6 Best Text-To-Speech Apps for Android & iPhone (2022)

Long gone are the days when only visually impaired people used the text to speech apps. We cannot deny the fact that today we spend a lot of time on computers, and other electronic devices to complete our work or tasks.

Reading a lot of documents and text can be time-consuming and stressful to some. In fact, one of the biggest reasons why people do not read much is because they find reading a tiresome and draining process.

It is exhausting after a certain point of time and you try refraining from the screen after a tiring day. But suddenly you realize, you have to read an article or an e-book then what do you do?

This is where these text-to-speech apps disguise as a super-hero and save us. These apps will read out loud PDFs, articles, texts, and everything you want them to with ease. These apps will not only save your time and protect your energy but also help you complete tasks effectively.

Unfortunately, most factual knowledge today is communicated via print (ebooks, e-paper, etc) or in text. Luckily there is a solution for people who do not like reading: a text-to-speech reader app.

You can listen to e-books, PDFs, and articles with these apps while traveling. You can listen to news and texts with ease. Isn’t it an amazing fact that you can turn any text and book into audio without putting in a lot of effort?

Beyond helping with eye strain, text reader apps are all but essential for those that need a reading aid due to visual impairment. For these people, the app truly elevates their standard of living and increases their aptitude to learn and enjoy classic written prose.

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Now, you don’t have to carry books in your bag or strain your eyes to read a PDF for your research paper. Use these best text-to-speech apps and listen to any texts and articles anywhere, anytime. Here are a few free best text-to-speech apps you must try at least once on your Android or iPhone.

List of 6 Best Text-To-Speech Apps for Android & iOS:

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1) AIReader:

Text reader apps have revolutionized how we “read” and this new approach to reading has quite a number of benefits. Due to this fact; this AI Reader app has all the makings to become an essential program for our reading requirements.

AI Reader is a text-to-speech app that is specifically developed for Android users. This app was exclusively developed to narrate fiction books, and also offers support file extension to Microsoft Word and PDFs. AI is a very simple and easy-to-use application available only for Android mobile phones and tablet devices.

It uses AI to identify the most read books by users, and then help beginners by recommending them different popular books to read. It is free to use and comes with a wide range of features that make this app stand out in the crowd.

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2) Narrator’s Voice:

Narrator’s Voice is considered to be the best text-to-speech app and top-rated app in Google PlayStore. The app can convert text into MP3 and MP4 formats. Moreover, you can share these converted audios on various social networking sites. Narrator’s voice is an award-winning converter app.

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The app will also read the texts you type, PDFs, and other documents with ease. The app also offers different language options as per your comfort. This app is popular and YouTubers use this app to use different modulated voices in their videos. The app is available in both, free and premium versions.

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3) Talk Free:

Talk Free is one of the top-rated and best text-to-speech apps that have a simple interface for new users. The app will read texts from other apps and also import texts from the web pages as well. Text to speech software removes this issue and allows people to access high-quality information without having to read it.

Most people who don’t like to read will find their text-to-speech reader powers through the text faster than their own reading speed. The ability of the program to read out text also means that the program can be an effective round-the-clock teaching tool.

The app will also allow you to make changes in the font size from the home screen, and save the texts you want it to read out loud. Whenever you will open the app, you will see your saved texts and the app will continue reading them as per your choice. Copy and paste the content you want to read from a web page. The app will read the texts out loud right away.

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4) Natural Reader:

Natural Reader is an amazing text-to-speech app that is available for Android devices for free. The app can read texts in PDF, DOCX, TXT, and ePub formats. You can make changes in reading speed, and also allow you to read texts from specific apps. Natural Reader is a perfect tool for professional use or individual needs.

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The app is designed for education purpose and especially focus on helping students with comprehensive abilities. Even more important is the fact that this app offers people a new way of acquiring knowledge. As we all know the greatest challenge for educators has been the fact that many people have shunned learning because they do not like reading.

The app works with a few text files but comes with additional features that make it one of the best text-to-speech apps to go for without a doubt. The professional version has even more amazing features like an audio editor. Using this option you can be your own audio editor by playing, recording, editing, and merging MP3 files.

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5) Voice Aloud Reader:

Voice Aloud Reader might just be the perfect text-to-speech app you have been looking for. The app comes with a wide range of features and has more than 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store. This ability of the program to convert text to speech is what makes the app an excellent time-saving machine.

One can covert text from online newspapers, websites, or from Word, PDF, email, etc., into speech and then listen to it while on the move. In effect, what this means is that this feature gives you the ability to multi-task, e.g. you can be driving, eating breakfast, or working out while listening.

The app will read texts in PDF, DOCX, TXT, PDF EPUB, AZW, DOC, FB2 ebooks, PRC, OpenOffice Documents, and AZW easily. Voice Aloud Reader also comes with a night mode and sleep timer too. It is available for free on Android devices.

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6) Pocket:

If you are someone who is doing research or loves reading articles at once then Pocket is just the right text-to-speech app you must go for. The app comes with diverse features and all you have to do is share articles in the app. The app will then read out articles loud with ease anytime anywhere.

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To save time while studying, one can use a text-to-speech reader to read back the notes taken earlier that day. Not only can that make studying faster, but it also makes it more relaxing.

You can also read articles from various publishers based on your topic of interest. All in all, it is fairly easy to see that there are a number of ways that text-to-speech readers can save people time. Isn’t that amazing?

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