5 Best Password Manager for Windows PC & Mac – Our Top Picks

Password managers are one of the most underrated advancements in technology. The days where you’d spend hours remembering several passwords and then end up struggling with security issues are long gone.

Today, as the age of social media flourishes, you have to make your accounts on various platforms. This usually leads to us forgetting our passwords or using one password for all the accounts.

One password for all your accounts doesn’t seem to be a pleasant idea as we witness the rapid increase in cases of ‘security breaches and hacking.

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Hence, here are the 5 top password managers (free & premium) you should use to save your details and be digitally safe.

LastPass for PC

1. Lastpass:

One of the most well-designed password managers; LastPass is loved by people of all groups. It is easy to use and has some amazing features like- Password generation, unlimited passwords, and secure storage.

It is available on almost all platforms such as; Windows, MacOSX, IOS, Android, Linux, and many more. It not only provides 1GB of online file storage but also supports two-factor authentication.

You can use the Lastpass software for your PC or Linux and Mac and secure your accounts. It is undoubtedly the best password manager you can go for.

Download Details:

Download LastPass

Dashlane App for PC

2. Dashlane:

Dashlane is often compared to Lastpass and the ongoing rivalry between these two password managers as to which will emerge as the best is never-ending.

However, the one feature that paves the way for Dashlane as the top password manager is the ‘bulk password changer-reset. This feature makes resetting the passwords of your different accounts easier.

It helps you in resetting several passwords within a few seconds easily without any inconvenience. It is also available on all major platforms similar to Lastpass.

The password manager is well designed and easy to use. It also filters your emails and even recognizes through them your forgotten online accounts. Isn’t that amazing?

Download Details:

Download Dashlane

KeePass Free Password Manager

3. KeePass:

Again, KeePass is another free and top password manager which is more aesthetically pleasing to its users. It holds several amazing features to its name that makes it easy to use.

KeePass is available on several platforms including android mobiles and IOS devices. It has robust security, multiple user support, and downloadable plugins (that will expand its feature set)- to name a few of its features.

KeePass is also an Open Source free software that allows any user to inspect the codes and fix any detected security problems quickly. Doesn’t it make KeePass one of the best password managers then?

Download Details:

  • By: KeePass
  • Website: https://keepass.info
  • License: Free (Open-Source)

Download KeePass

Password Keeper

4. Keeper:

Keeper has a robust interface and is enough well-featured to make it to the list of the ‘best password managers you can use. You need to remember the master password each time to access the password manager and its services.

It also offers an affordable premium service compared to Dashlane and Lastpass. Although it does not have as wide-ranged features as other password managers, it is easy to use and comes at a cheaper price.

So if you are searching for a well-designed password manager at a low price premium, Keeper is the best choice to go for. You can also use Keeper free for personal use.

Download Details:

Download Keeper

Enpass Password Manager

5. EnPass:

With unlimited coverage on almost all platforms and enough well-designed to secure your accounts, EnPass is another amazing offline password manager you should not miss.

EnPass has strong unlimited applications for different platforms such as Mac, Windows, and Linux along with several android devices.

Although Enpass is an offline password manager, it will handle all your basics quite well. But you will have to sync it to all your devices via dropbox etc.

Download Details:

Download Enpass


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