Download VMware Workstation Player for Windows PC

Multiple operating systems on a single PC are no longer a problem with VMs. The free VM player is software that provides a virtual environment under Linux and Windows OS.

For example, you can try Linux OS quickly and easily and get rid of it quickly if you do not like it. Also, other Windows OS can let you run over it.

VMware workstation player, also popularly known as VMware Player, is a virtualization application package for 64 bit PC running Windows or Linux operating systems.

VM player may run the existing virtual devices and create its own machines which require an OS to be installed. It uses the same VMs (virtual machine) as VMware Workstation, a similar application with additional features.

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VMware Player provides better graphics, excellent performance, faster response, and smooth integration for any Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and the latest version of Windows 10 64 bit PC.

It’s a free tool from VMware inc which allows you to build, edit and run new and previously created virtual machines. It is ideal for setting up a Linux OS under Windows safely, you can load pre-built virtual machines for the VMware player.

Run Microsoft Windows and other OS on a Mac PC without restarting the system. Simple application for new users and very powerful for IT experts, developers, and programmers. Download VMware player’s latest version online for free.

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Download VMware Player

VMware Workstation Player Key Features:

  • Run multiple OS.
  • Safe and secure browsing.
  • One-Click Secure Shell Protocol (SSH)
  • Get advanced features such as snapshots, developer tool integration, and more.
  • Support 3D graphics with DirectX 11 Technology
  • Try VMware for free for Linux and Windows OS (64 bit).
  • Support a various number of virtual devices
  • It’s a very simple setup of virtual machines which support USB and 4K monitors.
  • Files can be copied between the operating and guest system by drag & drop.
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Download Details:

File Name: VMware Workstation Player

Download Size: 138 MB

License: Free Download

File Type: .Exe

OS: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP

Language: Multi-language


Publisher: VMware Inc.

Version: Latest Version

Category: Windows PC Apps

Download VMware Workstation Player

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