All Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys Every User Should Memorize!

Microsoft word is used by almost everyone. It is most of the most widely used programs of the Microsoft office suit. It is a word processor developed by Microsoft. It is used to make professional-quality documents, letters, reports, certificates, time tables and other various school or office works.

The application is easily available, preinstalled at your PC and can be installed at your devices. There are various shortcuts like shortcut keys to check spelling and grammar, insert date, time, highlight, and more to speed up your work at MS Word. We have listed below a list of all Microsoft Word shortcut keys.

List of All Microsoft Word Shortcut:

All Microsoft Word Document Control Shortcuts:

Ctrl + NCreate New Document
Ctrl + OOpen New Document
Ctrl + WClose Document
Ctrl + SSave Document
F12Save Document As
Ctrl + PPrint Document
Ctrl + F6Switch Between Multiple Documents
Alt + Ctrl + PSwitch To Print Layout Review
Ctrl + Scroll MouseZoom in And Zoom out
Alt + Ctrl + SSplit The Document Window

Navigation Shortcuts in Word Document:

Left Arrow / Right ArrowJump one character to the left / to the Right
Ctrl + Left Arrow / Ctrl + Right ArrowJump one word to the left / to the Right
End / HomeJump to the end of the Line/ Beginning of the Line
Up Arrow / Down ArrowJump one Line Up / Jump one Line Down
Ctrl + Up Arrow / Ctrl + Down ArrowJump one Paragraph Up / One Paragraph Down
Page Up / Page DownJump one screen Up / One screen Down
Ctrl + Page Up / Ctrl + Page DownMove to the beginning of the previous page / Beginning of the next page
Alt + Ctrl + Page Up / Alt + Ctrl + Page DownJump to the top of the visible window / Jump to the bottom of the visible window
Ctrl + End / Ctrl + HomeJump to the End of the Document / Jump to the Beginning of the Document
Ctrl + G or F5Go to a page, bookmark, foomote, table, comment,
graphic, or other location.
Alt + Ctrl + ZGo back to previously edited location in document
(up to 4 places)
Ctrl + BackspaceDeletes one word left
Ctrl + DELDeletes one word right

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All MS Word Editing Shortcuts:

Ctrl + ASelects all the Text
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRe – Do
Ctrl + XCut the Selected Text
Ctrl + CCopy the Selected Text
Ctrl + VPaste the Selected Text
F4Repeat the last Action
Ctrl + Shift + CCopy text format
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste text format
Ctrl + V then Ctrl + KPaste along with Source Formatting
Ctrl + V then Ctrl + TPaste and keep Text only
Alt + Shift + RCopy the header or footer from previous section of
the document
Shift + Alt + DInsert Date
Shift + Alt + TInsert Time
ESCCancel Action
EnterNew Paragraph
Shift + EnterNew Line

Select Text, Move, and Delete Text Shortcuts:

Shift + Arrow RightExtend selection one letter to the right
Shift + Arrow LeftExtend selection one letter to the left
Ctrl + Shift + Right ArrowExtend selection of one word to the right
Ctrl + Shift + Left ArrowExtend selection of one word to the left
Shift + EndExtend selection to the end
Shift + HomeExtend selection to the beginning
Shift + Arrow UpExtend selection one line Up
Shift + Arrow DownExtend selection one line down
Shift + Page UpExtend selection one screen up
Shift + Page DownExtend selection one screen down
Ctrl + Shift + homeExtend selection to beginning of Document
Ctrl + Shift + EndExtend selection to end of Document
Alt + Ctrl + Shift + Page UpExtend selection to Beginning
Alt + Ctrl + Shift + Page DownExtend selection to end
F8Turn Extend Mode on: Extend selection without
pressing Shift

Formatting and Styling Shortcut in MS Word:

Ctrl + BBold
Ctrl + UUnderline
Ctrl + IItalics
Ctrl + DOpen Font Dialogue Box
Ctrl + Shift + DDouble-underline
Ctrl + Shift + WWords underline (only words, no
Ctrl + Shift + HHidden formatting
Ctrl + Shift + AAll Capitals
Ctrl + Shift + kSmall capitals
Ctrl + Left Bracket [Decrease font size
Ctrl + Right Bracket [Increase font size
Ctrl + =Subscript
Ctrl + Shift + =Superscript
Ctrl + Shift + CCopy formatting
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste formatting
Ctrl + Alt + HHighlight Text Feature
Shift + FReveal Formatting
Ctrl + Shift + QChange the selection to the Symbol font
Shift+F3Change between all upper-, first letter upper- and all
Ctrl + RRight-align paragraph
Ctrl + LLeft-align paragraph
Ctrl + ECenter-align paragraph
Ctrl + JJustify-align paragraph
Ctrl + lSet line-spacing to single-space
Ctrl + 2Set line-spacing to double-space
Ctrl + SSet line-spacing to 1.5
Ctrl + 0 (zero)Add or remove one line space preceding a paragraph
Alt + Ctrl + lApply Heading 1 style
Alt + Ctrl + 2Apply Heading 2 style
Alt + Ctrl + 3Apply Heading 3 style
Ctrl + Shift + NApply Normal style
Ctrl + Shift + SOpen Apply Styles task pane

