Download Original Nokia Snake Game for Java Mobile Phone

Download the original snake I, II, III arcade game originally released on 70s by Gremlin however gain massive reputation when the idea designed on Nokia mobile phones. The easiest way of playing snake game through the number keys on any Nokia device.

The popular Snake arcade game is probably the most interesting video game at that time. Experience the classic snake game 3D on any java supported mobile phone like Nokia, Samsung, LG, or Motorola.

The original snake game is simple you can easily understood and it offers time of challenging fun to the gamers and it does not require any special skill.

When the game begins, no one is able to stop the snake and it will only stop if it strikes itself or the wall. You must guide the snake into the food as well as secure the snake through striking the wall space or even through striking itself.

The wall surfaces in the snake 3d game might alter in every level. Since the user improvements, the snake becomes lengthier and quicker at the same time. When the snake lengthens, possibility of striking itself increase and the game gets trickier.

Many levels have no boundary, which makes the whole game much better to enjoy on any Nokia, Samsung, LG, or Motorola java mobile phone.

Since this game gain much reputation several versions of this game appeared. A colorful version snake III 3d was launched which had become a hit as well. The snake game versions considered as the best and simplest one.

Bonus food offered regularly as well as the player may take those additional points. The speed of the snake will increase within the following levels and this becomes more interesting to get the food and save itself through striking the wall or even itself.

Getting Started Classic Nokia Snake Game:

Lead the snake to the fruit items and bonus items to score maximum points. The mushroom will stop the snake for a short while. Use the navigation key or the number keys to move the snake. Try to avoid collisions with walls and with the snake itself while moving.

When starting a new game, you can select between different modes and set up a game against an opponent via Bluetooth. To set up a game with another player, select either Classic or Custom and start a 2-player game. The second player will have to select the Join game option.

Download Snake Game for Java Mobile

How to Play Nokia Snake 3D Game on Java Mobile Phone:

When you switch to another virtual camera setup in the settings, the controls will change slightly. In the classic setup, use the navigation key or the number keys to move the snake down (8), left (4), up (2) and right (6). If speed-up is enabled, keep the key pressed to move the snake faster in that direction

The 3D chaser view will setup the camera behind the snake’s head. Use the navigation key or the number keys to turn the snake to the left (4) and right (6). If Speed-up is enabled press up (2) key to let the snake move faster.

Customize: A custom game offers a lot of options to select from.

Start game – starts the game with the current settings.

• Start random – starts the game with randomly selected settings.

Setup – lets you configure the game to your liking.

‘Arena’ will let you select your favorite stadium. ‘Food’ will let you set up the amount of fruit in the arena. ‘Growth’ will alter the growing rate of the snake.

‘Obstacle’ and ‘Specials’ can be separately activated. Obstacles like stones and crates can be crushed when completely surrounded by the snake.

Both might contain bonus points or special items (when activated). The snail will slow the game down for a while, while the Flash will speed it up. The diet drink will shrink the snake in length and the Twister will swap the snake’s head and tail.

While in possession, the Arrow will allow the snake to bridge over a body part. The serum will let it bite its own or an opponent’s body and shorten it. Use these specials wisely.


Adventure mode is a special single player game. In this mode you will have to reach a specific length before the doors to the next arena will be opened. Watch the time.

• Nokia Snake Game Options:

• Music (On/Off)
• Snake Colour (Red/Green/Yellow)
• Virtual Camera (Classic/3D Chaser)
• Overview (On/Off)
• Game (Classic/Custom/Adventure).

Supported Java Mobile Devices (Keypad and Touch Screen):

• Nokia
Sony Ericson
Micromax and many more

File Name: Snake 3, 2, 2X

Download Size: 261 KB (Snake III)

File Type: Jar format

OS: Java Based Mobile Phone

License: Free Download

Language: English

Version: 2, 2X and 3

Category: Original Nokia Snake Game

Download Nokia Snake Game for Java Mobile

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