Download 2023 New Year Indian Calendar PDF (With Holidays)

The Indian calendar, also known as the Hindu calendar, is a lunisolar calendar used in India and Nepal. It consists of 12 lunar months and an extra month is added every few years to synchronize with the solar year.

The calendar is used to determine Hindu religious festivals, as well as traditional and civil purposes. The Indian calendar has a long history and its exact origins are unclear, but it is believed to have been in use in some form for over two thousand years.

The Indian calendar has been used for centuries to keep track of important events, festivals, and holidays. It is based on the Hindu lunar calendar and is divided into 12 months, each with its own unique name.

It also includes various other elements such as astrological signs, auspicious days, and even auspicious times for various activities. It is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to stay organized in India as it helps them plan their lives in advance.

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2023 Indian Calendar 

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12 Dec 2023


2023 Indian Calendar with Holidays,

Printable Calendar 2023,

2023 Calendar PDF

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Indian Calendar with Holidays PDF

Download Indian Calendar with Holidays PDF – 1

India Calendar Printable PDF

Download Indian Calendar with Holidays PDF – 2

2023 India Calendar PDF

Download Indian Calendar with Holidays PDF – 3

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