Download Gardenscapes Game for Windows PC (Find 1000+ Cool Items)

Gardenscapes offers unique gameplay inviting users to beat match-3 levels and restore different areas of an old garden. Gardenscapes is the newest mobile free-to-play game released by Playrix in 2016. Playrix is the leading mobile and desktop game company and the number 2 top-grossing game developer and publisher in Europe.

As of now, the company has released three free-to-play games. Gardenscapes, Town Ship, and Fishdom. Download and play Gardenscapes full version game on any Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 PC and restore the garden as quickly as possible.

Gardenscapes PC Game

Gardenscapes Gameplay:

Once open the game you will meet Austin the butler. He will guide you through the game and shows you the garden. As you can see, the garden has totally gone to ruin. It’s no surprise, considering that it hasn’t had a proper owner for many years.

Austin will tell you about the basics of the game. Restoring the garden will take money, but there’s almost none left. Don’t’ worry, the house is just crammed with old things you can sell and restore the garden. The money meter will show you how much money you have available.

There are many customers, in each customer’s window, you will see the object they would like you to find, and the amount of money you will receive if you are successful. On some levels, you can find hints in the form of a camera (for a brief moment, the screen will only display the items that you still need to find) and a thermometer.

As the cursor comes closer to the object, its nameplate glows hot. And when the cursor goes far away, it freezes. Look for thermometer hints in other rooms as well. Look carefully, they can have different shapes.

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There are a number of various obstacles that make all the different levels more challenging. Usually, you only have a limited number of moves for each level. Use them wisely. Some levels give you unlimited moves but limit the time you can take.

The time starts once you make the first move, and you need to complete all the goals before time runs out. You get additional rewards if you have any moves (or time) left over after you complete the level goals. The more moves (or time) you have left, the bigger your prize will be.

After you purchase all the available garden features, you will need to conduct another sale to receive a list of new decor accessories. You can end a sale and return to the garden any time you wish if you feel like looking for hidden items in a different room.

During the sale, you can find hints in the form of a camera, a thermometer, and a question mark. If you find some coins don’t be surprised. As you can see, this is an old house. You can find all sorts of interesting things here, hidden away.

Gardenscapes Game for PC

Gardenscapes Game Key Features:

• Hints: Click the hint button to get a hint. You can increase your number of hints by finding question marks hidden around the room. For each unused hint, you receive an additional cash bonus.

• Design: Click the design button to switch to the design mode, where you can change any of your purchased items. You can change the purchased item by clicking on it directly, or by clicking the relevant icon in the list.

• Start: Click on the start button to start the next game level, where you can earn money to buy things for your garden.

• Statistics: You can check how much money is earned at each level.

• Menu: Click this button to access the main menu.

• Purchase: To purchase an item, click on its picture and select one of the proposed options.

• Camera Hint: Keep your eyes peeled for camera hints in other rooms as well. Pay attention, because they can have different shapes.

• Items: Over 1000 cool items to find

• Rooms: 15 rooms to find hidden objects

• Accessories: Tons of garden accessories to choose from.

• Animation: Story-line presented in beautiful animation.

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Download Details:

File Name: Gardenscapes Game 1

Download Size: 87.5 MB (full version)

File Type: .Exe

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Free Full Version Download

Language: English

Publisher: Playrix LLC

Rating: Good

Version: 1.0 (Game 1)

Category: Free Puzzle Game

Download Gardenscapes Game for Windows PC

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