How to Make Windows 7 Bootable DVD Disc in 13 Easy Steps?

This article will surely help you make Windows 7 bootable DVD disc with the help of ImgBurn software. We will guide you step by step the right way to do it.

How to Make Windows 7 Bootable DVD?

How to Make Windows 7 Bootable DVD with ImgBurn?

Step 1 – Copy the Windows files folder on your desktop to find the files easily. If you have an ISO, extract it to a folder and copy it to the desktop.

Step 2 – Download ImgBurn software and install it on your PC.

Step 3 – Open ImgBurn software and you will see

  • Write Image files to disc
  • Write Files/Folder to disc
  • Create Images file from disc
  • Create images files from files/folders
  • Verify Disc
  • Discovery

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Step 4 – Click on “Write Files/Folder to disc”.

Step 5 – Click the Browse Button select Windows 7 folder and click open.

Step 6 – Go to the right panel there you will see Information – Device – Options – Label – Advanced.

Step 7 – Click on the “Advanced” button and click on “Bootable Disc”.

Step 8 – Check the “Make Images Bootable” box.

Step 9 – Click on “Boot Image” again browse to your windows folder location inside the Boot Folder you will see a file “” file Select the “etfsboot” file and click open.

Step 10 – If you are unable to find the “” file you should switch to all files down the right corner select the files from there and open.

Step 11 – Now fill in the following details correctly and very carefully

  • Emulation Type set to None (Custom)
  • Developer ID type in Microsoft Corporation
  • Load Segment 07C0

“Sector to Load” for this you have to go to your Windows 7 files folder open the “Boot” folder select the “” file and right-click on it click on “properties” and see the size of the file.

If your “ file is 2KB in size then you should enter “4” in the “Sectors to Load” box if the “” files size is 4KB then you should enter 8 in the “Sector to Load” box.

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Step 12 – Most important and final step Uncheck the “Verify” box.

Step 13 – Make sure you have your DVD burner as “Destination “ and then Click on the Go button.

Note: Click the Yes button if a popup comes unless the process is completed successfully.


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