Download Aladdin Game for Java Mobile Phone (Nokia, Samsung, etc.)

Aladdin is based on an interesting Arabic story. The main aim of Aladdin is to kill the vizier who is the most powerful enemy but to reach the vizier Aladdin has to kill all the other enemies in the game.

The evil story is up to no good. He has Princess Jasmine trapped in the Sultan’s palace, and only Aladdin can avert certain catastrophes. Aladdin has two weapons i.e. Sword and Apple by which he can kill enemies.

Aladdin has to collect objects excluding stones by controlling the rug’s direction. Whereas if he collides with a stone object bonus level ends. As the level progresses speed of Rug traveling increases, hence making control difficult.

Disney Aladdin is an animated character produced by Walt Disney. You can play this adventurous game in any Nokia (Symbian, Asha, S40), LG, Motorola, Itel, Tecno, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung touch screen & keypad java mobile phone.

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Aladdin Game for Java Mobile

Following are the objects which help Aladdin to reach Vizier:

  • Apple: Collect as many apples as possible, it can be used to kill the enemy.
  • Heart: Increase Aladdin’s health.
  • Life: Collecting life icon Aladdin gains an extra life.
  • Coins: Collects coins as many as possible these can be spent to gain an extra life.
  • Trunk: Collecting 5 trunks gives Aladdin a chance to play a bonus level.
  • Bonus Level: This level has four different objects extra life, coin, apple and stones.
  • Check Point: Player can start the game from the last visited checkpoint when Aladdin loses his life.
  • Key: Aladdin has to collect the key to getting to the next level.

Aladdin Game Keyboard Controls:

  • Walk/Run: Key 4 / 6
  • Vertical Jump: Key 2
  • Right Jump: Key 2 / 6
  • Left Jump: Key 2 / 4
  • Long Jump Right: Key 3
  • Long Jump Left: Key 1
  • Fire: Key 5
  • Weapon Change: key *
  • Vertical Rope: Key 8 / 2
  • Vertical Rope Jump: Key 1 / 3
  • Horizontal Rope: Key 4 / 6
  • Rolling Action Right: Key 3
  • Rolling Action Left: Key 1
  • Crouch: Key 8

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Download Details:

File Name: Aladdin Java Game

Download Size: 492 KB

File Type: .JAR

Device: Nokia (Symbian, Asha, S40), LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, Samsung (Touch screen & Keypad)

Screen Resolution: 176×208, 176×220, 240×320

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: The Walt Disney Company

Rating: Excellent

Version: 1.0

Category: Java Mobile Games

Download Aladdin Game for Java Mobile

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