Download Words Search Printable PDF (Easy, Medium & Hard)

Can you find some of the hidden words in the puzzle? Circle each word one by one the same letter can also be used in more than one puzzle. Download easy, medium, and hard word search PDF files for free.

Find the words about nature, foods, health, metals, computer science, history, math, vocabulary, healthy foods, physical science, sports, and many more.

This word search puzzle packet is suitable for kids ages 5 and older, and it is specially designed to help a span of readers from kids and adults.

Each level is ranked in order of difficulty in which they appear in printable PDF files. The easy & medium words search puzzles can be solved easily by grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, 4, and 5 children.

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The difficult levels of puzzles can solve by 5 to 10 class kids and adults as well. Children can solve the word puzzles individually, with friends and family.

Words Search Printable PDF

Download Easy Words Search Printable PDF:


Easy-2 Easy-3 Easy-4


Easy-6 Easy-7



Easy-10 Easy-11 Easy-12


Find an animal, school, health, students, computers, science, and related words. Find all the words in the puzzle and circle the correct answers.

Download Medium Words Search Printable PDF:


Medium-2 Medium-3 Medium-4


Medium-6 Medium-7 Medium-8


Medium-10 Medium-11


Medium-13 Medium-14 Medium-15



Some words may go across and some may go down. Download easy, medium, and hard word search PDF files and start finding the words today.

Download Hard Words Search Printable PDF:


Hard-2 Hard-3 Hard-4


Hard-6 Hard-7 Hard-8
Hard-9 Hard-10 Hard-11




One Response to “Download Words Search Printable PDF (Easy, Medium & Hard)

  • Hayun Woo
    9 months ago

    I want more harder one.
    Like extreme word screach.(where we have to find 100 words)
    But i still enjoyed it.(finding it)

    Thank you:):)

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