King Shahraman of Persia. A gifted athlete and swordsman, the Prince is eager to prove himself in battle. Instead, his desire to win honor and glory leads him inadvertently to unleash an evil force upon his father’s kingdom. Saving the day will take all his wits, agility, and courage.

Farah: The daughter of an Indian Maharajah, Farah has every reason to hate the Prince who has destroyed her world. But the Prince has the Dagger of Time – the only weapon that can defend against the horrors he has unleashed. So Farah must stay close to him, if she wants to survive.

The Vizier: A traitor in the Maharajah’s service, the Vizier tricks the Prince into opening the forbidden Hourglass, unleashing the Sands of Time upon an unsuspecting world. Now the Vizier wants the Dagger of Time to fulfill his ultimate, diabolical plan.

Prince of Persia PC Game Hints and Tips:

• Don’t forget to block! When fighting, press and hold Special action (Right Click) to protect the Prince from most enemy blows.

• During combat, don’t just stand in one place! Use the Prince’s acrobatic abilities to stay on the move: dodging, vaulting over enemies, and pushing off walls for rebound attacks.

• Pay attention to the cinematic presentation of each new place the first time you enter. The camera’s path is a clue as to where the Prince needs to go.

• If you get stuck, try replaying the most recent vision for clues as to what to do next.

• Always keep an eye out for Sand Clouds, visions, and hidden entrances to Magic Fountains.

• Sword upgrades are available as you progress.

• Don’t forget to rewind.

• Take advantage of Slow Motion to help you fight, and to avoid traps.

• Use the first-person camera, by pressing (F), to look around, and the landscape camera, by pressing the (Q), to get the big picture of where you are.

• Don’t fight your enemies one by one. When surrounded by many enemies, a more effective tactic is to divide your attacks among them in quick succession, using the Prince’s superior agility to your advantage.

Prince of Persia PC Game Controllers:

• W Key – Move Forward
• A Key – Move Left
• S Key – Move Backward
• D Key – Move Right
• L Shift Key – Walk
• Space Key – Jump
• Right Click – Special Action
• Left Click – Sword Attack
• E or middle Click – Use Dagger
• R Key – Rewind
• R Key + Right Click – Fast Forward
• C Key – Cancel
• F Key – Camera Look
• Q Key – Alt View
• Esc – Go to Menu

File Name: Prince of Persia Game: The Sands of Time

Download Size: 260 MB

File Type: .Exe File

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

License: Free Download

Language: Multi Language

Publisher: Ubisoft

Category: Action Adventure Video Game PC

Download Prince of Persia Game for Windows PC

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