Our Top 10 Favorite Spider-Man Games of All Time!

Who does not love Spiderman? There is no denying that there is no other superhero with a history as rich as Spidermen. The day Spiderman was written and created, no one would have thought that its adaptations can break world records.

Let it be movies, comics, stories, or games; Spiderman has always managed to turn heads and has restored our faith in super-heroes every single time. I’m pretty sure that at least for once, you believed that Spiderman existed for real. Didn’t you? If your answer is YES, then we have good news for you. Now, you can play a wide range of video games that are creative and unique adaptations of Spiderman.

You might already know that Spiderman has been adapted into several video games that can be played on your PC with ease. There are many Spiderman games on the market, and all of them come with different modes and features. It might be a little difficult to choose the best one. We have reviewed and selected the best ones for you.

The best Spiderman games are listed below, and you can choose any one that interests you:

Spiderman Game for PC

1. Spider-Man:

If you want to experience the feeling of playing one of the old yet best Spiderman games, then this game is the perfect one to go for. Spiderman was released in 2000 for the PlayStation and revolutionized the gaming industry with its graphics as well as features. This game is said to create a firm standard towards playing a super-hero game in a proper way. It has some of the best combat modes and features.

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There are many characters that will make following a story a little more fun than usual. There is no denying that this game has one of the best gaming stories, graphics, gameplay, and action sequence in comparison with other games.

Release Date:August 30th, 2000
Marvel's Spider Man

2. Marvel’s Spider-Man:

The latest edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man is no less than a revolutionized game that allows you to follow an interesting story, explore different modes, and experience incredible gameplay. You can explore your own character, and have a fun experience with its smooth visual graphics as well as unique features. You will also have to complete other missions that make this game one of the most entertaining yet best Spiderman games you will ever play!

Publisher:Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date:September 7th, 2018
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

3. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3:

The Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is considered to be one of the best Spiderman games ever created. The reason it has become popular is because of its interesting modes, and fun fighting modes. This is the only game that has allows Spiderman to fight Nemesis from Resident Evil, or Ghostrider with Dante from Devil May Cry.

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The game has several interesting characters that come with a fun twist and lets you fight in a 3-person team rather than single-person teams. There are many modes you can explore, and experience fun yet memorable gameplay.

Release Date:November 15th, 2011
Mode:Single-player, Multiplayer
LEGO Marvel Superheroes

4. LEGO Marvel Superheroes:

Although the LEGO Marvel Superheroes is not a Spiderman game, but it has a lot of worthy and fun Spiderman action. It has an interesting storyline that makes this game immensely interesting game until the end. This game comes with unique gameplay, a wide range of characters, and a lot of action. There are many challenges and missions you have to complete to win and adorn the role of several characters to win. It is one of the best Marvel games to this date.

Publisher:Warner Bros.
Release Date:October 22nd, 2013
Mode:Single-player, Multiplayer
Spider Man Miles Morales

5. Spider-Man – Miles Morales:

It is still a little unbelievable how Spider-Man: Miles Morales has incredible gameplay for a video game that has debuted recently. It comes with a wide range of features, and challenges. Miles is different from all the other games as it portrays peter in a different manner specifically in comparison with its predecessors. If you want to try something new, then the Spider-Man: Miles Morales is one of the perfect games to go for.

Publisher:Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date:November 12th, 2020
Spider-man Edge of Time

6. Spider-Man: Edge of Time:

The Spider-Man: Edge of Time is considered to be a sequel to the popular 2010’s game Shattered Dimensions. It has a unique yet an incredible gameplay that comes with a wide range of features and abilities. This game allows you to have a combat battle between two Spiderman’s i.e., the classic form and 2099 incarnation.

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Scientist Walker Sloan goes back in time from 2099 to establish the Alchemex Corporation in Peter Parker’s time so that he can rebuild it and then defeat the competition. The graphics and the gameplay are similar to Shattered dimensions that will give you a fun as well as an interesting gaming experience.

Release Date:October 4th, 2011
Spider-Man and Venom Maximum Carnage

7. Spider-Man and Venom- Maximum Carnage:

If you are an ardent fan of Spiderman fan, then you might have already the popular story of Spiderman titled “Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage”. The comic story is quite popular and was first published in the year 1994. The story was also adapted as a Television series. The story was then adapted into a video game Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage with the same storyline, and plot. This game is one of the best and interesting Spiderman games you will ever play on your PC. If you want to try something new, with a touch of an old and fun storyline then this game is the perfect choice for you.

Publisher:Acclaim Entertainment
Release Date:September 16th, 1994
Genre:Beat ’em up
Spider-Man Friend or Foe

8. Spider-Man – Friend or Foe:

The Spider-Man: Friend or Foe is a unique video game that is based on the classic Spiderman Storyline. However, the characters are different and do not always tie up to the movies. The game has a villain taking charge of shards of a meteor that was carrying a Symbiote. The villain now creates an army of hard-light holographic monsters that take over the world. You can also pair up with the second character of a choice and take part in the combat. There are several modes, and challenges you can explore whilst having a memorable gameplay.

Release Date:October 2nd, 2007
Genre:Beat ’em up, Action-adventure
Mode:Single-player, Multiplayer
Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

9. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions:

The Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is one of the best Spiderman games ever created. The gameplay is very interesting, and the concept makes it the best Spiderman game to go for. In this video game, Spider-man breaks an artifact known as “The Tablet of Order and Chaos” while in combat with Mysterio by accident.

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The fragments of this artifact are broken into three parts or realities that force Spidey to team up with three alternate universe versions of him. You can experience every character, and explore different modes or challenges with ease. It has unique graphics and incredible gameplay. If you are an ardent fan of Spiderman then this is the perfect choice of game to go for.

Release Date:September 7th, 2010
Spider-Man Web of Shadows

10. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows:

Although the game was released in 2008, it is still considered to be the simplest and best Spiderman game ever created. The game was pretty popular after its launch and was a hit on the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and other platforms as well. The storyline of this game is interesting and has an emotional plot overall. Its storyline is the reason many consider it to be one of the best yet as well as popular Spiderman games.

Release Date:October 21, 2008
Genre:Beat ’em up, Action-adventure
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