The 7 Best Home Inventory Apps of 2024

If you relocate often and struggle in organizing your home inventory, then using the Home Inventory apps is just the perfect solution for you. Home Inventory apps provide a wide range of solutions that will help you in organizing your entire home inventory, calculate the value of your possessions, save you from several money-mishaps and make the process of moving easier than usual.

There are several home inventory apps several developed in recent years that are designed exclusively to help you keep a track of all your items easily. These apps will help you in the following situations:

  • Keep a track of your possessions while moving.
  • You can also identify the missing items easily.
  • If you want to conduct an estate sale.
  • To keep a track of your rental properties
  • Opting for a renter’s insurance.

It might be a little difficult to choose the best home inventory apps in the market considering the massive competition and availability of many worthy apps. However, we have made your search easier.

Here are the 7 Best Home Inventory Apps of 2024:

Sortly Home Inventory App

1. Sortly:

Sortly is considered to be the Best Home Inventory App of all time. It is free, easy to use, and available on both IOS and Android devices. Sortly helps in keeping your home inventory organized and then also calculates the value of each possession precisely.


  • Organize your home inventory in different folders along with subfolders.
  • Organize your belongings based on location, category, and condition.
  • You can add an expiry date, serial numbers, and purchase dates too.
  • You can list out the items and export them into the Dropbox, PDF, or CSV file.
  • Add up to eight photos to keep visual inventory and calculate the value of your entire home inventory.


My Stuff Organizer Home Inventory App

2. My Stuff Organizer:

The My Stuff Organizer app will not only keep a track of your expensive items but also detail and store information about your books, movies, and even video games. The app is available in the ‘lite’ version which is free and has similar features to the paid app.

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  • Keep a track of all your priced-possessions and calculate the value of all your items easily.
  • Categorize the items on your own and then avoid buying things you already have.
  • Add items manually by scanning the barcode; thereby, filling the details.
  • The paid version of the app allows you to add unlimited items and keeps a track of what you possess effectively.


Memento Database Home Inventory App

3. Memento Database:

The Memento Database is another incredible and easy to use the home inventory app that is available on both, android and IOS devices. You can store anything and choose from more than 3000 templates.


  • Customize your categories and make your visual inventory appealing as well as colorful.
  • You can add less information and categorize all your items within a single click.
  • You can sync your list and home inventory to your Google sheets to edit often.


NestEgg - Inventory In Cloud

4. NestEgg – Inventory In Cloud:

NestEgg is one marvelous inventory app that is available only on the IOS devices. From sending you regular alerts to categorizing your items manually, NestEgg is everything you will need in a Home Inventory app.


  • You can take photos of your items and store them along with the warranty dates easily.
  • The app allows you to scan barcodes that will help you retrieve information anytime.
  • You can choose to e-mail the air inventory and then export spreadsheet for tracking effectively.
  • Include return information and get reminder alerts when you rent any of your items.
  • Free to use and user-friendly.


Blue Plum Home Inventory App

5. Blue Plum Home Inventory:

The Blue Plum home inventory is one of the most amazing IOS apps you will ever come across. It allows you to make a list of home inventories of different properties you own and then organize the items based on their location, rooms, and collections.

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  • You can add photos, receipts, contracts, manuals, and videos related to the item.
  • You can categorize them on the basis of location and collections.
  • Generate reports with a single click and transfers the list of inventory easily.
  • Backup all the information regarding your inventory and make a single file.
  • Keep a track of all your items; create charts calculating the value of each item and store in different charts.


Magic Home Inventory App

6. Magic Home Inventory App:

The Magic Home Inventory app is termed to be the best home inventory app for multiple properties. It is available only on Android devices and helps in organizing items at different properties easily.


  • Add and take photos of your items.
  • Effective search and easy en-listing.
  • Use multiple images for a single item and customize categories.
  • Export the list of items easily.


Encricle App

7. Encircle Home Inventory:

Being one of the most pocket-friendly home inventory apps, the Encircle home inventory allows you to take photos and add the items of at least 2 properties at once. You can upload photos along with the information easily.


  • Upload photos of your items and create notes of information.
  • List numerous items without facing the inconvenience of storage.
  • Generate reports an export in PDF formats.
  • User friendly and affordable.


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