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Tekken 3 is the first Tekken game that contains a beat ’em up the mini-game in addition to the main game. In Tekken 3, the player has to defeat several numbers of enemies in a level.

It uses the same gameplay as the previous one but adds a great number of improvements such as more full graphics and animations. There are more than 10 new characters available in this version.

One of the great changes to Tekken 3 is the way the characters can move. In Tekken 2 the characters fought against a background and depth played no part.

In Tekken 3 game, however, characters can move from the front and back, this way you can easily avoid opponent attacks in a different way than jumping alone. Jumping is not much important now instead of very high jumps like in previous games, the characters can now only jump to a realistic height.

In Tekken 3, you can move characters by pressing the directional buttons and the buttons in various ways. The Health meter shows how much of a beating your character has taken.

You win when you deplete your enemy’s health meter to 0. Earn the set number of points to win the game. When the counter reaches zero the time will up. The player with most health remaining wins.

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Download Tekken 3 Game for PC

Rules of Tekken 3 Game for PC:

Matches: When a character is attacked, his or her health meter goes down. If you beat on an opponent until their health meter goes down to 0, then you win that round. You can also clear the stages by earning a set number of points around.

Time Limit: There is a time limit on each round. If this time expires, Time Up is called. At this point, the player with more points in his or her health meter wins. The default time limit is 40 seconds. (You can change setting in Options Mode).

Draws: In the case of a double knock-out, or if the player’s health meter is the same level when Time Up is called, the match is a draw. Both players are awarded points in a draw. If you draw in the final round in arcade mode, game over will be called for one-player games, the first player will be declared the winner in two-player games, and the match will end in vs. mode.

Continue: In a one-player arcade mode game, it is game over when you lose, but if you press the start button on the continue screen you may continue to play on the level at which you lost. Also, if you change the settings in the options mode, you may change characters when continuing.

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Tekken 3 Game Mode Selection:

Arcade Mode: One player against the computer, defeat all the opponents the computer throws at you and you win the game.

VS Mode: Two players compete against each other.

Team Battle Mode: A battle mode where you can form teams. The team to crush all the other team players wins.

Survival Mode: You compete to see how many computer opponents you can defeat before your health meter runs out.

Time Attack Mode: In this mode, you compete against the clock until you complete all the stages and beat the game.

Tekken Force Mode: In this mode, you fight against the “Tekken Force” as you travel through the various areas.

Practice Mode: This is where you can perfect your technique.

Tekken3 PC Game Options:

  • Difficulty Level
  • Fight Count
  • Character Change at Continue
  • Guard Damage
  • Select Cursor Hold
  • Quick Select
  • BGM Select
  • Speaker Out

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Tekken 3 Arcade Game Controller:
  • Left Arrow Key – Left Direction
  • Right Arrow Key – Right Direction
  • Up Arrow Key – Upper Direction
  • Down Arrow Key – Lower Direction
  • Enter Key – Pause
  • Alt Key – Stop
  • A Key – Front Kick
  • S Key – Back Kick
  • Esc Key – Close

File Name: Tekken 3 Game

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

License: Premium Download

Language: English

Publisher: Namco Limited

Category: Arcade Fighting Game

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