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he bowling game is divided into 10 frames: the object of the game is to knock down all of the pins on at most two rolls in each frame. Each pin counts as one point.

Knocking down all the pins with the first ball makes a strike worth 10 points plus the total points from the next two rolls. Start bowling right away with quick play. View instructions and control, you can also adjust sound, character script.

Knocking down all pins in two rolls make a spare worth 10 points and plus a bonus of the score on the next roll. If a spare is made in the final frame, an extra roll is allowed. The maximum possible result is 300 points for a game of only strikes (a total of 12 attempts, because 2 bonus tries are allowed in the tenth frame).

Download this free game on any Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, BlackBerry and HTC java mobile phone and shows that you can be an expert on bowling, just throw straight in the pine to score points. Features beautifully characters, fully motion captured animations, realistic physics and a wide range of alleys on which to test your skills.

If you want to hit strike after strike, you need to train to become a better player. Training makes perfect. Knock out all the pins in one strike and make your opponent look clumsy. There are ten bowling pins that you need to knock down with your bowling ball. If you are good enough you can get yours customized.

Play bowling game on any Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola java mobile phone. This amazing 3D bowling application creates an unbelievable bowling experience right on your java phone. Download and play bowling game with your friends and test your skill free. Beat your friends with this bowling game and have fun all day.

Download Bowling Game for Java Mobile

Bowling Game Modes:

Tournament Mode: Compete against several computer opponents in a one on one bracket style tournament. There are four tournaments levels to choose from: amateur, junior, senior, and master. Total scores and averages you achieve in tournament mode will be stored in your character data. There are three license tests you must complete to qualify for the junior, senior and master level tournaments.

• Special Game: There are three additional game types which offer a unique challenge. Challenge mode is unlocked by default, as you progress in it the other two game types will become available. You can play special games against your friends in multiplayer mode.

• Training: Use training mode to hone your bowling skills to perfection. Strike training will improve your ability to throw strikes more frequently. Toggle training will help you develop better sensitive play.

• Battle Mode: Battle mode lets you share your java mobile phone (Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Sony, BlackBerry) to play with a friend.

How to Play Bowling Game on Java Mobile Phone:

• Navigation Key Left or 4 key moves left.
• Navigation Key Right or 6 key moves right.
• Navigation Key Up or 2 key moves up.
• Navigation Key Down or 8 key moves down.
• Mid Navigation Key, 5 key and Left Soft key act as confirm.
• Right Soft key accesses the previous menu.

Bowling GamePlay on Java Mobile Phone:

1. Press Left and Right to position your starting point and mid-navigation key to confirm.

2. A spin meter will move Left and Right. Press mid-navigation key to set the spin.

3. A power meter will move up and down. Press mid-navigation key to set the power meter (A higher power level makes it more difficult to aim.

4. An aim meter will move left/right. Press mid-navigation key to set the aim meter and throw the ball.

5. Strike – knock down all 10 pins with the first ball of a frame.

6. Double – get two strikes in a row .

7. Turkey – get three strikes in a row.

8. Spare – knock down all 10 pins in one frame using both balls.

Player Data:

You can create, edit, or delete a character. There are three character slots total. Create new characters in the empty slots by selecting a name, face, and customized skill set.

You can also customize your ball. Choose from reactive or urethane, seven different weight types. Qualification and tournament data is displayed in your character sheet.

Press 0 key to see detailed information on any character. Press RSK key to enter pause menu, where you can read instructions, change sound options, or quit to main menu.

File Name: Bowling Game App

Download Size: 461 KB

File Type: Jar and Jad

OS: Java Based Mobile Phone

Devices: Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC, etc

License: Free Download

Language: Multi-language

Publisher: Connect2Media

Version: 1.11 Bowling Game for Java

Category: Classic Bowl Game App

Download Bowling Game for Java Mobile

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