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In Final Fantasy VIII, the player will assume the roles of Squall and Laguna to advance the story. At time, Squall is known to fall into a dreamlike state.

It is during these periods that he encounters Laguna. Squall and Laguna: two men linked mysteriously by fate. Squall don’t like having other involved in his personal affairs, and he is best known as a lone wolf.

Laguna is a strong willed man with amazing energy. His compassion for the unfortunate drives him to help the weak and bring down their oppressors. What destiny awaits these two characters.

The Final Fantasy 8 RPG hit from the PlayStaion is now also available for the Windows PC (10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP). The PC version has lost nothing of the console fascination.

The beautiful graphics (on the PC almost better than on the PSX) and the unusual plot make Final Fantasy a cult game. Although the game has arrived at version 8 meanwhile it still looks fresh and sets standards.

The menu structure alone could have been simplified on the PC and unfortunately was taken over by the game console one to one. Nevertheless, Final Fantasy 8 game is a long-lasting fun with detailed battle sequences.

Boost is an added feature for when you are summoning a Guardian Force. If you’re Guardian Force has learned the boost ability, then, as it is being summoned, hit the ‘F’ key on your keyboard, and you will see a finger and numbers on the lower right hand side of your screen. 

Continue to hold down ‘F’, then hit the ‘A’ button, and the numbers will increase. This is actually increasing the damage your Guardian Force will do to the enemy.  When you see the red ‘X’ appear, do not press ‘F’ or your number will go back to the original amount.

Download Final Fantasy 8 Game for PC

Final Fantasy 8 Game controls that you will use on the field:

• Directional Keys allows you to run in the direction of the corresponding key.

• ‘X’ key allows you to talk to any characters, or confirm a command.

• ‘W’ key allows you to walk if you hold this button while pressing a directional key (the game is currently set to auto-run). This key also allows you to cancel out of an option.

• ‘A’ key allows you to talk to other characters in the game.

• ‘D’ brings up the in-game menu.

• Pressing ‘Alt+F4’ will exit you out of the game.

Final Fantasy 8 Game controls that you will use in battle:

• ‘X’ key allows you to confirm the action that you have chosen as your move.

• ‘W’ cancels your last choice of action before it has been finalized in battle.

• ‘A’ key allows you to view the current status of your party members (i.e. if they have been poisoned, put to sleep, etc.).

• ‘D’ key allows you to switch characters while you are in battle.

• ‘Q’ key allows you to bring up a target select window. To utilize this, you must first select an attack, and then press ‘Q’. You will then get a pop-up box for the characters whom you are targeting.

• ‘E’ is your trigger button. You use this during Squall’s limit break to add more power to his attack. You can also use this on Squall’s normal attack; if it is timed correctly, you will see an explosion, and it will take away more HP from target.

• ‘Z’ and ‘C’ held down simultaneously allow you to escape from battle.

File Name: Final Fantasy 8 Game

Download Size: 66.9 MB

File Type: .Exe

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: Square Enix

Version: Demo

Rating: Excellent

Category: Role Playing Video Game

Download Final Fantasy 8 Game for Windows PC

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