Download MacPass: Free (Open-Source) Password Manager for Mac

Can’t remember all your passwords? Don’t want to spend your time filling out web forms, No problem MacPass free password manager can do it for you. It helps you create stronger passwords to prevent break-ins into your email and other accounts.

It remembers your logins and passwords for you with a single click. No need to remember and make up passwords. Save time when filling in web forms and safely store your data. All data is stored on your Mac and protected by a master password.

MacPass app keeps all of the user’s documents, email accounts, user names, and passwords saved in an encrypted database which is protected by a Master Password. This free password manager’s aim is to help with logins that are troublesome for many users when they have to memorize multiple passwords to use every time they log in.

You can easily be logging into websites, and mail faster, easier, and more securely by eliminating the need to enter information manually. It is one of the most popular security software used by millions of Mac users around the world. Creating stronger passwords makes your online experience more secure and you still won’t have to remember them.

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MacPass app memorizes and securely stores user names and passwords the first time you log into a website, and then automatically supplies them when you return. There’s no need to remember your anything, just remember one master password and PassMac will take care of the rest.

Free Password Manager for Mac

Passaic App Key Features:

  • MacPass is an open-source and free app for Mac OS licensed under the GPL.
  • Compatible with Mac OSX 10 and later.
  • Add URLs by dragging and dropping them onto the database.
  • Macross app supports Undo and Redo features if anything goes wrong.
  • You can easily switch between the profiles anytime you want.
  • Generate multiple passwords with the help of a built-in password generator.
  • Support auto-updates.
  • Plugins, if enabled, only properly signed plugins will be loaded.
  • Sync your database.
  • Set a particular date, when your passwords expire.
  • Save all files automatically with the Autosave feature.

Download Details:

File Name: MacPass Free (Open-Source) Password Manager

Download Size: 5.39 MB

File Type: .DMG

OS: Mac OSX 10 and later

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: HicknHack Software


Version: Latest Version

Category: Mac PC Apps

Download Free Password Manager for Mac

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