Download Hub Website Information and Details

Download hub not only just provides the latest movies to download they even compress the download file in 300 MB at its best. Download hub website retrieves the video downloading links from the various web pages but currently, the website is banned.

Download hub is banned in many countries including India. But this is not the first time that Download hub is banned from the past few whenever they got banned they come up with another brand new domain name.

In 2015, the Indian Government ordered ISP (Internet Service Providers) to ban certain websites including Download hub to stop Internet piracy and sharing copyrighted content. Also taken so many important measures to remove online movies at the request of so many filmmakers through court orders.

The government of India, with the help of ISPs under the order of the court, has banned 1000s of popular websites in the last 5 years. Whenever these sites you may see the message that “the URL has been banned at the direction of DoT” however, the Indian government were not simply banning but also trying to tell the users that this website was banned due to so and so reason.

How Big is Film Piracy?

According to the report of global solutions providers, the entertainment industry losing nearly 2 to 3 billion dollars in revenue annually due to film piracy. India is also in the top 5 countries in P2P downloading like a torrent.

According to the report, Indians are one of the major groups of the user who uses torrent sites. The Bollywood film industry has seen piracy as a major challenge to its development.

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