Download Clash of Kings Game for Windows PC

There are a number of strategy games available online in Google Play store and Clash of Kings is one of these games. If you like this kind of games then you must download the Clash of Kings full game. This game is available only for Android smartphones and tabs.

There are 7 fantasy kingdoms in this game. Take the control of all 7 kingdoms and become the king in the Clash of Kings. You will love recruiting your own army and conquering all the kingdoms for your survivor in Clash of Kings.

You can even play the multiplayer game mode where you will compete against your friends and other players in Clash of Kings. The kingdom is waiting for the king. As you already know this game is available only for Android users but you can also play this on your Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 PC.

To play Android games in your PC you must first download and install Android emulators. There are multiple Android emulators available online such as Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, Memu, and Andy this will help you in running Android games on your PC. Follow the instruction given below to download free and play now.

Download Clash of Kings Game for PC

Game Details:

• Swordsmen: Infantry unit that has undergone rigorous training. These Swordsmen have outstanding stamina and equipment and can chop through Archers and Crossbowmen with ease.

• Marksmen: Legendary Archer unit that never misses its target. A Pikemen’s worst nightmare.

• Militia: Basic Infantry unit. These troops have no training, but there are plenty of them.

• Spearmen: Common Lancer unit equipped with sharp pikes. They have high crit and can suppress Cavalry.

• Lancer: Lancer unit equipped with pikes. They have high crit and can suppress Cavalry.

• Noble Swordsman: Elite infantry unit made of soldiers who received nobility status for their achievements on the battlefield. They have high defenses and can suppress Archers and crossbowmen.

• Guards: Elite infantry unit and your personal guard. They have high defense and can suppress Archers and Crossbowmen. They perform defensive missions in the frontlines.

• Heavy Pikeman: Elite lancer unit equipped with heavy armor and pikes. They are Cavalry’s worst nightmare.

• Halberdier: Legendary Lancer unit equipped with heavy helberds. Powerful crit can obliterate enemies found in their paths. Great for suppressing Cavalry.

• Berserker: Legendary Infantry unit. Nobody knows how they are trained, but it is clear that battle is their whole life. They are always the first to go into battle.

Click Here to Download Clash of Kings on Windows PC

How to Play Clash of Kings for PC using Bluestacks:

• First download Bluestacks player from the link given below.
• Once downloaded install the setup file in your Windows.
• After the installation open Bluestacks and enter your Gmail account details to use Google play store.
• Now search Clash of Kings under games category.
• Click on Install button.
• Open and enjoy the game on your PC.

Click Here to Download Bluestacks

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