Download and Play Spider-Man 3 Game on Java Mobile Phone (Free)

Web-throwing objects can be helpful when fighting multiple enemies. Throw enemies into each other using the web capture move. While jumping, you can shoot web balls to capture enemies.

Spider-Sense is represented by the arrows on the edges of the screen. They lead you to the next goal. You can swing higher or lower and some moves are more effective against different types of enemies.

When timed right, a dash can be used to perch. When perching on top of enemies, you can attack others nearby easily. Dash is useful to dodge projectiles.

This enemy has a gun and can shoot you from a distance. Download and play Spider-Man 3 game on Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Motorola, & Sony-Ericsson keypad & touch screen mobile phones.

Black-Suited Spider-Man:

Your Spider-sense also locates nearby objects you can destroy. Black-Suit’s power depends on your health. Break more objects. As Black-Suited Spider-Man, you are more powerful than Spider-Man.

However, your power depends on your health. Use all of the Black-Suit power by keeping your health high. The Symbiote that fuels the Black Suit’s power feeds on your health.

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Replenish your health with destructive activities, such as breaking this crate or hurting thugs. Your melee combos have also become more powerful.

Your Spider-sense will locate falling debris.  Save civilians by getting to their locations on the building. Follow your Spider-sense.

Spider-Man 3 Java Game

Spider-Man 3 Game Keypad Control:

  • 2 or 8: Select a menu item.
  • Left Soft key/5: Activate a menu item.
  • Right, Softkey/Back/Clear: Return to the previous menu in the main menu. Open the pause menu while playing.
  • Navigation Up Key/2: Scrolls up.
  • Navigation down Key /8: Scrolls down.
  • Middle Key /5: Close dialog boxes.
  • Navigation Up Key/2: Jump, press 2 again to swing.
  • Double-tap 2 while standing for super jump (Black-Suited Spider-Man only).
  • Double-tap 2 while in the air to pull up if there is a ceiling or platform above.
  • Crawl up when crawling on walls.
  • Navigation Down Key/8: Crouch, and press 8 again to drop through platforms.
  • Crawl down when crawling on walls.
  • Detach and fall when crawling on ceilings.
  • Navigation Left Key/4: Move left respectively.
  • Navigation Down Key/6: Move right respectively.
  • Double-tap while standing to dash.
  • Double-tap while in the air to pull Spider-Man to a nearby wall.
  • Combat Middle key/5: Shoot web balls.
  • Double-tap to shoot web line.
  • Melee attacks when there is an enemy nearby.
  • Press 8 to advance, and 5 to close the dialogue.

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Download Details:

File Name: Spider-Man 3 Java Game

Download Size: 493 KB

OS: Nokia (Symbian), Samsung (Keypad & Touch screen), Motorola, BlackBerry, LG, Motorola, & Sony-Ericsson.

Screen Resolution: 128×160, 240×320, 208×208, 176×220, 128×128, 176×208

OS: Java JAR and JAD (.jar and .jad)

License: Free Download

Language: Multiple Languages

Publisher: Marvel Characters, Inc.

Rating: Excellent

Version: 1.0

Category: Java Mobile Games

Download Spider-Man 3 Game for Java Mobile

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