How to Find a Hidden Nanny Camera? 4 Ways to Detect The Cam

Nanny cams are small, cheap, well designed, and can monitor your household in your absence.

With the increasing popularity and usage of nanny cams, these cameras can be used by anyone, anywhere.

These cameras are specifically used by people who leave their children with caretakers back home.

Nanny cams help such parents to keep an eye on the activities of both, the nanny and the caretakers.

They’re legal and have complete right to install nanny cameras in their houses at any point.

But still, if you want to detect or find out if you’re being watched by a camera, then are a few simple ways to detect a nanny cam:

How to Find Hidden Nanny Camera

How to Find a Hidden Nanny Camera?

1) Observe your Surroundings:

Nanny cams are small but usually are not hidden. They can be installed anywhere near the window, doors, by the table, bookshelves, vases, etc.

They’re installed in such a way that the owner can visualize the whole room and hear every kind of noise without any inconvenience.

Therefore, search for the camera in the middle of the room or at places where you think one can get a full view of the room.

Most the nanny cams can be disguised to look like alarm clocks or teddy bears or a vase and similar objects.

In addition, there are high chances of a nanny cam being installed in the room where the children and the caretakers spend most of their time.

These kinds of places can be-living rooms, play areas, and even the kid’s bedrooms.

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2) Look for Lights:

Many nanny cams have some sort of light that indicates their presence. However, these lights can be red or green usually depicting if the camera is on and recording.

You can turn off all the lights in the room and walk through the entire room to find out if there is any kind of spy camera. Darkness will help you detect any kind of light projected from the camera.

Therefore if you hear any buzzing sound or observe any kind of lights from unusual places, it is most likely to have a hidden camera or a nanny cam.

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3) Extra Wires:

A camera is said to require at least two cables, one for power supply and one transmission. The batteries don’t last long and therefore, the cameras will eventually need a power supply.

Look for some extra wires in the room that leads nowhere. If you find such type of cables, there is probably a hidden camera nearby.

4) Radio Frequency Detectors:

These small electronic devices will help you detect any kind of hidden camera efficiently.

Apart from RF signal detectors, there are several apps available on the play store that will help you detect hidden cameras within seconds.

However, nanny cams don’t pose any kind of potential threat as they’re most likely to be used by parents to keep a check on their child’s safety. So you need not worry!

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