Catch the Pokemon: Download Pokémon Go Free for Android & IOS

The augmented reality game “Pokemon Go” brings you the little monsters straight home and into your neighborhood. In the adventure, as a young and inexperienced trainer, download and install an APK file on your android or iPhone and catch all types of Pokémon.

Pokemon Go was released on July 6, but it has already broken several records. For example, active users have a short period of time than Twitter. And Nintendo shares jumped more than three hundred percent. These are the signs that the game just succeeds – and it was a black hole for millions of enthusiastic players.

Do not forget that you are playing in the real world, so beware of your surroundings. You can see which creatures are in your area from your Android or iPhone. You have to grab them with a targeted Pokeball throw. If you can, you will have the creature in inventory and can compete in arenas against other Pokémon.

For fulfilling fights and quests, you earn experience points, which increase your character level. Thus, you have the opportunity to catch even stronger Pokémon. Supported platforms are currently Android and iOS, download the APK file or visit the play store to install the game on any Android and iOS device.

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Download Pokemon Go

What is Pokémon Go?

A game that will undoubtedly conquer the world, with hardware relatively unpretentious, you can play it everywhere wherever you go. Walking is even needed. To catch some Pokémon and succeed in fighting with other players, you have to go through every single moment.

Well, at least some excess calories burned. Just make sure to recharge the battery to 100 percent before going to the field, it will be! You have to have a GPS still turned on, and the game does not run when the screen saver turns on.

And what does the fight look like? Do not worry so much about tactics, it’s easier to overplay your opponent than you did with older video games. There are dozens of different attacks to choose from.

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And as well as those who have watched the series of the same name or have played previous versions of Nintendo games, Pokémon offers extensive possibilities in this regard. Grass, electric, flying, water, or some other Pokémon, it’s just a joy to choose.

Download Pokemon Go

How to Play Pokemon Go on Android and IOS?

Open an Account:

The best way to set up an account is to link it to your Google Account. This prevents you from losing the game if you lose your mobile phone or you can replace the old one with a new one.

Once you have an account, you can edit your character to represent you in-game. Once you have an account, a modified character as you imagine, you can play the game however you want.

Start the Game:

Pokémon Go combines reality and game together. You simply have to go down the streets and hunt for the Pokémon that will appear in your neighborhood. In order to catch the Pokemon, you have to own the free Pokeball you get for the different levels.

Color of Circles:

Before you can start catching the individual, a vibrating ring of different colors appears around them. It is the color that can tell how difficult it is to catch the pokemon.

  • The green circle around the Pokemon indicates that you will not have the slightest problem with its capture.
  • The yellow-colored circle indicates that catching the Pokémon will be a bit more challenging but still trouble-free.
  • The orange circle is already a big challenge for all the Pokémon champions.
  • The red circle indicates that catching a pokemon is extremely challenging, yet still possible.
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Catch the Pokemon:

In the beginning, you have the chance to catch one of the three Pokémon. In order to catch it, you must throw a free Pokeball and the Pokémon is yours.

  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander
  • Water Squirtle

In the lower right corner, you can see the tracks. They show how far a Pokémon is from you. One footprint shows that the Pokémon is up to you to agree with the Pokeball, three feet mean you will have to go a little bit more than you can hit the Pokemon.

There may be a Pokemon in these places that you can catch and add to your collection. To make your experience of the game really good, you can catch the Pokémon “in reality”. If the Pokémon is in your vicinity, and you can catch it, the game switches to “Catch” Mode.

You will see the Pokemon you found and you can catch it. You can take advantage of the enhanced reality feature that lets you capture your surroundings with your mobile phone, and the Pokémon is set exactly in the neighborhood where you are.

Use the Map:

The map you see on the display is extremely important to watch. Find everything you need to know about it. The first important point on the map is Pokestop. These “landings”, if we call them, are located in interesting places in your neighborhood. There are various churches, chapels, and the like.

Another feature of the map is to visit Gym, an arena for fighting other Pokemon. The last important point on the map and important feature of the game is the Pokemon itself, which you must hunt to advance to other levels and become a real master.

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What does Pokestop work for?

You can get a variety of gifts that you would otherwise have to buy with microtransactions. Download the latest version APK and play now online, it’s all for free.

Items that you can find and buy at a PokeShop:

• Pokeball: The essential purpose is to capture Pokémon.

• Potion: Is used to recover your Pokemon after a battle.

• Super Potion: A more effective potion used for recovery.

• Hyper Potion: Even more effective potion for recovery.

• Max Potion: Used for full recovery of your Pokémon.

• Razz Berry: You can catch easier the Pokémon with these when they try to eat.

• Lucky Egg: It gives you free Pokémon, you only need to walk for miles.

• Incense: It attracts Pokémon near you for 30 minutes.

• Great Ultra Balls: With these balls, you can catch rare and strong Pokémon.

• Master Balls: These balls never fail, they can catch the most powerful Pokémon you will find.

• Incubators: The place where the eggs are hatching.

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Download Details:

File Name: Pokémon GO

Downloads: Over 100 Million

Ratings: 4.3

License: Free Download

Language: Multiple-Languages

Version: Latest Version


Publisher: Niantic, Inc.

Category: Free Mobile Game Apps


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