18 Best Offline Shooting Games for Android & iOS (2024)

If you are someone who loves playing Battle Royale Games but are pretty frustrated by the poor internet connection, then the article is written for you!

There is no denying that it is irritating when your smartphone is acting up and fails to load these multiplayer games because of poor internet connection. However, you don’t have to worry anymore as we have reviewed and handpicked some of the best offline shooting games that are easy to play even without an internet connection.

These games have amazing graphics and are considered to be quite popular amongst numerous gamers. You don’t have to worry about your data plans anymore, because we have made a list of some of the most incredible offline shooting games you can download and play easily.

Here is the List of Top 18 Offline Shooting Games of 2024:

Cover Fire Game

1. Cover Fire:

Cover Fire is one of the most popular yet creatively designed shooting games. It has some of the best features and incredible graphics that made it pave its way through the list. There are diverse characters and choices you can choose from, each character has its own skill-set and characteristics that each character unique.

The game is available widely on every android device and has stunning animation effects along with great sound effects. You can choose weapons, make plans using the map to attack your enemies, and will give you an unforgettable playing experience.

Gun Shootings Games Offline FPS

2. Gun Shootings Games Offline FPS:

This is a unique offline shooter game that has gameplay in form of comics. It is a great pass-time especially if you love playing shooting games that are widely available on android devices. It has arcade-style gameplay that has comic-style graphics, animation, and sound effects.

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You can also switch to a multiplayer mode through the local network, and invite your friends to enjoy the game with you. You can choose from a wide range of weapons that will make playing this shooting game a little more fun.

Gun War Game

3. Gun War:

If you want to play a shooting game that will offer you unrealistic gaming opportunities of fighting off gangsters, terrorists, and even zombies, then the Gun War is the best offline shooting game you must download. This game comes with two modes that will require you to display your skill-set and abilities in the best of ways.

The game has incredible graphics, sound effects, and special effects. The gameplay comes with several missions, camera modes, and numerous weapons to choose from. This combat will make you want to play more and will give you an unforgettable experience.

Major Mayhem Game

4. Major Mayhem 2:

A predecessor of Major Mayhem, the offline shooting game Major Mayhem 2 comes with unique gameplay. There are numerous missions and modes to make a choice that will allow you to fight off enemies from diverse weapons.

There are 7 types of guns available, and many hostages to save in various missions. Every weapon or gun will give you a different gaming experience and come with many shooting styles. Download the game, create strategies, and start playing already.

Dead Target Game

5. Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D

Dead Target is considered to be one of the popular yet exciting offline shooting games on the list. This action game is all about the zombie apocalypse that takes place in 2040. There is a virus that is spread throughout the country upon betrayal and has turned many people into living-dead.

The players have to create strategies and make plans to attack the enemies. The Dead Target comes with amazing graphics, unique gameplay, and sound effects that are one of its kind.

Dead Trigger Game

6. Dead Trigger:

Dead Trigger involves a lot of drama, action, and using exciting weapons for a memorable gaming experience. It feels surreal to have such an incredible shooting game available offline, where the storyline involves around a sudden virus outbreak that reaches out to everyone except you. You have to reach out to the root of the virus and step onto the battlefield choosing from various missions available.

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The game has several weapons available that include machine games, shotguns, rifles, and other weapons making the gameplay realistic. There are 3D graphics and great sound effects that aid in the overall development of your character. The game is available on your smartphones and can be easily downloaded!

Last Hope Game

7. Last Hope Sniper – Zombie War:

The Last Hope Sniper is popular for its exciting and thrilling action gameplay. The Last Hope Sniper is an offline shooting game available on android devices for free. You can test your gaming skills, and create a plan to fight off zombies.

You will need to display the best of your shooting styles, and accuracy. You can choose from a wide range of weapons, and move through various locations to fight off enemies as well as zombies. The game has great sound effects and surreal dynamics-graphics.

Mad Bullets Game

8. Mad Bullets:

Mad bullets is not just a shooting game but also has hilarious content that makes the entire game a little more fun as well as interesting. You can start the game and start using weapons right away. You will not only enjoy the gameplay but also laugh out loud every time you finish a mission. If you want to go for hilarious or light-hearted gameplay then this game is just the right one for you.

Lone Wolf Game

9. Lone Wolf:

This offline shooting game is for adults and not for anyone below that of 18 years of age. Lone Wolf is an exciting game that has intense gameplay and requires testing your morals. It has several weapons to choose from and then you can create a strategy following the storyline keeping you interested for a longer period of time. If you are looking for a shooting game that is unique and exciting yet brutal then Lone Wolf is just the game you should download.

Guns of Boom Game

10. Guns of Boom:

With dynamic graphic, stunning animation effects and great sound effects this game is a light-hearted and fun game to play on your smartphone. The game requires you to choose from numerous weapons, and make plans to hide from attacks by moving constantly to different locations to survive throughout the gameplay.

Ramboat Game

11. Ramboat – Offline Action Game:

I’m sure you might have heard about the popular movie ‘Rambo’, and this game ‘Ramboat’ is based on the same movie. You will have to survive throughout the game, and cross destructive situations to make it through the game easily. There are 100 tricks you can use and win bonuses as you choose diverse weapons to fight off all your enemies. Upgrade to various weapons and have an unforgettable gaming experience.

Kill Shot Bravo Game

12. Kill Shot Bravo:

The Kill Shot Bravo is an incredible sniper game that will allow playing an assassin that goes on a mission on an island to fight off enemies using different weapons. You will jump off walls to kill your enemies, and use unique shooting skills making the game a little more interactive as well as fun to play. You can also use interactive vehicles, making this game a unique sniper game that cannot be missed out on.

Dead Effect 2 Game

13. Dead Effect 2:

It feels unreal to have games like Dead Effect be an offline shooting game that is widely available on your android devices. The game is a predecessor of Dead Effect with improved graphics, special effects, and a storyline that makes the gameplay more fun.

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The game offers you to choose from a wide range of weapons to fight off enemies and gadgets that make this game exciting than the usual. Download the game with a single click and enjoy gaming even with a poor internet connection.

Shadowgun Legends Game

14. Shadowgun Legends:

The graphics of this shooting game, Shadowgun makes it feel like this game was merely made to play on gaming consoles. This game is an award-winning first-person shooter game, as the gameplay is pretty stunning and will give you an overall unforgettable gaming experience. Shadowgun will offer you several missions and weapons to choose from making it one of the most incredible games with amazing content.

Unkilled Game

15. Unkilled:

Unkilled is another shooting game that requires you to fight off zombies by choosing from a plethora of weapons and making strategies to complete the mission easily. You will be able to complete each mission that allows choosing from different weapons and upgrading to different weapons that makes the game a little more fun. If you want to go for a shooting game that has great graphics, and involves the killing of zombies then this game is just the right choice for you to go for.

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