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CrossFire is one of the most played online first-person shooter games in the world. Players assume the role of one of the components of the team’s Black List or Global Risk, competing in various game modes like Every man for himself, times mode, and ghost stealth-action mode, among others.

Crossfire game has a wide range of features including a military rank system, in-game buddy lists, an integrated clan system, and character customization options in detail. A great advantage awaits if you invite your friends who introduced you to the world of Crossfire.

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CrossFire PC Game

CrossFire – The Planet in War Game Play:

In recent years, armed conflicts between world powers have begun a new kind of war. Global Risk and Black List, mercenary groups with different views on the world’s problems, now give the cards on the international power alternation.

The origin of these two factions may be due to the increasing use of Private Military Enterprises by countries involved in wars and armed conflicts.

As a result, the founders of these militias recruit former combatants from those military companies that, accustomed to fighting for money, do not refrain from enlisting those who pay more. Highly powerful and with numerous members with military experience, these factions are changing the rules of our planet.

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Black List:

Black List is a secret mercenary organization that justifies the use of violence against globalization and capitalism. They believe that the current world powers have made use of a disloyal and aggressive foreign policy to dominate the poorest and most disadvantaged nations.

Black List uses all the weapons needed to combat this threat. Calling itself the Warriors of Freedom, the Black List, according to its militants, fights for the nations of the third world. This organization acts by illegal means and, due to the lack of any official data, any details about its creation or its supposed leaders are unknown.

What is known is that initially this group was created by former militants of nations destroyed by various types of war. However, an increasingly apparent global discontent about the economic and foreign policies of the big nations served as fuel for the growth of the Black List.

Global Risk:

Being a giant private military corporation, Global Risk has no national identity. It is made up of former members of the special operations forces and their purpose is to impose order on an increasingly chaotic world, using any necessary means.

Disillusioned with the ineffectiveness of his government’s actions to contain widespread terrorism, Sir Alex Roid and General Edward Wolfe, SAS retired from the British Army and founded Global Risk. In the beginning, only as a relatively small operation, did the two founders participate in the missions personally.

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Over time, Roid became obsessed with expanding the group’s military superiority, and this obsession became even greater after General Wolfe’s death in a battle off the coast of South Africa.

Then, in a bold decision, Roid partnered with the Australian businessman – now American – Michael Norman. Together they quickly elevated Global Risk to an entity with a strong influence in international affairs.

Global Risk uses its military capabilities and business experience to further solidify its status as the guardian of the global order. With these principles, they have become the only successful weapon of modern society in the war against terrorism and anarchy.

Cross Fire Game Play Controls:

CrossFire Game for PC

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Download Details:

File Name: Crossfire PC Game

Free Space: 7.5 GB

File Type: .Exe

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Free

Language: Multi-language

Publisher: Smilegate West, Inc

Ratings: Excellent

Category: Windows PC Games

Download CrossFire Game for Windows PC

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