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Table Shortcuts in MS Office Word:

Up ArrowJump one row up
Down ArrowJump one row down
Alt + HomeJump to first column
Alt + EndJump to last column
Alt + Page UpJump to first row
Alt + Page DownJump to last row
Ctrl + Left ArrowOne cell to the left
Ctrl + Right ArrowOne cell to the right
Shift + EndSelect current cell
End + Shift + HomeSelect only content of current cell
Alt + 5 on numeric keypad (with
numLock off)
Select an entire table
Press and hold shift and press arrow keys
Extend selection to adjacent cells
Alt + Shift + Arrow UpMove current row up
Alt + Shift + Arrow DownMove current row down
Shift + DelDelete columns

Special Characters & Text Elements Shortcut Keys:

Alt + Ctrl + CCopyright symbol (©)
Alt + Ctrl + TTrademark symbol (™)
Alt + Ctrl + RRegistered Trademark symbol (®)
Alt + Ctrl + EEuro Currency symbol (€)
Alt + Ctrl + .Horizontal ellipsis (…)
Alt + Ctrl + – (Minus sign on the Numeric Pad)Em dash
Ctrl + – (Minus sign on the Numeric Pad)En dash
Alt + Ctrl + FA Footnote
Alt + Ctrl + DAn Endnote
Ctrl + kA Hyperlink
Alt + Shift + xIndex Mark
Alt + Shift + iCitation Mark
Shift + EnterLine break without breaking paragraph
Ctrl + EnterPage break
Ctrl + Shift + EnterColumn break
Ctrl + Shift + SpaceNonbreaking space
Ctrl + Shift + – (Hyphen)Nonbreaking hyphen

Function Keys Shortcut of MS Word:

F1Opens help panel
Shift + F1Opens reveal formatting panel
Alt + F1Skips to the next field
Alt + Shift + F1Skips to the previous field
F2Move text or objects
Ctrl + F2Opens the print window
Alt + Shift + F2Saves the document
Alt + Ctrl + F2Shows the open window
F3Expand an AutoText entry
Alt + F3Create an AutoText entry
Shift + F3Change the case of selected text
Ctrl + F3Cut the selected content to the Spike
Ctrl + Shift + F3Insert the contents of the
F4Repeat your previous action
Shift + F4repeat the previous “Find” action
Ctrl + F4Close the current document
Alt + F4Quit Microsoft Word
F5Open “Go To” tab on the Find and
Replace window
Shift + F5Move the cursor to the location of the previous revision
Ctrl + Shift + F5Opens Bookmark window
F6Skips to the next frame in your
Word window
Shift + F6Go to the previous frame
Ctrl + F6Open the next Document Window
Ctrl + Shift + F6Open the previous Document Window
F7Spell check and grammar check
Shift + F7Open the thesaurus
Alt + F7Find the next misspelling or grammatical error
Alt + Shift + F7Opens the Translation pane
F8Expand the selection
Shift + F8Reduce the selection
Ctrl + Shift + F8Selects a column
F9Update a field
Shift + F9Reveal a field’s code
Ctrl + F9Insert new Empty Field {} braces
Ctrl + Shift + F9Unlink a field
Alt + F9Toggle the display of a field’s code
F10Show key tips
Shift + F10Display a context menu
Ctrl + F10Maximize document window
Alt + Shift + F10Displays a menu for an available selection
F11Jump to the next field in your document
Shift + F11Jump to the previous field in your
Ctrl + F11Lock a field to unable editing
Ctrl + Shift + F11Unlock a field
Alt + Shift + F11Start the Microsoft Script Editor
F12Open the Save As window
Shift + F12Save your document
Ctrl + F12Open the Open window
Ctrl + Shift + F12Open the Print window

*Function keys shortcut might not work for keypads without function keys.

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